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Books Similar to Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter


Once Upon a KProm by Kat Cho



Synopsis of Once Upon a KProm by Kat Cho

Have you ever felt like you were always in someone else's shadow? That's Elena Soo's life in a nutshell. Her sisters are more successful, her twin brother is Mr. Popular, and even her best friend is way more outgoing. Everyone seems to have it figured out, except Elena. The one thing she is sure of? She wants nothing to do with prom. While everyone else is obsessing over dresses and dates, she'd rather focus on saving the local community center. 

But then things get crazy when Robbie Choi, international K-pop superstar, shows up at her door asking her to prom. See, Robbie isn't just any celeb... he's Elena's childhood best friend, the one person who always accepted her for who she was. And going to prom with him was their childhood dream. But that was seven years ago, and now he's got pink hair, a killer wardrobe, and an army of screaming fans. He's nothing like the sweet, dorky kid Elena remembers. 

The idea of prom with a K-pop idol, complete with screaming fans, online haters, and paparazzi following their every move, is the last thing Elena wants. Or is it? Because even with all the chaos, she can't seem to stop thinking about Robbie's smile... 

A Brief Review of Once Upon a KProm by Kat Cho

If you loved XOXO by Axie Oh, you'll probably be all over Once Upon A K-Prom. It's got a similar vibe, but instead of Seoul, it's set right here in the USA. Our main girl, Elena, is not into the whole prom scene for a couple of reasons. First, she'd rather see the money go to her beloved local community center. Second, the lead singer of the hottest K-pop group just asked her to prom... and he also happens to be her childhood best friend who promised to take her way back when. So, yeah, it's complicated. Especially when the Robbie Choi she used to know is now a pink-haired K-pop idol. 

I practically inhaled this book on a plane ride! It's just so wholesome and fun, with all the cute K-pop tropes you could ask for. Elena did get on my nerves a little with her constant shutting down of Robbie and her refusal to just talk things out, but overall, I liked her. She feels overlooked compared to her siblings and is desperate to make her Korean mom proud. I really loved seeing her passion for helping people, especially at the community center. Plus, her friendships with other girls were awesome and totally drama-free. 

The book also touched on some of the tougher parts of the K-pop industry, like the negativity towards Korean idols dating and the whole issue of artistic freedom. I really appreciated that. 

And the romance? SO CUTE! It relied a bit too much on miscommunication for my taste, but it was mostly super sweet. Robbie's bandmates also added some hilarious banter to the mix. 

I had a blast with all the glitz, glamour, and craziness of the K-pop world. But I also loved those quiet, sweet moments between Robbie and Elena that made their relationship feel real. I just wish the miscommunication hadn't been such a big thing, because it got a little repetitive. 

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