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Books Similar to Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter


Meet You in the Middle by Devon Daniels



Synopsis of Meet You in the Middle by Devon Daniels

There's this Senate staffer- Kate, who's super passionate about getting this big bill passed. The only thing in her way? This hotshot conservative staffer, Ben. They butt heads right from the start, and it's not pretty. 

 Kate thinks Ben is a total jerk (but with amazing eyes, she can't deny that). Ben thinks Kate jumps to conclusions way too fast (but finds her strangely captivating). They basically go to war with each other, trying to sabotage each other's work. But Kate actually starts looking forward to their little battles. Could their bickering actually be flirting? And as she gets to know Ben, she realizes there's more to him than his tough exterior. 

Now she's facing the ultimate dilemma: could the enemy be her perfect match? 

A Brief Review of Meet You in the Middle by Devon Daniels

Okay, I have a lot of feelings about this book. It felt like a huge missed opportunity, like they weren't even aiming for the right target. 

The main character, Kate, supposedly a "liberal feminist," doesn't actually act like one. She constantly judges other women for being strong and independent, and just completely throws her beliefs out the window for Ben. And Ben? He's basically portrayed as perfect, with zero character growth. 

There are supposedly these huge political differences between them, but they never actually discuss them. Like, what does Ben think about abortion? LGBTQ+ rights? Nothing. It's like his beliefs are just assumed to be fine, while Kate is the one who needs to change. Even her liberal friends are portrayed as annoying, while Ben's friend is this super nice guy. And don't even get me started on the scene where Ben gets turned on at the gun range after watching Kate shoot. Seriously? 

If this had been a rom-com where they actually talked about their differences and worked through them, it could have been something. But instead, Ben's creepy stalker behavior is seen as romantic, and Kate ends up throwing her concerns about their relationship going public out the window. She even kind of belittles her friends for being "annoying Democrats." 

Honestly, the more I think about it, the more disappointed I am. This book had so much potential, but it just fell completely flat. 

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