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Books Similar to Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter


Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson



Synopsis of Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson

Savannah Cade, an editor at a super snooty publishing house, has been secretly writing a romance novel- the kind her company thinks belongs in the trash. But the queen bee of romance publishing, Claire Donovan, wants to read it! 

Before Savannah can do a happy dance, disaster strikes. She accidentally drops her manuscript in a meeting, right in front of everyone, including the new publisher, William Pennington, whose mom is basically the anti-romance crusader. Savannah manages to hide the manuscript in a secret room in their old office building, but when she goes back, someone has left nasty comments all over it. 

Turns out, the mystery editor's feedback is pretty much the same as Claire's, and now Savannah has only six weeks to rewrite the whole thing before Claire retires. Desperate, she decides to take the mystery editor's harsh notes and run with them. 

But as they exchange more notes, Savannah starts to fall for this anonymous critic. He's not just helping her book, he's becoming a part of her life. The only problem? She has no idea who he is! 

A Brief Review of Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson

Most of the things that bothered me were literally pointed out by the hero himself in his comments on the heroine's manuscript: slow start, too much fluff, get to the point. It's like the book was self-aware of its flaws! 

The idea of the secret room and exchanging notes is cute, and those parts were enjoyable. But there was just so much other stuff going on that it kind of got in the way. The romance is super slow-burn, and I found myself bored whenever the focus shifted to other things. And there were a couple of characters I could have done without. 

It's not that the book was "bad," but when you're reading and your own criticisms start mirroring the ones in the story itself, it's not a great sign. This one was more of a miss than a hit. 

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