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Castle in the Time


Castle in the Time


Castle of Time

Author: Jiao Jiao

Genre: Romance Novel

Word Count: 287,900

How many unexpected events does life need to be considered full of climaxes?

Xu Zhen, the daughter of a paleontologist, was living a normal and stable college life. However, during the summer vacation of her junior year, her father, who had been her sole companion for twenty years, suddenly passed away.

Shortly after her father's death, her mother, Liang Wanting, whom she had never met before, suddenly appeared and stated that she would take care of her from now on.

Her mother turned out to be a very famous female director.

As Xu Zhen got closer to her mother, she also got introduced to the entertainment industry, a world she had never known before, and met the movie star Gu Chi Jun, though he seemed to have ulterior motives towards her.

To raise money for her tuition, she worked in a restaurant where she met Shen Qinyan.

Meanwhile, at school, her conflicts with senior Lin Jinshu were becoming increasingly intense.

From then on, her life was full of twists and turns.

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