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Colors of Silence- A Taekook Fanfic





In the heart of the city, nestled atop an old, ivy-covered building. There, a small, almost forgotten attic, hid away from the prying eyes of the world below. The attic itself was a curious blend of claustrophobic confinement and vast openness, as it was adjacent to the rooftop, separated only by a solitary window that looked out over the sprawling metropolis.


The window was a peculiarity, a single, square pane of glass that had somehow managed to resist the relentless march of the city's progress. Its frame was painted a shade of blue that had chipped away to reveal the wood beneath, which had in turn been stained by the seasons' whims.


A flower stand stood proudly in the corner. The flowers it held were a riot of color. The scent of their blossoms filled the air.


Jungkook emerged from the attic, his teddy bear clutched tightly under one arm. His eyes searched the horizon. The bear, with its one button eye missing and a frayed smile, had been a silent witness to countless whispers.


The wind played gently with Jungkook's hair, a soft brown that curled at the ends, giving him a perpetual look of innocence. His favorite spot was under the flower stand, where the shadows danced and the scent of blooming petals wrapped him in a warm embrace.


With a gentle sigh, Jungkook sat down in the chair, setting his bear next to him. He pulled out a small notebook from his pocket, its pages filled with doodles and half-formed thoughts.


Jungkook spoke in hushed tones to his bear, sharing the secrets of his heart. His eyes searched the sky, as if the answers to his unspoken questions could be found in the vast expanse above.


His voice was soothing. The flowers in the stand bent closer, as if eager to listen, and the city's noises faded into the background, leaving only the soft rustling of leaves and the distant echo of his words.


"Today, in class," he began, his voice trembling slightly, "Taehyung sat next to me." He paused, a small smile playing on his lips. "He didn't say much, but his arm brushed against mine, and it was like... it was like I could feel his warmth."


The bear's single button eye seemed to gleam with understanding. Jungkook's hand paused in its sketching, his heart fluttering with every memory of their brief, unintentional touch.


"I know it's silly," Jungkook confessed, his cheeks reddening. "But I can't help it. Whenever he laughs, it's like music to me. And when he looks at me, even if it's just for a second, it feels like the sun is shining just for me." His voice grew quieter, his eyes glistening with unshed tears.


"But he doesn't know, and I'm too scared to tell him. What if he doesn't feel the same? What if it ruins everything?" The bear remained stoic.


Finally, Jungkook set aside his notebook and took the bear into his arms. "But I can tell you, Mr. Whiskers," he whispered, pressing his forehead against the soft fabric. "You're the only one who truly understands."


The bear's one good eye stared back at him.


The rain began to patter against the rooftop. Jungkook didn't flinch; he had long ago learned to cherish the solace that accompanied the storms. He grabbed the transparent umbrella that lay discarded by the door and stepped into the tempest, the wind tugging at his clothes and hair as if eager to pull him into the chaos below.


The rain was a torrent, soaking Jungkook to the bone, but he didn't care. He walked to the edge of the roof, the wind howling around him.




The sound was lost in the din of the storm, but the act itself was cathartic, a release of the pent-up emotions that had been building within him. His cries grew more desperate, each one ripped from his chest as if the very fabric of his being was unraveling.


"Taehyung!" he shouted.


For a brief, heart-stopping moment, he thought he heard a response. But it was only the wind, playing tricks on his desperate heart. He sank to his knees, the rain beating down on him, his sobs mingling with the deluge. The rooftop, once a sanctuary, now felt cold and unforgiving, a reflection of his own vulnerability in the face of his unrequited love.


In the aftermath of his emotional outburst, Jungkook sat in the chair, his clothes sticking to his skin and the rainwater pooling at his feet. The storm raged on, indifferent to his plight. He knew he couldn't stay here foreveR.


Gently, he placed Mr. Whiskers back on the sill. With a heavy heart, Jungkook picked up his umbrella, now a soggy mess, and made his way back to the warmth of the attic.


Days turned into weeks, and Jungkook's visits to the rooftop grew scarcer. The once-daily pilgrimage to the flower stand was now a rare occurrence, and the books on the sill remained untouched.


He had lost his zest for the quiet conversations. The rooftop no longer felt like the haven it once was.


When Jungkook did venture out into the open air, it was with a newfound hesitance. The flowers that had once greeted him with open arms now seemed to hang their heads in silent sympathy. The chair, once a throne for his dreams, had become a throne of solitude, the paint chipped and the cushion sodden from the rain that had seeped in through the window. He would stand at the edge of the roof, the wind cutting through his thin frame.


His thoughts of Taehyung remained, but now they were tinged with a bitterness that clung to him like the dampness of the rain.


One evening, as the final bell of the school year tolled, Jungkook found himself clutching a soggy yearbook. He turned to the page with Taehyung's smiling face, the contact information scribbled in the margin.


His thumb hovered over the phone number, his heart racing with the possibility of finally bridging the gap between them. Yet, every time he drew breath to dial, his courage would desert him. The number stared back at him.


The final visit to the rooftop was a bittersweet affair. Jungkook had gathered his classmates who had come to share his secret place. They laughed and played. He took out his camera, capturing their smiles and the last moments of their innocence. Each click of the shutter was a farewell to the childhood that was slipping away


The camera hung around his neck. Jungkook took one last look around the rooftop, his eyes lingering on the flower stand that had borne witness to his growth and heartache. The flowers had wilted, their petals scattered by the winds.


With a heavy heart, he stepped back into the attic. He knew that soon, he would have to face the world below. But for now, he held onto the warmth of the memories, the whispers of the night, and the hope that maybe, just maybe, one day, he would find the courage to tell Taehyung how he truly felt.



The day of departure had arrived and Jungkook boarded the train. The journey to the university would be long.

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