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Demonic Blade Return


The Fallen Star Manual


On the edge of the world, atop the highest peak of the Heavenly Sword Mountains, a lone swordsman stood clad in black robes. His intense gaze pierced through the clouds, his breath steady and deep.

The sky was a canvas of twilight, with the sun setting in a blaze of red and the moon rising in pale silver. The swordsman raised his hands, fingers curling as if to grasp the celestial bodies. The atmosphere around him crackled with energy as light and darkness converged in his palms, casting the land below into a surreal twilight.

A chilling wind swept through the peak, carrying whispers of long-forgotten souls. It tugged at the swordsman’s long hair, revealing a face marked by both serenity and an ominous presence.

As he absorbed the essence of sun and moon, shadows coiled around him, growing denser with each passing moment. He exhaled slowly, a sinister smile forming on his lips.

Suddenly, the ground trembled, and a deafening roar echoed through the mountains. From each cardinal direction, four towering peaks erupted with energy, while the Heavenly Sword Peak shuddered violently. The swordsman’s eyes snapped open, now glowing with a fierce light.

With a sharp, tearing sound, five figures materialized in front of him, each radiating a powerful and ruthless aura. The swordsman’s expression flickered briefly before settling into a cold mask.

“Well, if it isn’t the illustrious Heavenly Masters. What brings you here to my humble domain?” His voice was a low, mocking drawl.

An elderly man, with a long white beard and piercing eyes, stepped forward, his expression disdainful. “Shen Liang, the Fallen Star, you know exactly why we’re here. Hand over the Fallen Star Manual.”

Shen Liang’s heart skipped a beat, though his face betrayed nothing. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Master Qiu.”

“Enough with the pretense, Shen Liang,” a woman in Daoist robes snapped, her eyes cold. “You’ve always craved power beyond your reach. We know you’ve found the manual.”

It had only been a few weeks since Shen Liang discovered the hidden tomb of the Star Emperor, risking his life countless times to retrieve the legendary manual. How had they found out so quickly?

His mind raced, and a name came to him, bringing with it a surge of anger. “Meng Hao, show yourself!” Shen Liang’s voice echoed through the mountain.

From behind the Heavenly Masters, a young man in pristine white robes stepped forward, a smug smile on his face. He bowed mockingly to Shen Liang. “Master, you called for me?”

“Meng Hao, is this your doing?” Shen Liang’s voice trembled with barely contained fury.

“Yes,” Meng Hao replied, his smile widening.

“Did you also deactivate the protective array?”


“Why, Meng Hao? I treated you like my own brother,” Shen Liang’s voice was thick with betrayal.

Meng Hao’s eyes gleamed with malice. “Because, dear Master, power is meant to be shared. And you were always too greedy.”

Shen Liang’s grip tightened around the hilt of his sword, his aura darkening as murderous intent flared in his eyes. The clash of swords and destinies was inevitable.

Shen Liang had always followed a strict code despite his reputation as a demonic cultivator. He did not kill without reason, and when he did, it was out of necessity or self-preservation. 

Otherwise, the so-called righteous cultivators would have come to end him much sooner. 

Meng Hao, the disciple who now stood against him, had been an orphan when Shen Liang took him in, recognizing his exceptional talent. Yet, who would have thought that this day of betrayal would come?

Despite maintaining a calm demeanor, Shen Liang's killing intent grew dense. Meng Hao, sensing the danger, took an involuntary step back, inching closer to the five powerful figures behind him.

"Master," Meng Hao began, his voice steady but his eyes betraying his fear, "I acknowledge the immense debt I owe you. But that does not justify you seizing the power of the Venerable Guardians and overshadowing me forever. Especially not when it comes to the Fallen Star Manual. Since you obtained it, you’ve secluded yourself, fearing I might catch even a glimpse."

Shen Liang's heart ached at these words. 

Meng Hao would never understand that he did it to protect him. Absorbing the secrets of the Fallen Star Manual with insufficient cultivation could lead to a dangerous deviation. 

Shen Liang had intended to fully comprehend the manual first and then teach Meng Hao safely. But now, all his plans lay in ruins.

Shen Liang let out a roaring laugh that echoed through the mountains, his voice dripping with rage. "Well said, Meng Hao. You truly are a disciple of mine! Since you desire the teachings of the Fallen Star Manual so much, let me give you a taste."

"Shen Liang, you are too arrogant to speak so freely in our presence," the elderly Master Qiu stepped forward, placing himself protectively in front of Meng Hao.

"Humph, I am known as the Fallen Star Emperor throughout the Sacred Domain. It matters little if all five of you Heavenly Masters come at me together!"

With that, Shen Liang unsheath his sword, the blade reverberating of energy and malice. He launched a strike towards Meng Hao. 

A dark claw, formed from condensed demonic energy, shot through the air towards the young man.

Meng Hao's eyes widened in terror, and he retreated rapidly. However, before the claw could reach him, Master Qiu intervened. Drawing his sword, he sent a wave of energy that shattered the dark claw into nothingness.

"The Fallen Star Manual is not as formidable as you claim," Master Qiu declared, his sword held aloft, his voice filled with contempt.

Shen Liang smirked, his eyes narrowing. "Old man, you have yet to see its true power."

He raised his sword, and the sky darkened as thousands of black swords materialized, each one larger and more potent than the previous claw. 

The sheer power of the attack left even the five Heavenly Masters in shock.

"Impossible! Has he reached the Heavenly Stage?" gasped Sword Master Liu, his face pale with disbelief.

The sight of Shen Liang's overwhelming power drained the courage from the gathered masters. Even combined, they knew they were no match for a Heavenly Stage expert.

Meng Hao's face turned ashen with regret gnawing at his heart. How could he have anticipated that just a month of seclusion with the Fallen Star Manual would elevate Shen Liang to such heights?

"Traitor, this is the end for you," Shen Liang sneered, directing the barrage of black swords towards Meng Hao.

Suddenly, a beam of light descended from the heavens, piercing through the black swords and heading straight for Shen Liang. With no time to react, the light struck him, and scarlet blood spurted from his mouth. The thousands of black hands dissipated as Shen Liang staggered, his eyes wide with shock.

He looked up to see a middle-aged man bathed in a holy aura descending from the sky. The man radiated an aura of purity and immense power, his presence alone enough to make the five Heavenly Masters bow their heads in reverence.

"Shen Liang," the man said, his voice calm and commanding, "your reign of darkness ends here."

Shen Liang wiped the blood from his mouth, his eyes burning with defiance despite his weakened state. The battle for the Fallen Star Manual was far from over, and Shen Liang knew he had to muster every ounce of his strength to survive.

"Shen Liang, the Fallen Star Emperor," the middle-aged man spoke, his voice commanding and filled with authority. "I am Xing Wu, emissary of the King's Altar. Hand over the Fallen Star Manual, and I will ensure your life is spared."

Shen Liang's eyes narrowed as he sized up the newcomer. 

The power radiating from Xing Wu was immense, far beyond that of the five Heavenly Masters. Even so, Shen Liang's defiant spirit remained unbroken.

With a bitter laugh, Shen Liang pulled a radiant, dark parchment from his robe. The mere sight of it sent a wave of astonishment through the crowd, even Xing Wu’s stoic facade faltered.

"What noble cultivators, what revered emissaries," Shen Liang sneered. "Aren't you all just scavengers after a poor man's treasure? I won’t let any of you take even a fragment of the Fallen Star Manual. I will destroy it before that happens."

Energy surged around Shen Liang, building up rapidly. The cultivators stepped back, fear spreading across their faces.

"He's going to destroy himself!" Sword Master Liu shouted, retreating swiftly with the others. Only Xing Wu remained, his aura flaring as he lunged forward. "Stop him!"

With a final, triumphant grin, Shen Liang tore the parchment, turning it to dust in his hand. Xing Wu’s eyes burned with fury as he watched the destruction.

A powerful explosion rocked the peak, a blinding light engulfing everything. When the dust finally settled, Shen Liang's form was nowhere to be seen. Xing Wu stood amidst the ruins, his clothes torn and face grim but unscathed.

Meng Hao stepped forward, trembling but determined. 

"Emissary Xing Wu, please listen. Shen Liang was cunning and deceitful. If his essence remains, he will find a way to seek revenge. We cannot underestimate him."

"Humph," Xing Wu dismissed with a wave of his hand. "Shen Liang’s essence was eradicated. There will be no revenge."

The gathered cultivators breathed a collective sigh of relief. Xing Wu’s presence meant no chance of a Heavenly stage soul surviving such destruction. Yet, the loss of the Fallen Star Manual weighed heavily on everyone.

Their feelings were mixed. Some felt a sense of victory, others sorrow, but most were left with a deep sense of loss and pity for the knowledge that had perished.

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