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During the Snowstorm


Reunited Mountain and Seas


Two weeks later,

An unexpected downpour commenced upon the airplane's touchdown at the Hawaii airport.

Lin Yi Yang and Yin Guo, accompanied by a group of individuals, disembarked the plane and arranged for the pre-booked taxi.

This time, there was no plan to revisit the volcano on the Big Island; instead, they remained on the main island, Oahu, which also happened to be the most renowned tourist hub.

Once inside the taxi, Jiang Yang occupied the front passenger seat.

Lin Yi Yang took the front row with Yin Guo and Lin Lin, while the back row accommodated Wu Wei, Fan Wencong, and Chen An'an. A total of seven individuals fitting cozily into one taxi.

From childhood to adulthood, they had all come together for a vacation for the first time in their lives.

Among the Dongxin City group, apart from Wu Wei, who hailed from a relatively affluent family, everyone else came from modest backgrounds. Throughout the years, they had occasionally embarked on individual trips, but this was their first time convening as a group.

"Remember our conversation back then? About going on a trip together?" Fan Wencong inquired. "But then someone mentioned that we wouldn't be able to gather enough people, and it wouldn't be all that enjoyable."

It was evident that he was directing his words toward Lin Yi Yang.

Jiang Yang turned to provide some guidance to Fan Wencong, "Remember, we're like family now, so choose your words carefully."

"Rainbow," Chen An'an suddenly exclaimed, her tone resembling that of an excited young girl. Her unexpected comment elicited laughter from everyone in the car.

Their chosen hotel was the Coastal Hilton.

With an expansive layout in the lobby, one could glimpse the beach and the sea beyond as soon as they stepped out of the vehicle. Vacationing was a novel experience for Chen An'an, her first time by the seaside. As she stood there, taking in the limitless expanse of blue and spotting another rainbow, she couldn't help but exclaim, "Another rainbow?"

Even Yin Guo joined in the laughter, the memory of her prior visit to this place with Lin Yi Yang resurfacing—her reactions had been akin to Chen An'an's, marveling at the rainbows time and again.

Lin Yi Yang instructed everyone to remain there as he and Yin Guo headed to the front desk to check-in.

Upon confirming with the hotel staff and Lin Yi Yang that, indeed, it was the "Rainbow Tower," Yin Guo was convinced she had misheard. Leaning against the counter, she whispered, "Rainbow Tower?"

"Yes," came the confirmation.

This tower boasted the finest view of Waikiki Beach.

Naturally, there was another underlying reason. Lin Yi Yang recalled Yin Guo's fondness for rainbows. He intended to come to the Rainbow State and lodge in the Rainbow Tower before their Asian Games training. He had reserved the room well in advance; otherwise, securing accommodations here would have proven impossible during this peak season.

A few larger guys retrieved their room keys, agreeing to rendezvous at the swimming pool and beach.

Considering Yin Guo might be tired, especially with more than ten days of travel ahead, Lin Yi Yang decided there was no rush to descend. He arranged for a dinner gathering with everyone and accompanied Yin Guo to a room on the 22nd floor—tucked away in the innermost part of the tower.

After a refreshing shower, Yin Guo hung each dress in the wardrobe one by one. Behind her, Lin Yi Yang discarded his short-sleeved shirt, took a cool shower, and emerged from the bathroom shirtless.

Yin Guo was in the midst of arranging a spaghetti strap dress when his hands started kneading and massaging her shoulders. "Are you planning to hang clothes forever?"

"I have two more left," she gestured towards the dresses still within the suitcase, "and you haven't hung up your clothes yet."

Lin Yi Yang maintained his silence, strolling over to slide open the balcony door, allowing the wave of warmth to sweep inside.

She assumed he wanted to enjoy the view, but it turned out she was overthinking. He drew the curtain halfway, shielding the bed from the intense sunlight, and positioned himself behind her.

Yin Guo could sense his warmth just below her ear. It began with the gentle touch of his fingers and then the press of his lips.

The tie at her waist grew looser... He must have pondered it on the plane; this dress required untangling its back waistband before removing it. Lin Yi Yang deftly rolled the fabric's edge up to her waist.

Even as Yin Guo mused about how utterly audacious this older man was, exhibiting unreserved boldness, her forehead leaned against the closet door, and her gaze fell upon the beautifully inked tattoo on his arm, which was snug around her waist. In a heartbeat, she surrendered. His tattooed arm possessed an undeniable allure, consistently tempting her senses...

Lin Yi Yang seized the opportunity and began to act on his desires. While tenderly kissing her ear, he proceeded.

Initially, by the closet, the angle was awkward. He had her lean against the door and lifted her up. The sliding closet doors met the wooden frame with a resounding "bang," startling Yin Guo and leaving her somewhat displeased with their choice of location.

The door was on her right, and the corridor was just beyond.

Lin Yi Yang understood her every cautious thought. Without a word, he carried her directly to the bed.

His body pressed against her back; the combination of the balcony's residual warmth and the air conditioning's coolness generated a delightful blend of temperatures. Additionally, the lingering moisture from his shower had yet to evaporate, transferring onto her skin.

After just a brief interlude, a sudden knock echoed at the door.

Lin Yi Yang halted their activities and inquired about the identity of the visitor. The response from outside came in English, stating that it was room service with the delivery of fruits. While Lin Yi Yang initially contemplated sending them away, he reconsidered, considering Yin Guo's fondness for fruits and her need to refuel after a long flight. He swung his legs off the bed, draped a towel around his waist, and went to the door to receive the fruit delivery.

He deposited the platter of fruits onto the table.

Having learned from previous experiences, he then hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign.

Yin Guo, succumbing to the effects of jet lag, lay obediently on the bed, waiting for him.

Lin Yi Yang resumed his previous position, though now he held a phone in his hand. Yin Guo aimed to set the alarm, concerned about falling asleep and potentially missing the scheduled dinner with Jiang Yang and the others.

Removing the towel and returning to her, Lin Yi Yang settled onto her with a determined movement at her waist. "Can't you wait for just a little while?"

"I was trying to set the alarm to avoid dozing off," her fingers slipped on the phone's screen, struggling to press "confirm." She whispered, "Take it slow."

"No need for an alarm," he placed his hand atop hers, gently pressing the pesky phone into the bedsheet. Sleep wasn't on his agenda.

He fell silent, focusing his attention on the task before him.


Afterward, Lin Yi Yang took another shower.

He strolled around the room in the nude for a brief moment, then sliced some fruit for her, offering her a few bites.

Before Yin Guo could finish the bites, she had already drifted off to sleep, comfortably ensconced in his embrace.

Lin Yi Yang rested against the headboard, setting the plate on the pillow beside him with the fruit knife on top of it. He finished the remaining watermelon and mango slices. While he gently wiped her skin dry, he noticed the tissue box conveniently situated on the bedside table. Taking a tissue, he nonchalantly wiped down the fruit knife, wrapped its blade, and left it there.

Yin Guo's body sensed a cool touch as her dried sweat met the chilly air from the conditioning. Instinctively seeking warmth, she unconsciously scooted closer, attempting to embrace Lin Yi Yang's form in her slumber.

Thinking that the comforter might be too warm, Lin Yi Yang lifted the top sheet and covered her, enveloping her upper body in soft folds.

He lowered his gaze; he studied her serene expression in sleep. He noticed the faint red dot on her nose, resulting from what she had attributed to heatiness while examining herself in the plane's mirror. His eyes then wandered down to her lips, a delicate shade of red, lightly touching the skin of his arm. And was there a hint of a smile at the corner of her lips? Did she sleep this blissfully?

He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers, initially intending for a simple peck on her cheek and the corner of her mouth, but the kiss deepened unexpectedly.

Yin Guo was deeply asleep, her body devoid of any energy, and even her tongue felt unresponsive. He roused her with his fervent kiss, and when she shifted to another position, he gently pulled her back.

She couldn't quite fathom why, but he seemed unusually playful today.

And it didn't stop; he would rekindle their connection once more each time she felt herself drifting into slumber.


Around 6 in the evening, while observing Yin Guo's exhaustion, he phoned Jiang Yang. He mentioned jet lag issues and his wish to catch a bit more sleep, instructing them to head to the seafood buffet on the first floor for dinner. He had already secured a reservation.

Lin Yi Yang ventured to the nearby snack street, purchasing a serving of pineapple rice and ice cream before returning. He placed the takeout box on the desk. Yin Guo then descended from the bed, clad in a beach skirt, and with both hands tucked into his back pockets, she half-embraced him, inquiring, "Where did you go?"

"I got something to nourish you," he lightly tapped the takeout box with his fingers.

Yin Guo chuckled. "Well, then, feed me."

Lin Yi Yang opened the takeout box, using a white plastic fork to carefully select pineapple chunks and seafood from the pineapple rice. He fed them to her, one bite at a time. He had already eaten downstairs.

Around 6:30, they descended.

Finally, the group convened.

Yin Guo had no intention of swimming in the evening, so she opted for a glass of smoothie by the poolside. After taking a few sips, she was almost overwhelmed by the sweetness.

"It's so sweet," Yin Guo complained to Chen An'an, seated beside her.

Chen An'an glanced at the large cup, thinking it would be a shame not to drink it, but considering that someone had already taken a sip, it wouldn't be appropriate to finish it for them.

"Have some later," Yin Guo suggested, not wanting to decline outright.

Lin Yi Yang swam a few laps and then emerged from the water. Water droplets glistened on his body as he walked over to Yin Guo. He playfully touched her face, causing Yin Guo to laugh and protest as she pushed him away, wiping the water from her face.

Seeing the untouched, full glass of the icy beverage, he inquired directly, "It's not good?"

Scrolling through her social media, Yin Guo nodded with a frustrated expression, "Yeah, I didn't expect it to be this sweet."

Lin Yi Yang grabbed the drink menu and placed it before her, saying, "Order something else."

"It would be a waste not to drink this big glass," she replied.

Lin Yi Yang removed the straw, took a few sips, finished half the glass, and then put the straw back in, saying, "I'll have it. You can order something different."

Chen An'an observed the interaction between the two, her jaw dropping in disbelief.

So, Lin Yi Yang actually eats things that his girlfriend has already consumed??

Since childhood, he had always been particular, avoiding touching other people's things and disliking others touching his belongings... let alone sharing food and drinks like this. Indeed, things are different when it comes to a girlfriend.

As soon as half past seven arrived, people began to flock to the beach.

Guests were heading towards the beach, around the pool area, and in various hotels. Yin Guo stood by the edge of the pool, watching the crowds of people. She turned to Lin Yi Yang, who had just come ashore, dried himself with a towel, changed back into his beach shorts and short-sleeved shirt, and asked, "What is everyone doing?"

"I'll show you what everyone is up to," he replied. He finished the remaining icy drink and signaled to his buddies nearby, leaving them for now and planning to meet up at a pre-arranged spot at the bar later.

He took her hand and led her into the crowd, making their way toward the open space in front of the Rainbow Tower.

Initially, people on the beach were standing, but as they walked further forward, the view gradually opened up. Rows of people sitting on the sandy ground stretched out before them. Lin Yi Yang managed to find a vacant spot and had Yin Guo sit in front of him. He intended to squat, but he was pretty tall and would obstruct the view of those behind him, so he ended up embracing Yin Guo from the front.

Couples around were sitting side by side, but they had taken advantage of the height difference, much like Russian nesting dolls...

The space between his legs was just enough for her to sit.

"Is there a performance?" she asked in a hushed voice.

Before the words even settled, a burst of fireworks lit up before her eyes. Yin Guo thought she might be mistaken as her heart raced.

One after another, without pause, the night sky over Waikiki Beach was soon filled with fireworks.

Yin Guo leaned her head against his shoulder, her gaze fixed on the fireworks lighting the sky above. Photographers were capturing the spectacle to her left, while videographers were recording the event on their phones to her right. The sounds of awe and the crackling of the fireworks blended together harmoniously.

Whenever an especially captivating pattern appeared, Yin Guo would laugh softly and playfully tug at his arm. Her flip-flops lay nearby, her feet covered in a fine layer of white sand that had also dusted her legs and his as they brushed against each other.

After a few moments, she realized why he had brought her specifically to watch the fireworks.

It wasn't just about the fireworks but the starry sky above. The Hawaiian night sky held a special significance for them.

Turning her gaze towards him, Yin Guo found Lin Yi Yang looking back at her. "What are you looking at if not the fireworks?" he inquired.

She responded with a smile, her fingers reaching up to touch the arm embracing her. Tracing the tattoo with her fingertips, she lowered her head and kissed the star map inked on his arm.

In truth, the Rainbow Tower provided the optimal view. Initially, Lin Yi Yang had planned to take her to the balcony for a downward perspective—overlooking the crowded beach where people gathered to watch the fireworks, the deep blue sea shimmering in the night, and the array of colors exploding in the sky. However, he realized that being among the throngs of people added an extra layer of liveliness to the experience.

On his previous visit, it had been a Friday when he coincidentally discovered the weekly fireworks display on Waikiki Beach. However, at that time, he was single, without a girlfriend, and his financial situation didn't allow him to stay at the Rainbow Tower. He had walked a considerable distance from his distant hotel to the beach, glanced at the fireworks briefly, and lacked genuine excitement. Seeing the densely packed crowd on the beach, he had concerns about potential stampede risks in such a tightly packed space. As a result, he casually located a bar by the poolside, opting to sit and observe.

Now, with his beloved in his arms, he felt a newfound drive to explore and gather experiences. He realized the effectiveness of providing comfort and companionship to a girlfriend.

The fireworks show concluded relatively quickly, lasting for about fifteen minutes.

The tourists gathered on the beach were gradually dispersing, retreating like the receding tide, and the once bustling crowd was slowly thinning out.

Yin Guo scooped up a handful of sand, planning to wait until the crowd had completely dissipated before departing.

Suddenly, her ear felt a warmth, a tickle caused by a kiss, and she playfully nudged him with her elbow, asking, "What's gotten into you today... constantly kissing."

He chuckled but didn't provide an answer.

Yin Guo pondered for a moment—could it be because of the heat?

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