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During the Snowstorm


You in the Story


As Lin Yi Yang stood outside the hotel entrance, he couldn't help but feel the urge to smoke. He glanced at his pockets, realizing he had forgotten his cigarettes in the room. He let out a frustrated sigh and scanned the area. A group of travelers was gathered by the trash bin, puffing on their cigarettes. He hesitated for a moment before walking over and politely asking to borrow one.


One of the smokers obliged, handing him a cigarette wrapped in white paper. The brown tobacco inside was alluring, and he couldn't resist the temptation any longer. He lit the cigarette and took a deep drag, feeling the smoke fill his lungs. It had been years since he last smoked, but it still felt familiar.


His smoking gesture was experienced, almost as if he had been a heavy smoker all his life. But in reality, he had quit smoking a long time ago. He couldn't help but wonder if it was the stress of the situation that made him crave a cigarette or if it was something else entirely.


The last time he found himself in a situation like this was downstairs at the New York apartment with Chen Anan, and what was the reason? It was all because of Yin Guo.


As he stood outside the hotel entrance, smoking a borrowed cigarette from the other travelers, he couldn't help but think of her. The break gave him a moment to reflect, and he knew what he wanted to do.


The idea of spending over six hours just for a round trip seemed like a waste of time, especially since he knew he wouldn't be able to focus on anything important during those six hours except for her. He couldn't let her go so easily.


With that realization, he made a decision and started walking toward the hotel lobby. He was going upstairs to see her, to be by her side, and to make the most of their time together.




Lin Yi Yang checked his watch, placing it carefully on the tea counter. The black metal chain glinted in the morning light as he adjusted the dial and hands to read 7:01 am.


With a quick and effortless motion, he lifted Yin Guo off the ground, and she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck. Her left hand rested on his waist while her right hand gripped his thigh tightly. "Hang on tight," he instructed, and she complied, her heart racing with excitement.


She knew that all of this was for him - this man who was capable of making her feel so alive.


Lin Yi Yang had intended to carry Yin Guo into the room, but as her hair brushed against his face, he found himself momentarily entranced. After taking a shower, Yin Guo had left her hair untied, allowing it to cascade down her back and over her shoulders.


As he breathed in her sweet fragrance, he couldn't help but wonder if all girls smelled this good or if it was just his attachment to Yin Guo that made her scent so alluring. But he quickly pushed the thought aside, not wanting to overanalyze the moment.


He gently placed her on the tea counter, his gaze fixed on her face. His voice came out hoarse as he asked, "What is it about you that smells so good?"


"Just took a shower before bed," she replied, a hint of amusement in her voice at his direct compliment.


He chuckled, the warm breath with a slight tinge of cigarette smoke hitting her forehead.


She was about to say, "You used to go there—" that he was already quite grown up. Didn't he know that girls always smell nice after taking a shower?


"Go where?" he asked, turning his head towards her, his lips just inches away from hers. He lingered there for a moment, savoring the anticipation of the kiss.


Yin Guo couldn't help but purse her lips, feeling her heart fluttering inside her chest. She looked into Lin Yi Yang's eyes, seeing his gaze fixed on her. It was like being in the water, with a current pulling her in a certain direction, but she didn't want to resist.


Lin Yi Yang observed her subtle expressions, slowly changing his direction as if looking for the best kissing position. He asked, "Aren't you going to say anything?"


Yin Guo's heart raced as she realized that this was a trap. Lin Yi Yang was waiting for her to speak, waiting for her to fall into his trap. And she did. Just as she opened her mouth, Lin Yi Yang leaned in and kissed her.


There was no breathing space left for her, nor for him. It was a suffocating intimacy that deprived them of oxygen. Lin Yi Yang's kissing was so intense that it made the base of Yin Guo's tongue numb. She tried to pull away, but his grip on her was firm, leaving her no room to escape. She felt trapped, helpless, and overwhelmed by his forceful affection.


As the kiss continued, Yin Guo's thoughts raced. She didn't know what to do or how to react. Should she fight back or give in? Was this what she wanted, or was she being manipulated? She couldn't tell anymore, and her confusion only added to the intensity of the moment.


When the last bit of oxygen was used up, her nails dug into his shoulders, as if she was released from the kiss, but also as if she was still kissing him. He saw that her eyes were red, and she was still staring at him absentmindedly, trying to make sense of what had just happened.




His lips met her forehead, the warmth of his breath seeping into her skin. Yin Guo's mind was thrown into a whirlwind of memories, a maelstrom of emotions flooding her senses. She could feel her heart pounding like it was trying to escape her chest.


As she leaned her head against the cabinet, her eyes met his gaze. Lin Yi Yang's lips curved into a smile, his eyes tracing the contours of her face. "What are you smiling about?" she asked, her voice soft and hushed.


He replied, "Why are you so beautiful? How were you born?" The sweetness of his words made her heart flutter. Yin Guo could feel the weight of his words as if they were a physical force melting her heart, leaving her feeling weak and vulnerable.


In front of him, Lin Yi Yang couldn't help but admire Yin Guo's beauty. Her eyes sparkled as she talked, and her hair cascaded down her back in waves. He cleared his throat and tried to make conversation, "There are quite a few people pursuing you, right?" he asked. "You're so good-looking; there should be many."


Yin Guo shook her head and replied, "My older cousin has many underlings in our school. He made it clear since middle school that no one was allowed to pursue me. I didn't have many male classmates who dared to talk to me during my middle and high school years."


He should really thank Meng Xiaodong for that.


"In middle school, I was called to the office once," Yin Guo began. "Someone had written my name on the back of his school uniform, and I was accused of early romance. I had no idea about it and was scolded by the teacher. My brother had to attend the parent-teacher conference to clear things up." Yin Guo smiled ruefully. "And to top it off, my homeroom teacher was a big fan of my brother. I suspect she did it on purpose."


As he listened, Lin Yi Yang imagined the scene and felt a pang of anger rising within him. Things wouldn't have been so simple if he had known Yin Guo back then. He would have tracked down that cowardly student and given him the beating he deserved.


"Afterwards, my brother returned and told me that he looked at the class photo and told our homeroom teacher, 'It's impossible for her to be with that guy. My sister doesn't have good taste; she only likes good-looking guys.'"


Lin Yi Yang couldn't help but chuckle at Yin Guo's story. He looked at her and saw how relaxed and cheerful she had become. She was wearing a loose short-sleeved shirt and a pair of cotton sports shorts after taking a shower, and her snow-white legs were fully exposed in front of him. The sight of her made his heart skip a beat.


As Yin Guo spoke, she kept adjusting her position before him, trying to find a comfortable sitting posture. Her movements were graceful and effortless, and Lin Yi Yang couldn't help but be mesmerized by her. He was completely captivated by her visual, olfactory, and auditory senses, and he couldn't imagine ever wanting to be with anyone else.


"I graduated from No.7 High School," he said, hoping to shift the topic away from her school experience.



Yin Guo's eyes widened in surprise. "No way! That's just a five-minute walk from our school. Back then, the only people hanging out outside our school gate were either delinquents or students from your high school."


He chuckled at her observation, not denying the reputation of his alma mater as a notorious delinquent school in the district. He remembered the times when he and his friends would loiter outside their school gates, smoking and pretending to be tough. But now, as he looked at Yin Guo sitting across from him, he knew he had come a long way from those days.


Yin Guo pulled him closer, her arms wrapped tightly around him as she leaned in. Her breath was hot on his skin, sending a shiver down his spine. "Tell me more," she whispered in his ear, her voice laced with desire.


Lin Yi Yang felt his heart skip a beat as he looked into her eyes. The way she was holding him, the way she was looking at him, it was like she wanted to know everything about him. He leaned in, his face close to hers, and asked, "What do you want to know about my past?"


Yin Guo suddenly became nervous and shifted her focus to something else, "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to pry. Let's talk about something else then, like your major in college."


Lin Yi Yang noticed her discomfort and tried to reassure her, "It's okay; you can ask me anything. I have nothing to hide from you, and I want you to know everything about me."


His words were comforting, and his tone was gentle, like a warm hug on a cold day. If his voice had a color, it would be a soft shade of blue, calming and soothing.


Lin Yi Yang spoke for an hour, sharing his deepest thoughts and memories with Yin Guo. He talked about his childhood memories, his hometown on the other side of the coast, and in the end, his parents' tragic story.


"My parents passed away in a car accident while they were on a business trip," he said with a hint of sadness in his voice. "My dad was in sales, and my mom worked in finance at the same car company. At the time, my mom had been a stay-at-home mom, but she decided to join my dad on the trip because she suspected he was having an affair. Unfortunately, they both passed away in the accident."


Lin Yi Yang paused for a moment, collecting his thoughts before continuing. "It wasn't until I grew up and went through their belongings that I discovered the other side of the story. My dad was always away on business trips because he had discovered my mom was having an affair."


She wasn't great at comforting others. Whenever her friends were upset, she would offer dry and boring solutions like providing food and napkins, never quite knowing what to say to soothe their hearts. "By being open about it, you must have found some peace," she said, trying to offer some words of comfort to Lin Yi Yang.


He replied calmly, "Yes, it ended a long time ago."


All the stories of the previous generation had already been written to the end, written to the curtain call.


"Do you still believe in marriage?" she asked, trying to steer the conversation to a different topic.


As she spoke, Lin Yi Yang lifted his eyes slightly to assess her.


"I was just trying to comfort you," she explained, feeling embarrassed at her awkward attempt at reassurance. "Don't think too much about it, don't misunderstand."


"What do you think I'm thinking about?" he asked, his tone softening slightly.


Yin Guo fell silent, unable to argue with him anymore. She looked at him intently, trying to understand what he meant. He seemed so confident and self-assured as if he had everything figured out.


"I believe in myself," he repeated, his voice calm but firm. Lin Yi Yang had his share of ups and downs in life, but he has learned to trust his abilities and instincts. He knows what he wants and what he's capable of.


She couldn't help but admire his strength and resilience, having been through so much at such a young age. He had fought hard as a teenager, reached the pinnacle of success, won the national championship, lost everything at the age of sixteen, and had to start over from scratch. Despite all the hardships, he never gave up on himself and kept pushing forward. It was no wonder that he believed in himself so strongly. At the age of twenty-seven, he had a clear vision of the kind of life he wanted to lead, and he was determined to achieve it.


"Any other questions?" he inquired.


She shook her head, still groggy from sleep, and wrapped her arms around him. "I was in the middle of a dream when you woke me up. I don't want to ask anything anymore," she murmured.


Initially, Yin Guo had wanted to question him about why he had left Dongxincheng, but now she found that her curiosity had dissipated. She didn't want to ask about anything at all.


In his presence, she found that even if they spoke about inconsequential things, it wouldn't feel like a waste of time.


As Lin Yi Yang felt the warmth and curves of his girlfriend's body, he couldn't help but be grateful for her presence in his life. Even the simple act of counting with her was more engaging than any blockbuster film. But now, as he listened to the story of his parents, Yin Guo's silence made him feel her concern for his well-being.


As Lin Yi Yang held his girlfriend in his arms, he couldn't help but marvel at the curves of her body that never failed to ignite a fire within him.


Feeling the tension in his body, Yin Guo lifted her head to look at him with concern in her eyes. Without a word, she wrapped her arms tighter around him, comforting him the only way she knew how.


Not wanting to ruin the peaceful silence between them, Lin Yi Yang decided to change the subject. "Let me carry you to bed," he offered, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips.


Yin Guo nodded in agreement and allowed him to scoop her up in his arms, carrying her into their private sanctuary.


He picked up Yin Guo, feeling her warm body against his, and carried her from the porch into the bedroom. As they entered the room, he noticed her slippers had fallen on the carpet along with his coat, which he had left at the entrance. He gently placed her on the bed and lay beside her, pulling the snow-white cotton quilt over them both.


Yin Guo and Lin Yi Yang were tangled up in the sheets, their bodies pressed against each other. As they kissed, she couldn't help but feel a rush of desire coursing through her veins. The soft cotton of her short-sleeved shirt brushed against his rough denim jeans, creating a delicious friction that sent shivers down her spine.


Lin Yi Yang's lips moved across every inch of her body, leaving a trail of electric sensations in their wake. Yin Guo's mind was consumed by him, and she found herself losing control in the best way possible. This man had a way of making her feel like the only person in the world that mattered.


She let herself get lost in the moment, feeling the intensity of his touch and the heat of his body against hers. With him, there was no need for words or explanations. It was just them, at this moment, entirely consumed by their desire for each other.


Despite being exhausted from hugging and kissing in their clothes for over three hours, neither of them wanted it to end. Every inch of their body screamed for rest, but they couldn't stop kissing each other. "So tired...So Sleepy,"


Yin Guo felt the curiosity about the male body and sex that a girl experiences when she likes someone. Lin Yi Yang was still exploring every inch of her lips, and she tilted her head back to give him better access. They were lost in their own world, kissing each other until they fell asleep.


Yin Guo's mind drifted to the feel of his warm, bare skin against hers. She longed to wrap her arms around his waist, explore his body with her hands, and feel his muscles ripple under her touch.


He caught her gaze and paused as if waiting for her permission to continue. His eyes seemed to express a yearning desire to take her top off, to reveal her body to him, and to embrace her until they both fell asleep.


Yin Guo was acutely aware of his intentions. She had rejected his advances twice before, and the thought of being vulnerable and exposed made her heart race with nervousness. She opened her mouth to speak, but a lump in her throat prevented any sound from escaping.


In the silence of the room, they both waited for the other to make a move. The tension between them was palpable, and Yin Guo felt as though she was teetering on the edge of a cliff, unsure whether to take the leap or step back.


After a few moments of silence, Yin Guo spoke up, her voice barely above a whisper. "I'm not ready yet."


Lin Yi Yang looked at her and gently touched her neck, "I just want to have a look, nothing more."


Despite being intimate with each other for hours, Yin Guo still felt shy and nervous. Lin Yi Yang, on the other hand, felt completely at ease with her. He wanted to admire every inch of her but also knew the importance of respecting her boundaries.




Yin Guo's throat was dry, and she felt dizzy. She was overwhelmed by the heat, "All girls are the same, and they don't look different."


Her neck was red, as were her ears, bright red.


"I don't know," he said, looking at her with a gentle smile. "I haven't seen them."




After hesitating for a while, Yin Guo murmured in rebuttal, "I haven't seen it either." She hoped to dispel his thoughts and put an end to the topic.


But Lin Yi Yang was not one to be deterred easily. He propped himself up with his arm, sat beside her, and without a word, he grabbed the hem of his short-sleeved shirt with both hands and pulled it off. Tossing the shirt aside, he leaned down and whispered to her, "Come on, take a good look."


As his elbow pressed against her, supporting his arm, Yin Guo's eyes couldn't help but wander over his well-defined muscles and beautifully defined waist. There wasn't a trace of excess fat on his upper body, and even his mermaid line was visible.


Her gaze trailed down to the edge of the zipper of his jeans, where she spotted an abstract design pattern above the mermaid line. It was a compass without a dial, with only half of it visible as the rest was covered by his jeans.


Yin Guo's fingers twitched involuntarily, wanting to touch the tattoo, but she held back. She didn't want to be too impulsive in front of Lin Yi Yang.


Yin Guo's curiosity was piqued as she observed the abstract tattoo on Lin Yi Yang's waist. However, she couldn't help but notice that the compass design was missing a pointer. "Isn't there supposed to be a pointer?" she asked, pointing to the tattoo.


"Here," he said.


With his right hand, Lin Yi Yang made a rough circle with his index and middle fingers under his waistband, indicating the location below his V-line. His attitude was clear: "If you want to see it, I'll show it to you."

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