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During the Snowstorm. Mo Bao Fei Bao. The novel version of Amidst a Snowstorm of Love. English translated. Lin Yi Yang is staring at Yin Guo lovingly amidst a snowstorm.

During the Snowstorm


You in the Story


Yin Guo couldn't bring herself to look any lower than his waistline, so she asked a question to distract herself. "How did you manage to get the tattoo in such a low position? And how many sessions did it take to complete such a large design?"


He chuckled, tracing his finger down to a spot that made her blush. "The one on my waist was done in a single session. As for the one inside my arm, it took two sessions because the design is quite extensive."


Yin Guo simply nodded, still feeling a little flustered from their conversation.


Yin Guo felt her face flush with embarrassment as she realized that Lin Yi Yang had undoubtedly noticed her reaction to his suggestive gesture. She desperately searched for a way to break the awkward silence that had settled between them.


Suddenly, his phone began buzzing loudly, interrupting the tension in the room.


"Is that your phone?" she asked, grateful for the distraction.


Before Lin Yi Yang could answer, Yin Guo got up from the bed and started searching for the phone. She found it behind his waist where it had fallen out of his pocket when they were fooling around earlier. Yin Guo answered the call and handed it to him.


As Lin Yi Yang took the phone from Yin Guo's hand, he shifted his weight, causing her to lose balance and fall onto his chest. She could feel his chest rising and falling with each breath he took.


With one arm still around her, Lin Yi Yang answered the phone with a soft "hello." Yin Guo heard that the person on the other end was speaking Chinese. It appears that Lin Yi Yang does not intend to listen to the person thoroughly. He was still lying on top of her, one hand holding her firmly.


Throughout the lengthy conversation, Lin Yi Yang remained silent as his classmate on the other end of the line urged him to consider going to Duke for his Ph.D. Despite the insistence of his former classmate, Lin Yi Yang gave no indication of interest, and Yin Guo could feel his tension growing as the conversation dragged on.


Yin Guo's gaze flickered with surprise as she learned about Lin Yi Yang's decision to forego pursuing a Ph.D. She looked up at him, curious and wondering why.


Lin Yi Yang met her gaze and offered a small smile.


As the person on the other end of the line continued to question him, Lin Yi Yang's patience grew thin. "Anyway, that's enough. My girlfriend's here," he said firmly.


Yin Guo watched as he spoke with authority and conviction, impressed by his unwavering determination. When he finally hung up the phone, she smiled at him approvingly.


He carelessly tossed the phone onto the bed, narrowly missing hitting the couch. Yin Guo noticed the sudden change in his demeanor, sensing something was amiss. She wondered what was going through his mind but decided not to pry.


Little did she know that Lin Yi Yang had been putting in a lot of effort into applying for the Ph.D. program. He had received an offer and planned to let Wu Wei return to China first without waiting for him. Lin Yi Yang intended to join him after completing his Ph.D.


But when Yin Guo appeared at the Union Station, everything changed for Lin Yi Yang. His priorities shifted, and he found himself questioning whether pursuing a Ph.D. was truly what he wanted.


Since childhood, Lin Yi Yang had been raised with the belief to live every day as if it was his last, a philosophy instilled by his parents. It was a mindset that led him to live impulsively and follow his heart's desires, even as an adult. When he met Yin Guo, he fell deeply in love and didn't want to waste another moment in his current life nor continue with his studies.


As Yin Guo attempted to get up, Lin Yi Yang grabbed hold of her and pulled her closer. Her heart raced as she felt a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Suddenly, she found herself asking, "Have you really not seen it?"


The question hung in the air between them, the tension palpable as they gazed at each other, locked in a moment of anticipation.


Lin Yi Yang was about to give up and put Yin Guo back onto the bed, tucking her in with a blanket. But when she spoke, he stopped his actions and asked, "Are you asking about a real person or something else?"


Was he hinting at an adult film?


Besides, she was no stranger to such topics. Being born and raised in a modern society with developed internet, she was well aware that even if schools didn't provide sex education, information about it could quickly spread among dormitory sisters three hundred and sixty degrees.


Yin Guo stumbled upon an explicit video while walking around her dormitory during lunchtime, piquing her curiosity. Three dorm mates were gathered around a computer, watching the unsightly footage. The moans and heavy breathing from the video were too much for her, and she took a quick peek before leaving.


Lin Yi Yang shared his own experience, "I've seen a few live-action versions before. The first time was in junior high school, at a skating rink that wasn't open then."


Yin Guo looked at him incredulously, "Are you serious?"


Lin Yi Yang smiled, "Why would I lie to you?"


He continued, "They were all people we knew. I didn't expect that guy and his girlfriend to be so wild and open. They just went ahead and did it. After a while, I got bored watching and left. It was just the same action repeated over and over again."




The description was so vivid and explicit that it left Yin Guo speechless. She blinked her eyes in disbelief and coughed nervously, unsure how to react.


While this was a new and overwhelming experience for Yin Guo, Lin Yi Yang seemed unfazed. Having been exposed to different aspects of society, he had encountered and witnessed a plethora of shocking and explicit situations before.


Lin Yi Yang explained that people who engage in such public displays are often driven by a desire for attention and validation, commonly seen in adolescents. Whether it's through sexual acts, fighting, or even more dangerous behaviors, they seek to prove their individual heroism and stand out from the crowd. While Yin Guo finds it hard to imagine such behavior, Lin Yi Yang, who has seen various aspects of society, is familiar with these attention-seeking tactics.


Lin Yi Yang leaned against the head of the bed, his eyes fixed on Yin Guo. Without a second thought, he undid his belt and threw it carelessly on the sofa next to the bed. The buckle hit the phone with a sharp snap, causing Yin Guo to jump slightly.


The casualness with which he discarded the belt made Yin Guo feel a little uneasy as if he was intentionally trying to provoke her. She shifted her gaze away, feeling a bit embarrassed by the situation.


Yin Guo turned over and faced the wall, feigning sleep. She wasn't sure if she was ready for a conversation that could potentially lead to something more.


"Are you sure you don't want to talk?" he whispered in her ear, his warm breath sending shivers down her spine.


She hesitated for a moment before giving a noncommittal "um." She couldn't deny the fluttery feeling in her stomach at his proximity.


The "um" from Yin Guo was like a spark igniting the embers of Lin Yi Yang's desire. It was as if a fresh log had been thrown onto a dying fire, and suddenly, the flames roared back to life. He remained silent for a moment, savoring the sensation that coursed through his body.


Without a word, he got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom. In the warm glow of the yellow light, he turned on the faucet, letting the water flow over his hands as he tried to cool down the heat that had taken hold of him.


He turned off the faucet and dried his face and hands with a towel. Walking back to the bed, he slid under the covers and wrapped his arms around Yin Guo, who was still facing away from him. The warmth of his body and the scent of his shower gel enveloped her, making her feel comfortable and relaxed.


"Let's rest a little longer," he whispered into her ear.


She felt a flurry of emotions inside, her heart beating faster in his embrace. The comfort of his arms was both calming and electrifying, a feeling she couldn't quite describe.


As he tried to remove her shirt, Yin Guo's hand gently pushed him away. Lin Yi Yang turned her face towards him and smiled, his eyes full of desire. Without a word, he leaned in and kissed her passionately. His tongue explored her mouth, leaving her trembling with desire.


His body pressed against hers, his legs and knees weakening from the intensity of his desire.




The sound of the central air conditioning vent is like a constant reminder of the stifling heat. Despite being set to 25 degrees Celsius, the air blowing out is either too cold or too hot. Yin Guo can't seem to find a comfortable temperature, and her body is starting to perspire.




Yin Guo awoke to a dimly lit room, the curtains barely allowing slivers of light to filter through. She checked her phone and saw it was already 7 o'clock in the morning.


She sat up and stretched her arms, feeling the stiffness in her muscles from a long night's sleep. Looking around the room, she noticed a small lamp on the nightstand beside the bed, casting a warm yellow glow on the bedside table. The rest of the room was still shrouded in darkness, giving the space an eerie feeling.


Lin Yi Yang was sitting on the sofa, bare-chested and wearing jeans, scrolling through his phone. The room was dark except for a desk lamp on the table beside him, casting a warm glow that highlighted his short, wet hair. Water droplets glistened at the tips of his strands like tiny diamonds.


As Yin Guo stirred, he looked up, and their eyes met. His voice was husky as he asked, "Awake?"


She propped herself up with her hands, her gaze darting around the room until she realized her phone was missing.


Lin Yi Yang threw his phone on the sofa, walked around the bed, and searched for it. He lifted the blanket to help her search. His hands brushed against her bare leg, and he paused, feeling the smoothness of her skin. Yin Guo shifted, pulling the blanket closer around her body.


Unable to find the phone, Lin Yi Yang grabbed one end of the blanket and shook it twice, causing it to fall onto the carpet with a soft thud. He picked it up and handed it to her, a mischievous grin on his face.


At first, she hesitated to take it, covering herself with the blanket. Lin Yi Yang chuckled; he hadn't undressed her and had no idea what she was covering.


The way Yin Guo's gaze flickered over Lin Yi Yang's jeans didn't go unnoticed. It was a common misconception that when a man had a physical reaction, he couldn't control it and had to do something about it. But just like women can control their urges, men can too. Holding back the desire was far easier than holding back tears.


Yin Guo's thoughts drifted as she lay in bed. She wondered if Lin Yi Yang had taken care of himself in the shower, as she had learned from her friends that men often do. However, she knew better than to assume and didn't want to make any unwarranted assumptions. As for Lin Yi Yang, he appeared calm and collected, and his attention seemed to be on her. She couldn't help but feel grateful for his self-control and ability to prioritize her needs over his desires.


He took a shower because he felt he smelled terrible and wanted to ensure he smelled good before taking her out later.


Once they were both ready, Lin Yi Yang took Yin Guo down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and sizzling bacon filled the air, and Lin Yi Yang recommended the chef's special, which turned out to be a delectable eggs benedict.


After the meal, Lin Yi Yang grabbed a few throat lozenges from his pocket and popped two into his mouth. He didn't want his voice to give out during their outing, wherever that may be.


A coach bus appeared in the distance and eventually pulled up in front of them. The driver waved, motioning for them to hurry up as he needed to pick up more passengers. Speaking in English, he greeted Lin Yi Yang, "Get in. I'm going to pick up the tourists?"


Lin Yi Yang led her onto the bus and directed her to take the first seat on the far left, by the window next to the door. As they settled in, Lin Yi Yang caught up with the driver, reminiscing about old times. Yin Guo listened in, curious about their connection. As they started moving, she turned to Lin Yi Yang and asked in a hushed tone, "Where are we headed?"


"We're going on a night tour," he said, flashing her a grin.


"Night tour?" she repeated, her curiosity piqued.


He nodded. "Yes, it's a popular tourist attraction in DC. You can see all the major landmarks and monuments illuminated by the city lights at night. I used to work as a tour guide myself, so I know the best routes to take."


Just when Yin Guo was sleeping, Lin Yi Yang had specifically made arrangements with the driver to take over the tour guide job for the night, wanting to take his girlfriend around.


Remembering how Yin Guo had mentioned that her previous visits to the city were rushed, Lin Yi Yang was determined to show her around and give her a deeper understanding of his past.


When the tour bus arrived at the pick-up point, they found a group of people already waiting in line. As soon as the bus door opened, Lin Yi Yang stepped off and smoothly transitioned into his role as a professional tour guide. He greeted each person individually, checking their names on the list one by one.


Yin Guo leaned her forehead against the car window, her gaze fixed on Lin Yi Yang outside. She couldn't help but admire his handsome features and didn't want to take her eyes off him even a second, staring at him without blinking.


However, she couldn't help but think he was also skilled at changing his appearance. The guy who was just a big hooligan in their hotel room had transformed into a tall and handsome Chinese tour guide on the street. A few girls at the back of the queue were whispering and talking about him.


Yin Guo remained seated in the first row throughout the night while Lin Yi Yang, with his expertise of the route, rekindled his past as a tour guide. He introduced the illuminated buildings in the dark night to a full bus of tourists, speaking fluently in English.


She listened intently, leaning on the railing, and kept a close eye on him as he walked down the aisle, always gazing at him. As she followed behind tourists with different skin tones, she absorbed his explanations, feeling as if she were seeing a glimpse of the past Lin Yi Yang.


Yin Guo and Lin Yi Yang arrived at the last stop of the night tour, the Lincoln Memorial. As the other tourists got off the bus, Yin Guo decided to stay behind and rest her sore feet.


Lin Yi Yang, on the other hand, as a responsible tour guide, had to stay with the group and ensure everyone returned to the bus safely. He bid farewell to Yin Guo and led the tourists back to the bus.


Alone in the first row of the bus, Yin Guo waited for the group to return. The lights were turned off, and the silence was broken only by the sound of her breathing. As she gazed out the window, she thought about the past and present moments she had shared with Lin Yi Yang. She couldn't help but wonder what the future held for them.


Yin Guo leaned against the window, her thoughts drifting to Duke University. She wanted to know more about it, but Zheng Yi seemed more interested in her relationship with Lin Yi Yang.


Yin Guo mentioned that Lin Yi Yang went to wash his hands before returning for more intimacy, which struck her as a gentlemanly gesture. Sharing these details with Zheng Yi, Yin Guo's enthusiasm was palpable as she described their interactions. Zheng Yi, in turn, was captivated by Yin Guo's account, nodding along with a smile as she remarked, "He sounds like quite the gentleman. Ten out of ten stars for sure."


Suddenly, a knock on the window jolted her back to reality. Yin Guo turned to see Lin Yi Yang outside, his tall figure illuminated by the streetlights. His hands were in his pockets, smiling at her and gesturing to ask her to come down.


Yin Guo stepped off the bus, her heart racing as she looked up at Lin Yi Yang's handsome face. His voice was smooth like honey, and she felt herself getting lost in his words.


"Have you ever seen 'Forrest Gump'?" he asked, his gaze fixed on her.


She nodded, her eyes never leaving his.


"Well, there's a scene in the movie where Forrest meets Jenny in the reflecting pool," he said, pointing to a spot not far away. "Let me take you there, right in front of the memorial."


Lin Yi Yang had seized the moment during the tourists' free time to pick Yin Guo up from the bus. As they strolled on the stone path in the middle of the lawn, Yin Guo couldn't help but feel her heart racing. It had only been a little over ten minutes, yet she already missed him dearly.


Her mind was clouded with thoughts of those two girls who had been eyeing Lin Yi Yang earlier. Would they approach him and exchange phone numbers? The thought of others vying for his attention made Yin Guo feel uneasy, a feeling she had never experienced before.


Yin Guo never expected to be so petty that just the thought of others paying attention to Lin Yi Yang would make her feel uncomfortable. Lin Yi Yang led her to the reflecting pool, where there were no ripples on the water's surface under the night's lighting. Behind them were men and women taking pictures, running up and down the steps, all tourists.


The wind blew her hair, and Yin Guo tidied it up. Lin Yi Yang offered her a piece of dark chocolate, which she gladly took a bite of. They shared the rest of the chocolate as they stood by the reflecting pool, their bodies close enough to feel each other's warmth.


The gathering tourists behind them couldn't help but witness the scene and gasp in amazement. It seemed like the tourist's guide irresistible charm had done it, capturing the heart of a girl in just two hours of the Washington night tour.


"Where are we going next?" she asked, chewing on the chocolate.


He crumpled the wrapper in his hand. "Where do you want to go?"


"My feet hurt. Let's just go back. We've seen all the famous sights anyway."




"I'm really going to sleep this time when we get back," she reiterated.


"Okay," he laughed.




"I haven't had enough sleep," she protested, her voice low and raspy. "I didn't sleep well last night."


Her eyes drooped, heavy with fatigue from a long and tiring day. Lin Yi Yang couldn't help but feel a twinge of concern at the sight of her exhaustion. He reached out a hand to brush a strand of hair from her face, a tender gesture that made her heart skip a beat.


"I'll let you sleep," he said, his voice soft and gentle. It was a simple promise but filled with an unspoken promise of his care and concern for her well-being. Yin Guo couldn't help but feel a warm glow spread through her body at his words, comforted by the knowledge that he was there for her.




Yin Guo felt as though she was stuck in a cycle of repeating the same mistake. Even though she tried to shake off the feeling, she couldn't help but think that she would make the same choices she had in the afternoon.


Lost in her thoughts, Lin Yi Yang suddenly showed her something on his phone. Yin Guo looked at the glowing screen in the darkness and saw a screenshot of two tickets for tomorrow morning. She was confused at first, as she had planned to stay for the entire weekend, leaving on Sunday morning.


As he spoke, Lin Yi Yang could sense Yin Guo's unease. He placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, hoping to comfort her.

"I understand you have a competition to attend, but I don't want you to worry about the logistics. Let me take care of it. I'll make sure you return to New York in time for your event," he said reassuringly.


Yin Guo remained silent, her mind still foggy from sleep.


Lin Yi Yang couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt. He remembered purchasing the train tickets that afternoon and feeling uneasy about it. Yin Guo had been sound asleep, her peaceful expression not revealing any concerns about their abrupt departure.


He sighed, hoping that his gesture of kindness wouldn't be misconstrued. After all, he only wanted to ensure that Yin Guo's needs were taken care of.


"Are you upset?" He asked, his hands casually resting in his pockets, his gaze locked onto hers.


She shook her head, not wanting to cause any trouble. "Just take me to the train station. Why complicate things by going to New York?"


She could sense Lin Yi Yang's reluctance to leave, but she had a competition to attend and didn't want to be a burden to him.


"Listen to me," he said, "I want to send you off."


He was well aware that his plan to take her all the way to New York and back was not logical nor practical. However, his heart yearned for a few more precious moments with her before bidding farewell. He couldn't bear the thought of letting her go just yet, and he hoped that somehow the extra time together would make up for the distance that would soon separate them.

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