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Falling in Love With You is the Best Thing I Have Ever Done


Chapter 2


As predicted, the moment Shen Xifan stepped through the door, the phone rang. Even her toes could guess who it was. She kicked off her heels and flopped onto the bed, feigning indifference. The phone continued to ring incessantly, testing her patience until she finally answered.

As soon as she answered, she held the receiver far away from her ear, and a voice on the other end screamed, "Shen Xifan, you wretch! You say, you say you’re sick. I think you’re mentally sick, crazy!"

She sighed and honestly admitted, "Yes, I am sick, mentally ill!"

Her father tried to mediate, "Why are you scolding her like that? If our daughter doesn’t want to go on a blind date, she doesn’t have to. Why do you worry so much? She's grown up, not a child anymore!"

Shen's mother's voice rose in anger, "What did I do wrong? I'm only trying to help her! You two, one young and one old, are ganging up on me. I try my best, but it's never enough. Do I even have a say in this house? Am I not even human?"

Shen's father immediately fell silent, while Shen's mother pressed on, her voice laced with exasperation. "Shen Xifan, listen to me! Forget about that good-for-nothing Dai Heng. Stop pining after him! Who do you think you are? Wang Baochuan?"

Unable to describe the complex emotions swirling within her, she picked up the phone and explained, "Mom, I haven't been in touch with him for a long time. Please stop bringing him up!"

"Stop bringing him up? Even if I don’t, you keep thinking about him. I’m telling you, find yourself a boyfriend quickly or honestly go on blind dates. If you pull a stunt like today again, I’ll disown you, you heartless girl!"

Her mother continued to scold her for a long time before finally hanging up.

Dai Heng—what an old name, in fact, she had almost forgotten him. She wondered how he was doing now.

With his abilities, he should be doing very well. Maybe he had a loving girlfriend by his side, or perhaps he was already married. But she could only make assumptions. It was no surprise that she was no longer a part of his world.

But why did she still feel a bit of loss, a trace of unwillingness?

Shen Xifan stared blankly for a moment, sighed, got off the bed, and started to heat her Chinese medicine. The large bowl was filled with a dark concoction, and a rich, sweet herbal aroma wafted from the microwave.

She scooped a little with a spoon to taste. Surprisingly, it was slightly sweet. The sweetness of licorice and jujube masked the bitterness. She pinched her nose and gulped down the bowl of medicine, quickly rinsing her mouth with plain water.

Her lips retained a lingering sweetness. After the bitterness came the sweet aftertaste of licorice. Gradually, she felt a gentle warmth spreading through her body, making her drowsy. The accumulated fatigue of many days overwhelmed her, and whether it was psychological or not, she soon fell into a deep sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

The next day, she went to work at the hotel feeling refreshed, as if she had come back to life. It was almost winter, but the air was still a bit humid. Nevertheless, she was in a great mood.

She first took a round of the Jing Pavilion, finding everything in order, then went in through the back door and saw the lobby manager, Ding Wei, looking haggard. She was puzzled, "Ding Wei, what happened?"

He shook his head, "It’s both a big and a small matter. Last night, a man suddenly rushed into the lobby and grabbed a female guest. Security immediately took him away, but the female guest was very upset. It took half the night to calm her down."

Shen Xifan was surprised, "Why didn’t you call me? Shouldn't this be reported?"

Ding Wei blinked, "It’s not too late to report it now!"

Gunan Huating might not be the most luxurious hotel in the city, but it had a very distinctive accommodation. The rooms were divided into the Jing Pavilion and the Xin Pavilion. The Jing Pavilion had Chinese-style rooms, suites, and villas, while the Xin Pavilion had Western-style ones.

Guests came because of its reputation, which explained Shen Xifan’s high-stress levels.

Just then, the intercom sounded. It was the general manager's secretary, "The general manager wants you in his office."

Shen Xifan felt a bit uneasy. Ding Wei looked at her with schadenfreude, "Eat more at lunch to vent your frustration!"

She grumbled, "Ding Wei, remember I’m still your manager. Why do you always undermine my skills?"

Manager Cheng was already waiting in his office. Shen Xifan knocked and entered, finding the managers of the PR, security, and engineering departments also present. Manager Cheng motioned for her to sit, "I called you here to discuss the VIP room reservations. Let’s go over the details."

The secretary handed out the documents. She skimmed through them. The hotel was to host VIPs attending an IT summit.

No wonder they're making such a big fuss about it – money talks.

Poor woman, her fragile nerves are going to be put to the test again.

The document stated, "The housekeeping and front desk departments must prepare in advance for the VIPs' reception. The front desk should prepare the room keys in advance and collect detailed information and preferences from the guests upon check-in. Pay special attention to avoid double-booking or mistakes with the rooms. The housekeeping department should ensure all VIP rooms are smoke-free and arrange staff accordingly. The housekeeping center should adjust room status and coordinate with the catering department for room service, including checking and replenishing the minibar."

She casually flipped through the documents. There seemed to be many VIPs this time, and the task was daunting. She couldn't help but silently complain to herself about the trouble.

Before she could finish venting, the catering manager, Xu Xiangya, burst in with a pile of documents, distributing them like a street vendor selling one-yuan goods, "Here, take these and study them well. Let's cooperate smoothly."

A quick glance showed there was even a temporary duty schedule. The first name glaringly was "Shen Xifan." She immediately rolled her eyes.

Sunlight slanted through the office glass, not too bright but somewhat dazzling, making her dizzy. Shen Xifan absentmindedly looked at the budget report, thinking about picking up her Chinese medicine during dinner time.

As soon as she returned, she saw the PR manager, Lin Yishen, looking for her. Lin Yishen informed her that Mr. Duan, an attendee of the IT Summit, had arrived, a full week earlier than expected.

Plans couldn’t keep up with changes. She rushed to her office, frantically looking for information. Fortunately, Lin Yishen was very helpful, and the catering manager on duty was Xu Xiangya, so she handed over the catering part to her and focused on the guest rooms herself.

She instructed the front desk manager and security about the reservations for the lakeside villa in the Jing Pavilion. She wasn't at ease and personally went to check the cleanliness and facilities, with the supervisor accompanying her, both tense, fearing any mistake.

A little past nine, Mr. Duan walked into Gunan Huating accompanied by Manager Cheng. Shen Xifan stood by, forcing herself to be alert.

Mr. Duan was very satisfied with the dinner, repeatedly praising it and chatting with Manager Cheng about family matters, saying he hadn’t had hometown snacks in years and was finally fulfilled this time. Shen Xifan was envious; Xu Xiangya had passed this test.

After that, she led him to the villa area. Mr. Duan was somewhat surprised, "Manager Cheng, you really understand my taste!"

Manager Cheng called over Shen Xifan, "It's all arranged by our housekeeping manager. I had no part in it!"

Mr. Duan praised her in broken Mandarin, "Manager Shen is very attentive. I am very satisfied, extremely satisfied!"

Back in her office, Shen Xifan took out her Chinese medicine, carefully cutting the packet open and pouring it into a cup to heat. The catering department sent dinner, and she, starving, wolfed it down, choking several times. Busy as she was, she mistakenly drank the Chinese medicine as water, leaving a mouthful of food stuck, unable to spit or swallow.

Still, it had that licorice flavor, bitter yet sweet, much like her mood. Although exhausted, she was very happy.

Remembering she still had to organize documents that night, she habitually picked up an instant coffee packet but then remembered the doctor's advice to quit coffee, so she put it down.

She couldn't help but think of the doctor with the deep dimples when he smiled. He had been very patient and reliable. This good medicine was partly thanks to him. Feeling encouraged and at ease, she then focused intently on the documents.

Several days followed with many corporate presidents and executives checking in. Fortunately, they were not too picky and were easygoing. Shen Xifan’s well-planned arrangements earned her a lot of praise.

Habitually, she went to the cabinet to get her Chinese medicine to heat up but found it was all gone. She checked her schedule to confirm no more VIPs were expected that day. After giving some instructions, she headed to the hospital to get her medicine.

The traditional Chinese medicine building was still as quiet as ever, with only one or two nurses coming and going. She immediately spotted the handsome doctor standing at the pharmacy window, asking, "Do you still have pangolin scales and turtle shell glue?"

Someone on the other side shouted, "Just arrived!"

Seizing the opportunity, she pushed her payment slip forward, "Excuse me—"

Suddenly, the doctor turned his head and was slightly surprised to see her, "Why are you only coming to get your medicine now?"

"I just finished the last batch," Shen Xifan replied, puzzled.

The doctor frowned slightly, "You’re not taking one dose a day, are you? I remember prescribing two doses a day for you?"

"Ah—I forgot!"

The doctor was somewhat displeased. Encountering disobedient and self-righteous patients was always troublesome. He carefully examined Shen Xifan and asked, "Have you been very busy lately?"

"I've been swamped with work, even worrying about emergencies in my sleep," Shen Xifan admitted.

The doctor was relentless, "So busy that you forget to take your medicine? And your medication schedule is probably not consistent either, right?"

"Wow, this doctor is so dedicated!" Shen Xifan thought to herself in awe. She could only manage a hesitant "uh-huh" in response.

"And how’s your sleep now?"

"Much better!" Shen Xifan said excitedly, "Although it’s still difficult to fall asleep, I no longer suffer from insomnia all night."

The doctor smiled, "That's good. Remember, it’s two doses a day. If the amount is too small, the effect won't be significant. Don't forget to come and get your medicine next time." He turned to leave.

Shen Xifan hesitated for a moment but couldn’t help asking, "Doctor He, is Suye a type of Chinese medicine?"

The doctor stopped and turned around. His smile was very charming, making him look very young and slightly mischievous. Dimples appeared on his cheeks, "Suye, specifically Zisuye, is warm in nature, pungent in taste, and used to relieve the surface and disperse cold, regulate qi, and harmonize the stomach. In winter, you can drink a bit of ginger, scallion, and Zisuye tea—15 grams of scallion white, 10 grams each of ginger and Zisuye, boiled in water and flavored with brown sugar, can dispel wind and cold and warm the lungs to stop coughing. If you don't like that, you can also make Zisuye porridge."

Hearing the nurse call him, he politely smiled, "I have to go now. If you have any questions, you can ask me when you come to get your medicine."

Shen Xifan nodded and watched him leave, feeling conflicted. She had no professional questions; she just wanted to know why he had a name that sounded like a Chinese herb.

As soon as they returned to the hotel, Xu Xiangya, the catering manager, rushed to her office to complain, "Xi Fan, that woman is such a pain! She's complaining that our steak is undercooked and still has blood, even though she specifically ordered it medium-rare!"

Shen Xifan glared at her, "Don’t call me Xi Fan!"

Xu Xiangya sighed, "It’s not just that. I saw in the VIP list a particularly picky person. I had no idea how to handle it, so I came to ask you."

Shen Xifan laughed, "Someone you can't handle—" She took the information, glanced at it, and understood, "Yan Heng, CEO of Zhongyu. Hmm—I don’t have his profile either."

"Oh, come on," Xu Xiangya said in a mock-fainting tone, "I was just venting. This job is tough, and getting paid is even tougher. And dealing with difficult customers is the icing on the cake."

Shen Xifan waved the documents, "Read it carefully. Any mistakes and heads will roll!"

Xu Xiangya exaggerated her expression, responding loudly, "Yes, ma'am!"

On the last day, the "Zhongyu" president Yan Heng was to check-in. Manager Cheng had warned in advance—Yan Heng was the son of a close friend and was considering setting up a branch here and planning to hold a new product launch at Gunan Huating. He was a major client and must not be neglected.

Naturally, such guests were personally received by Manager Cheng, which suited Shen Xifan just fine.

As soon as she started work, the engineering department called her to inspect the regular maintenance of the Jing Pavilion villa area. Shen Xifan left the administrative building, and the gentle sunlight immediately spread all over.

She spread her palms, feeling the light playing on her hands, somewhat elusive. Suddenly, a girl ran towards her, shouting, "Manager Shen, something’s wrong!"

Recognizing her as Xiao Li from the senior suites, Shen Xifan was startled and quickly asked, "What happened?"

"A French VIP suddenly fainted in his room. Manager Ding is already there. Manager Cheng is busy receiving guests and can’t come, so he asked you to check."

Luckily, the Frenchman had only suffered from low blood sugar and had fainted temporarily. Everyone present breathed a sigh of relief. After dealing with the situation, Shen Xifan had no choice but to head back from the front hall to the villa area.

Just as she was in the lobby, she saw a Mercedes-Benz pull up. Two people got out, one was Manager Cheng, and the other must be Yan Heng. Curious to see the legendary young talent, she froze, standing still at the front desk.

Who could tell her who Yan Heng was? After a moment of hesitation, she got her answer—he was Dai Heng!

Now, she felt as if her heart was empty, unable to remember anything, yet also full, with many emotions trying to burst out uncontrollably.

Three years apart had made him more mature. The youthful edge was gone, his face still handsome and dashing, with defined features. His well-fitted black suit gave him an extraordinary aura, completely different from the past.

Three years had passed in a blur, like a fleeting dream. Three years were too long, filled with memories she couldn't forget; three years were too short, leaving so little she could truly hold onto.

Memories were forcibly stripped away, thoughts surged like tides, overwhelming and fierce.

Yan Heng was her first love. They broke up three years ago and had gone their separate ways, with no contact since. She had thought they would never see each other again, but now they met at work. Her life, wasn't it a bit ironically ridiculous?

It seemed he also noticed Shen Xifan. His gaze shifted slightly, and their eyes met. Her mind went blank, his eyes revealing complex and fleeting emotions. Manager Cheng seemed to sense something, glanced at Shen Xifan, then at Yan Heng, and explained, "That’s our housekeeping manager, Manager Shen."

Yan Heng responded smoothly, "I just felt Manager Shen looked familiar. Uncle Cheng, let's go."

Manager Cheng nodded, "Let’s check the rooms first. If there’s anything unsatisfactory, feel free to contact the housekeeping department."

As he left, he glanced at Shen Xifan again before getting into the elevator. The doors closed, cutting off their lingering gaze as they brushed past each other.

Shen Xifan felt a mix of emotions, lightly sighed, and turned towards the villa area. She didn’t notice Lin Yishen standing not far on the stairs, smiling helplessly.

It turns out, what needs to be faced will always come. We can never escape.

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