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The Ghost of Wall Street by Ayumi Sekai

The Ghost of Wall Street


Chapter 2: The Game of Money



The first rays of dawn filtered through the blinds. The excitement of the previous day still fresh in his mind. After a quick shower, Jack settled in front of his computer, ready for the day’s trading.

It was nine o'clock, and the markets were about to open.

Jack logged into his trading software and transferred all $18,500 from his bank account to his newly established brokerage account.

The margin trading rights he had activated yesterday wouldn't be available until the waiting period passed, but he could trade on the main board normally.

During his downtime yesterday, Jack had meticulously reviewed potential investments.

Normally, he relied on his instincts during trading hours, sensing market shifts and capital flows with an uncanny accuracy. But with his foreknowledge, he had already identified a promising stock to start with: Titan Industries (TI603169), a military-industrial company that had recently gone public on September 16th. Since its listing, Titan had seen an unprecedented 14 consecutive days of gains.

The stock was fueled by waves of speculative capital and a burgeoning interest in military-industrial themes. Additionally, Titan’s initial offering price was a steal, the lowest in over a decade. Jack knew that riding this "monster stock" could quickly amplify his modest capital.

By 9:15, the pre-market auction began.

Jack leaned forward. He had already decided to go all-in on Titan Industries, but timing was crucial. The first five minutes of the auction were often filled with false moves, as traders could retract their bids.

The real action happened in the last five minutes, where genuine capital battles played out.

Jack Thornton eyed the screen intently as the clock ticked closer to the market open.

He had placed his buy order for Titan Industries at the upper limit, knowing full well that securing those shares was essential.

If the transaction didn’t go through, he wouldn’t waste time waiting in line; he’d pull his order and hunt for other opportunities.

At 9:25, the results of the pre-market auction were announced.

Titan Industries opened at $9.74, up 6.01% from the previous close. Jack felt a rush of satisfaction seeing this opening price. His bid was executed, thanks to the market’s price and time priority matching rules.

When most retail investors saw Titan’s opening price, they likely hesitated.

After all, a stock that had surged for 14 consecutive days might be due for a correction.

But Jack wasn’t most investors. He understood the underlying market sentiment and the power of capital flows. The bullish sentiment was strong, and big money was moving in.

As expected, at 9:30, Titan Industries saw a massive influx of $230 million within seconds, pushing the price higher.

The stock momentarily dipped before surging again, hitting its daily limit within minutes.

Jack had successfully secured his shares at the best possible price during the pre-market auction.

Jack reviewed his holdings with a sense of accomplishment:

Holdings: Position: Titan Industries (TI603169)

Shares: Quantity: 15,200 shares

Average transaction price: Average Cost: $1.34

Current market price: Market Price: $1.39

Holding value: Market Value: $21,128

Profit and loss for the day: Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$788

Floating profit and loss: Unrealized Gain/Loss: +$788

The floating profit was a decent start.

In his previous life, such gains were mere pocket change compared to his massive deals. But for now, $788 was more than he’d earned in a month at his old job.

With all his capital invested, there was nothing left for Jack Thornton to do but ride the wave and watch his money grow. He shut down his computer, confident that Titan Industries would continue its ascent, and headed to a nearby diner for a simple lunch.

Being a retail investor was just the beginning; the ceiling for such a role was capped in the billions, and Jack had much loftier goals.

His current capital was modest, but he wasn’t worried. He knew that one crucial element would propel him to the top: fame.

To rise from an unknown trader to a renowned global investor, Jack needed to build a reputation.

Great talent alone wouldn’t attract investors; they had to know who he was and trust him with their money. He decided against using leverage for now, preferring to build a steady reputation through consistent, impressive returns.

After lunch, Jack didn’t rush back home. Instead, he went shopping for new clothes.

The previous Jack’s wardrobe was sparse and uninspired, so he spent about $600 on a couple of stylish outfits. Then, he got a fresh haircut. The new look accentuated his natural good looks and height of 6'0".

When he returned home, Jack ignored the stock market for the afternoon. He was confident in his holdings and knew there was no point in obsessively checking their status. Instead, he turned his attention to the internet. He registered a self-media account on various social media platforms.

In today’s world, with no connections, resources, or significant capital, the internet was the fastest route to fame. His plan was simple: become a big individual investor and amass a following.

Once he had a substantial number of followers and had earned their trust, he could start forming investment groups. Even a small group of 200 people, made wealthy within a month or two, could create a powerful word-of-mouth effect.

He started by creating engaging content. Jack recorded a video introducing himself and sharing his first successful trade with Titan Industries. He explained his strategy and market outlook in a way that was both insightful and easy to understand.

He uploaded the video across his new accounts, tagging it with relevant keywords to attract viewers interested in finance and investing.

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