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Her Little Dimples


Transferring Schools


The midsummer day in Lin City was a blistering furnace, the heat shimmering off the streets. Even the white clouds seemed parched against the stark blue sky.

Though it had rained the previous night, the temperature had surged instead of dropping.

Cicadas buzzed furiously, their chorus blending with the vibrant blooms of multiflora roses entwined around the school's black iron fence.

Xu You leaned against the second-floor corridor railing, a white backpack slung over her shoulder. Through the dense foliage, she watched the bustling basketball court in the distance. Under the relentless sun, a group of boys sprinted across the track, their movements a testament to youthful resilience.

After a while, Chen Lizhi emerged from the Office of Academic Affairs, accompanied by a young female teacher.

Xu You straightened up and respectfully called out, “Auntie.”

Chen Lizhi acknowledged her with a nod and took her arm. Turning to the slightly plump teacher beside her, she said, “Thank you for taking care of our child.”

Xu Huiru adjusted her glasses, glanced down at the list, and read, “Xu You. What a coincidence, we share the same family name.”

Lin City First High School, the most prestigious private school in Lin City.

Due to her parents’ job transfer, Xu You had moved to this northern city with them. Leveraging her aunt's connections, she had been admitted to this esteemed institution.

The school consisted of both junior and senior divisions, with most students being locals and only a few boarding students.

On the way here, Xu Zhihua had lectured Xu You a few times, reminding her to study hard and not to waste time.

The gist of his words probably meant that in such a private school, most students either came from wealthy or influential families, so the academic atmosphere might not be great.

However, Xu You had always been at the top of her class since she was young, well-behaved and not troublesome. So, Xu Zhiping wasn't too worried, and after a while, he didn't say much more.

In the corridor.

Xu Huiru observed Xu You's well-behaved demeanor and inquired about her previous school.

After getting a general understanding, Xu Huiru felt very satisfied.

Finally, a decent transfer student had arrived. With her good upbringing and excellent grades, there was a chance she could even positively influence the class's atmosphere.

But then, another worry surfaced.

This child seemed quiet and honest, making her an easy target for bullying.

Last semester, she was assigned to be the homeroom teacher for Class 9 for half a year, which was quite a headache.

The students in that class were a real handful.

They didn't respect their teachers, didn't care about the class's collective honor, and liked to fight and cause trouble.

In a prestigious private school like Lin City First High School, where rich kids gathered, most classes were filled with young masters and misses. However, Class 9 was particularly notorious, with a group of students who were especially rebellious.

Each one had a more obstinate temper than the last, and they had quite a strong sense of superiority.

After picking up their textbooks from the curriculum office, Xu You followed her homeroom teacher back to the classroom. The bell for the end of class had just rung, and groups of boys and girls in school uniforms were walking past.

As they walked down the corridor, they ran into two boys wearing basketball jerseys. As soon as they saw Xu Huiru, they stopped and saluted. In unison, they shouted, "Hello, Teacher Xu!"

Their loud voices startled Xu You.

The male classmates from the north seemed to be tall and strong, with very loud voices.

Xu Huiru nodded in acknowledgment and casually asked, "Did you just finish your physical education class?"

"Hehe." One of the boys, with dark skin and sweating profusely, craned his neck to look at Xu You standing quietly behind the homeroom teacher and asked with a smile, "Teacher, is this the new student in our class?"

Xu Huiru waved her hand, dismissing them, "Nothing of your concern"

As they walked away,

Xu Huiru instructed her, "In the future, pay less attention to those useless boys in the class and focus on your studies, understand?"

Xu You nodded, "Yes, teacher."


Xu Huiru looked at the cotton dress Xu You was wearing and remembered, "After the morning classes, go to the Zhi Cheng Building lobby and pick up your school uniform."

Around a corner, Class 9 was right next to the stairs.

Inside the classroom, it was lively with students chasing and playing, making a lot of noise while doing their own things. As soon as Xu Huiru stepped in, it gradually quieted down.

All eyes were on the new transfer student who appeared in the class behind the homeroom teacher.

Xu You, holding her books, stopped near the platform.

The bright, hazy sunlight softly outlined her figure. Her soft black hair fell over her chest, casting a slanted shadow on the ground. Her knee-length white dress and short cotton socks revealed her slender ankles.

Because the next physics class was about to begin, the teacher, with books in hand, was already waiting at the door. Xu Huiru didn't intend to have Xu You introduce herself, so she simply pressed her hand down to indicate silence and then briefly introduced, "This is our new student, Xu You. Let's welcome her."

Most people were still looking at Xu You, with a mix of curiosity and surprise, before quickly returning to normal.

"Welcome, new student!"

Some mischievous boys in the back row were sitting on their desks, elbows on knees, whistling at Xu You, followed by hearty laughter from a few boys.

"Alright, settle down, no need to make a fuss!"

Xu Huiru clapped her hand on the desk, calming the atmosphere that was about to become restless. She glanced around and casually pointed a finger towards the back of the classroom, saying to Xu You, "Go sit in that empty seat for now."

After a moment, Xu Huiru seemed to realize something was not quite right. She hesitated for a moment, then patted Xu You on the shoulder, "You can sit there for now, but you'll have to change seats next week."


So, under the gaze of the whole class, Xu You walked through the gaps between the groups and stood in the aisle at the back of the classroom, a few rows from the back.

It was messy there, with a few half-smoked cigarettes lying scattered on the floor. Books and scraps of paper were haphazardly piled on desks and chairs, and there was even a basketball under one of the benches.

Xu You paused, standing there, feeling a bit hesitant.

In the second-to-last row, a boy in a black T-shirt sat inside, not wearing the school uniform. Leaning against the wall, he brazenly looked down at his phone. It seemed like he hadn't lifted his head since she entered the classroom.

Seeing Xu You hesitating, the boy who had whistled earlier smirked at the boy playing on his phone, "A Ci, your new seatmate is here."

The boy called 'A Ci' propped his head with one hand, resting it on the desk.

He probably had been running around during PE class, as his black hair was damp.

He was chewing gum and didn't pay attention at first.

After being nudged, he slowly lifted his head.

His pitch-black eyes scanned the girl standing in front of him from top to bottom.

After a second or two, he lazily uncrossed his legs, which were folded on the chair, and made room for Xu You.

"Wait a minute." Xu Huiru suddenly changed her mind and shouted from the classroom door, "Song Yifan, switch seats with the new student. Let Xu You sit in the front row."

Xu You breathed a sigh of relief.

The next class was physics, taught by a middle-aged man with a Mediterranean appearance, nicknamed 'Ironhead Li.' He was one of the strictest teachers in the grade, treating students like enemies, showing no mercy akin to the autumn wind sweeping leaves.

Despite the rowdiness of Class 9, they were a bit wary of Ironhead Li.

As the group leaders took their seats, they collected the exercise books from the last physics assignment.

Xu You lowered her head, took out her notebooks and pencil case from her backpack, and placed them on the desk. Then, she neatly arranged the new books she had just received.

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