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Her Little Dimples


Transferring School


Her seatmate was a very pretty girl, with cosmetics and a curling iron scattered on the desk.

The girl with short curls behind her was holding a small mirror, touching up her lipstick.

Xu You quickly glanced at her, then straightened up and looked at the blackboard, preparing to listen attentively.

The group leader for Group Four was a tall girl with glasses, her hair tied up in a ponytail.

When she reached the row behind Xu You, she deliberately slammed the notebook onto the desk, making a sharp noise, and said, "Xie Ci, hand in your homework."

So, his name was Xie Ci.

Xu You silently thought to herself.

After a moment, a nonchalant voice replied,

"Mine? I didn't do it."

It sounded like a smirk.

Song Yifan said in a mocking tone, "Group leader, you never collect homework from the rest of us, so why are you targeting A Ci? What's your deal with him?"

Someone chimed in, "Yeah, just because he's a bit good-looking, you're always picking on him, Xia Feibei."

"Is it because... hmm?" He intentionally dragged out his words, with a hint of provocation and flirtation. This ambiguous tone, only half-finished, immediately made the group behind burst into laughter.

"Song Heipi, why are you so annoying, really annoying!"

Xia Feibei angrily cursed, flipped her hair, and walked away with her homework in her arms. Although her tone was irritated, there was still a hint of being struck in the heart, unable to conceal her embarrassment.

The girl's sensitive feelings were exposed for all to see.

Xu You tried to focus her attention on the blackboard, but she could still hear laughter coming from the back right:

"Even the senior students' homework gets collected, the group leader is awesome."

Ironhead Li' was preparing to teach a new lesson, electromagnetism.

Electromagnetism was one of the more important and difficult topics in high school physics. Xu You had already studied it in cram school and had done many practice questions. She took out her physics book and flipped to the page the teacher was about to teach.

For her, studying and solving problems were as instinctual as breathing.

"Hey, new student, what's your name?" Fu Xueli finished touching up her makeup, casually picked up Xu You's student ID card from the desk, glanced at it, and then put it back. "Xu You?"

"Yeah..." Xu You lowered her voice, lowered her eyelashes, and nodded gently.

"Your name is quite tricky."

Xu You: ..........

"If you say it enough times, it won't be tricky anymore," Xu You said seriously.

"Pfft, I'm Fu Xueli. Xue as in snow, and Li as in pear." She introduced herself, holding back a laugh.

Xu You glanced at her quietly, then nodded, "Got it, your name is really nice."

Fu Xueli laughed, thinking to herself that this kid might be a bit naive.

Seeing her look like a well-behaved student, afraid to speak in class for fear of being caught by the teacher, Fu Xueli found it really cute.

Among her friends, the ones who hung out with her were either seasoned pros or wildcards. None of them gave a damn about the teacher.

Class 9 was a battleground of cliques, split right down the middle. On one side, you had the brainiacs; on the other, the rich kids.

Neither side admired the other, but they had an unspoken truce. Fu Xueli was part of the typical rich-kid crowd who took life easy. Her friends were the same—no interest in studying, just eating, drinking, and living it up every day.

Girls like Xu You, who had a plain face, a soft voice, and small, clean features, were really a first for her.

With a small face and a small stature, she looked like a middle school student.

She looked like a good student with a regular daily routine and excellent academic performance.

Fu Xueli secretly sneered at this and put Xu You's student ID back where it was, then took out her phone and started playing with it out of boredom.

There were still two classes left in the morning, and they passed by in a flash.

When the bell rang for the fifth class to end, everyone quickly dispersed to eat.

Xu You didn't like to squeeze with others, so she decided to wait for everyone to leave before leaving herself.

She casually grabbed a piece of scratch paper, leaned on the desk, and carefully worked out a problem the teacher had assigned in class.

"New student, you're so studious."

Song Yifan walked past Xu You and glanced casually. Seeing her head down, writing diligently, he was used to teasing people and couldn't help but comment, "Wow, so diligent."

His tone was nonchalant and not serious at all.

Xu You's pen paused.

After a few seconds of not knowing what to say, she buried her head again and continued working on the problem.

Suddenly, with a swish, a book hit Song Yifan.

Fu Xueli glared at him and said bluntly, "You, as a grown man, should stop teasing young girls all the time."

"Ouch, that hurts! Why are you always teasing?" Song Yifan rubbed his shoulder in pain. "I was just your deskmate, and you're already so violent. Can't I show some care for the new student?"

"Go away."

Fu Xueli couldn't be bothered with Song Yifan. She didn't know what he was thinking.

Their group had a habit of being annoying when they saw good, obedient students like Xu You, liking to show off in front of people.

She slung her bag over her shoulder and squeezed out from behind Xu You. "Xu You, when are you going to eat?"

"Huh?" Xu You looked up at Fu Xueli and thought for a moment before saying, "I'll go right now."

"You're not leaving yet?"

"I haven't finished the problem."

At this time, a group of boys from another class were waiting at the classroom door. They were leaning against the corridor in twos and threes, and someone poked their head in and called, "A Ci, are you ready?"

Song Yifan immediately responded, "Coming, coming, we'll go now. You guys go and block the person first."

There seemed to be a sudden gust of wind.

In the corner of her eye, Xu You saw a pair of black and red sneakers.

Xie Ci stood next to her, holding a blue and white school jacket in one hand.

The scrap paper on the desk was suddenly snatched away, catching Xu You off guard, and she raised her arm instinctively.

A black water-based pen drew a line on the paper.

Her gaze subconsciously moved upward, meeting a pair of pitch-black eyes, with a slight tilt at the corners. The person leaned against her desk, index and middle fingers pinching a thin piece of paper, casually tilting his head, and scanning up and down with indifference.

He raised an eyebrow as he looked, and there was a slight curve at the corner of his thin lips.

On the scrap paper.

There were no random doodles on the paper, just a few lines of neat and beautiful small characters, with the problem-solving formulas neatly arranged. Next to them was written:

"Industry is diligent, and idleness is at play."

On the platform, Song Yifan was bored, watching Xie Ci standing there, holding a piece of paper and smiling. He casually threw half a piece of chalk at him, "Brother, there are a bunch of people waiting for you outside, hurry up."

Outside the classroom, seven or eight boys echoed, "Ah Ci, hurry up."

"Hmph." Hearing this, Xie Ci turned his head to glance at them, then let go of his hand.

The paper floated lightly onto the desk, accompanied by a barely audible sentence.

"Do you love studying so much?"

Xie Ci leaned on the desk with one hand, lowering his head towards Xu You, "Let's discuss something, new student?"

He was tall, making her have to bend a little.

Xu You remained silent, tidying up the mess on the draft paper.

"Help me with the physics homework."

Regardless of whether she agreed or not, he lazily finished speaking and then left the classroom with the remaining boys in the class.

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