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Her Little Dimples


The Exam


Li Jieyi nudged him again. "Just give me an answer, will you?"

"What answer?" He was impatient.

"Do you think that girl is really pretty?"

After listening, Xie Ci looked up at him, gave a faint "hmm," and asked, "What's it to you?"

As Li Jieyi returned to his seat, he was still thinking: It's a good thing he didn't tell Xie Ci just now. He's starting to feel like pursuing girls like Xu You.

Although they were usually surrounded by beautiful women, they were used to seeing heavily made-up faces. So when they saw this girl with a bare face, petite figure, and quiet demeanor, they couldn't help but be smitten.

The exam room was large, with two teachers sitting at the front and back, but they were quite lax. After handing out the papers, they just sat there and played with their phones.

The exam lasted two and a half hours, ending at eleven o'clock.

By the time the bell rang, there were very few people left in the exam room. Most people had handed in their papers early and left.

It was the first time Li Jieyi had ever seriously finished an 800-word essay in an exam room.

After finishing writing, he was exhausted and collapsed in his seat. Song Yifan came to him, saw his half-dead appearance, and chuckled, "What's wrong, feeling deflated already?"

"Almost." Li Jieyi crumpled up the draft paper on his desk into a ball, then leaned over and sincerely thanked the girl next to him, "Thank you, classmate."

His tone was genuinely heartfelt, and his sincerity was palpable.

Xu You was casually tidying up the things on her desk, putting her stationery box into her backpack, and zipping it up.

She stood up, hugged the water glass on the table, nodded, and casually replied, "You're welcome."

Then she left.

Her movements were swift and decisive, without any hesitation, and she didn't even glance at them.

Behind her, the two men exchanged glances. Li Jieyi smacked his lips and raised an eyebrow. "Quite a personality," he said.


The afternoon exam was for the science subjects.

Xu You was afraid she wouldn't have enough scratch paper, so she brought along a few sheets of blank paper.

After experiencing the 'kindness' of the top student in the morning, Li Jieyi kept talking to Xu You before the exam, constantly trying to get closer.

"Hey, where are you from?"

After a while, "How old are you? Why do you look so young?"

And then, "How about I treat you to a meal after the exam?"

Li Jieyi leaned over, stretching his neck. On the other side, Xu You kept her head down, organizing her things, responding with a word or two now and then.

Just as she found the notebook in her backpack, her desk suddenly tilted from a forceful impact.

Two boys were wrestling and fooling around next to her, causing the desk to shake. The water cup toppled over, water spilling from the unsealed lid and flowing across the table, soaking Xu You's clothes.

She stood up from her seat, instinctively exclaiming, and quickly tried to stabilize the cup.

At the same time, Li Jieyi also reacted.

He stood up, impatiently scolded the two boys, and pushed them away with his hand, saying, "Fu Yishun, are you crazy?"

Fu Yishun lowered his head and straightened his clothes, unwilling to back down. He retorted angrily, "So what if I bumped into you? Do you have a problem?"

The tension between them escalated.

Just then, Xie Ci and Song Yifan walked over from behind.

Xie Ci frowned as he looked at Xu You standing to the side, noticing her wet sleeves. He turned to Li Jieyi and asked, "What's going on?"

"Fu Yishun knocked over Xu You's water cup."

"It's okay, it'll dry soon." Xu You frowned slightly, wiped the table with a tissue, and interrupted them, "Please return to your seats, the exam is about to start."

She really didn't want any trouble at this time.

Xie Ci acted as if he hadn't heard, gave Fu Yishun a push on the shoulder, and lifted his chin arrogantly. "What's going on? Are you blind?"

No one dared to say a word around them, watching the two conflicting individuals. No one dared to step forward to intervene.

In the end, it was the invigilator who came down from the platform, separated the crowd, and said to them, "What are you all doing? Go back to your seats! The exam is about to start!"

Before Fu Yishun left, he glared at them viciously and said, "Just you wait."


Xie Ci and Xu You changed positions with the person in front of them, and at the beginning of the exam, they both laid down and slept.

During the science exam, halfway through, Xu You finished the multiple-choice questions, filled them on the answer sheet, and set them aside.

Li Jieyi sensibly lifted his head and began to copy.

Xu You turned over the paper and started to work on the long questions at the back.

After writing for a while, a crumpled paper ball suddenly flew onto her desk. She was startled.

A few seconds later, her back was hit again.

Xu You turned around and saw the boy who had just knocked over her water cup sitting diagonally behind, continuing to throw paper balls towards her.

This time it was a bit off, and it hit the head of the person who was sleeping.

Xu You pursed her lips, lowered her head, and continued writing her paper, ignoring the disturbance behind her.

The paper balls kept coming.

Xie Ci lifted his head from his arm and turned around.

Xu You was leaning on the desk, holding her pen and writing her science paper.

There were a few crumpled paper balls scattered around her.

Her long lashes drooped, her features delicate, shadows covering her eyes, hiding all emotions.

"—You damn near wanna die."

In the quiet exam hall, there was a sudden thunderbolt.

All the examinees, including the teachers, turned their heads towards the source of the sound.

Xie Ci lost his temper, forcefully pushed the table away, stood up, grabbed a book at random, and walked towards Fu Yishun.

With a slap, the book's pages fluttered as it flew straight at Fu Yishun's face.

Everyone was stunned by his ferocity.

Xie Ci kicked Fu Yishun's desk askew and pointed at him, saying, "If you dare throw another one today, I'll make you swallow them all. Do you believe me?"

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