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Her Little Dimples


The Big Shot's Homework


After Xu You carefully studied the problems assigned by the teacher, there were basically no people left in the classroom.

The ceiling fan was still swaying above, and the vertical air conditioner blades were closed.

She packed up her things, closed the classroom door, and left.

The school was large, with the middle school and high school sections in different areas. Along the way, there were several supermarkets and milk tea shops. The wind carried waves of heat, and the asphalt road surface was hot.

On both sides of the path, the shadows of trees concealed the teaching buildings. Xu You asked someone for directions and found her way to the Zhi Cheng Building to collect her school uniform.

There were two sets of uniforms for spring and autumn, each in a transparent plastic bag.

Coming out of the Zhi Cheng Building, Xu You wandered around a bit. She discovered a pathway lined with rose bushes, separated by a patch of grass from an old wall. Sunlight created dappled patterns on the wall, where ivy climbed.

It was a very secluded spot.

She paused as she saw a cat run joyfully into it.

Approaching, Xu You crouched down.

In the damp soil, there were some unknown small white flowers and butterflies occasionally lingering.

Xu You liked flowers. She had been with her grandmother since she was a child. There was a small flower garden in front of her grandmother's house, filled with gardenias, orchids, sunflowers, and magnolias. Perhaps because she didn't play with other kids, Xu You had always been quiet. Every time after school, she would squat in front of the flower garden with her school bag, sometimes sniffing them, and before she knew it, it was time for dinner.

The leaves rustled in the wind, and she watched for a while, propped up on her knees, intending to stand up and go back to the dormitory.

Suddenly, a rapid footsteps, mixed with the voices of a group of boys swearing, approached.

Xu You's heart tightened. She turned her head to look out through the gap, and immediately froze, covering her mouth with her hand.

It seemed like there were two groups of people, pushing and shoving, arguing about something.

Xu You held her breath, carefully observing for a while, not daring to move, afraid of being discovered.

When she was young, her brother used to drag her to watch Hong Kong movies like "Young and Dangerous," leaving her with a lot of shadows from those violent scenes. So, she was very afraid of delinquents, especially those with dyed blond hair, who looked like gang members.

After a few glances, she realized that two people in that group looked somewhat familiar.

They seemed to be classmates…

Xu You was a little stunned.

The very rude boy who snatched her draft paper and the other mischievous boy.

Song Yifan, Xie Ci.

Among the group of shoving people, they stood aside chatting. Xie Ci, with his school uniform jacket draped over him, leaned against the wall, smoking casually.

"Xie Ci, you motherf**ker, don't think I'm afraid of you just because you have more people!"

Fu Yiyi clenched his fists for a moment, very angry. "Do you think you're tough? If so, why are you sending people to mess with me?"

"Hey hey hey, what's with the language?"

Someone couldn't hold back and stepped forward to shove Fu Yiyi's shoulder, also getting heated: "You're asking for it yourself, telling you not to go looking for Qiu Qingqing, don't you know she's Ci Ge's girlfriend?"

Note: 'Ge' is a term that pertains to Big brother. Ci Ge also refers to A Ci/Xie Ci

When this name was mentioned, Fu Yiyi's expression immediately changed. Xie Ci, on the other hand, remained indifferent, still looking lazy and uninterested, not joining in.

One person made the first move, and the rest began to get restless.

Tension filled the air, ready to erupt.

Song Yifan, always the joker, couldn't resist making a wisecrack at this moment, "Don't bother asking Xie Ci about this, whether it's right or not, you wouldn't know, right?"

Xie Ci glanced at him casually.

"Ever heard of a slogan?"

Coughing twice, Song Yifan became serious. He pointed at Xie Ci, with his other hand tossing a small stone, chin lifted.

"Whether it's chaotic or not at Yizhong, Ci Ge decides, got it?"

The group of boys laughed, even Xie Ci couldn't help but laugh and kicked Song Yifan jokingly.

Xu You stayed hidden not far away, among the trees. She silently thought to herself that this group of people didn't seem easy to deal with.

In her previous school, there were students like them, but not many. They always moved in groups, laughing and making noise, dressing stylishly. They went to school just to pass the time, keen on breaking school rules and regulations, seeing skipping class as a fun activity.

Xu You felt like she was in a completely different world from them. Whenever she encountered them, she would instinctively avoid them and stay out of trouble.

But today…

A dispute broke out between the two groups over something, escalating into a quarrel. For some reason, Fu Yiyi exploded upon hearing something, grabbing the collar of a boy in front of him and punching him.

Followed by an angry roar.

The rest of the group rushed in, and the two sides immediately started fighting.

After a while of chaos, Fu Yiyi's side, being outnumbered, quickly fell into a disadvantage and was overwhelmed.

Xie Ci separated from the crowd, grabbing Fu Yiyi's clothes and dragging him across the grass, impatiently throwing him against the wall.

Fu Yiyi struggled to get up, intending to punch Xie Ci, but Xie Ci grabbed his hair, forcing his face upwards.

Xu You watched from a distance.

With one hand in his pocket, Xie Ci bent down, tilted his head, and faced Fu Yiyi's face.

"Don't mess with me."

With that, he raised his arm and forcefully stubbed out his cigarette on the nearby wall.


After the group left, Xu You, with a pale face, squatted in place, trying to calm her emotions for half an hour before daring to stand up.

She had only been at the school for half a day, but she had already seen how wild those delinquent youths could be.

She couldn't eat anymore.

She didn't dare to linger in the campus, so she carried her backpack and the school uniform in her arms, following the signs to find the dormitory.

As a transfer student, and with not many boarders in Class 9, Xu You was assigned to a dormitory in another class.

The dormitory was a four-person room, equipped with air conditioning and a private bathroom, which was quite decent.

During nap time, there were very few people in the dormitory building.

Xu You's dormitory was on the fourth floor.

In the morning, Chen Lizhi had already helped her make the bed and arrange her things. The dormitory landlady had also come by to give instructions. When Xu You pushed open the door, the girls inside weren't very surprised.

Chen Xiaozha, with her hair tied up in a bun, was sitting cross-legged on the bed playing with her phone. She looked up as soon as she saw Xu You come in.

The air conditioning was on in the dormitory.

As Xu You entered, the sweat on her back made her cotton clothes stick to her skin, and she instantly felt a chill from the cold air blowing.

In the dormitory, there were three girls, two from Class Five and one from the Sunshine Class.

Xu You found her roommates to be very nice. She chatted briefly with them and then went to tidy up her things. She hurried to the bathroom to take a shower and washed her school uniform while she was at it.

When she came out, Xu You used a towel to dry her long, wet hair. She was wearing a Winnie the Pooh nightgown, which showed her thighs.

Chen Xiaozha's eyes lit up, and she exclaimed, "Wow, Xu You, you're so fair!"

It wasn't just an ordinary fairness; it was the kind that looked moist and translucent, with a hint of rosy hue beneath the skin.

No wonder she was from the south; it's true that different regions have different beauties.

Xu You smiled awkwardly.

Li Lingfang, the girl from the Sunshine Class, was currently leaning over her desk doing homework. She glanced at Xu You and asked, "Which class are you from?"

"Ah?" Xu You paused for a moment, then said, "I think it's Class Nine..."

"Wow, you're from Class Nine!"

Chen Xiaozha suddenly became interested and put her phone down, eagerly saying, "There are a lot of handsome guys in that class, and it seems like they're pretty well-off."

Handsome guys…

A person popped into her mind.

"I... am not very clear," Xu You sat on her own bed, pursed her lips, and then thought of what happened at noon.

"Class Nine..."

Both Liao Yuemin and Chen Xiaozha were in the same class and had heard about Class Nine.

Every Monday at the flag-raising ceremony, the warning list from the academic affairs office would announce a long list of names from Class Nine.

Those few people were familiar to everyone, notorious in the grade for their troublemaking, and even the head teacher couldn't be bothered to manage them. The school didn't do much to discipline them, probably because they had power and influence at home.

Sometimes when Liao Yuemin goes to the restroom after class, she often encounters a group of tall boys in the hallway, holding basketballs, walking in twos and threes.

They don't wear school uniforms and like to whistle at the passing pretty girls.

Sometimes, when she accidentally makes eye contact with one of them, she feels extremely intimidated and quickly looks down.

At first, she thought they were students from the sports class, but later she learned from bits and pieces of gossip from others that those people were from Class Nine, and they were not to be messed with.

Even if they do nothing all day and are academically incompetent, they are the young masters who will have worry-free lives in the future.

She's not in the same world as them.

"Our class also has its own informants," Liao Yuemin chimed in, looking at Xu You. "Did you see a particularly handsome guy when you went this morning?"

"You mean Xie Ci?"

Li Lingfang twirled her pen, eager to ask.

Chen Xiao and Liao Yuemin asked at the same time, "Aren't you the type who is oblivious to the outside world, focusing only on studying?"

Li Lingfang shrugged. "It seems like Xie Ci has some relationship with the beauty of our class..."

The beauty of the Sunshine Class, Qiu Qingqing, is not only beautiful but also has good grades. She's very proud and many people chase after her.

She's widely regarded as the Linshi No.1 Middle School's version of Shen Jiayi.

"No, no, not Xie Ci. It's Xu Xingchun, one of the top three academic achievers in our grade, and he's also the class monitor."

Liao Yuemin pouted, "But Xie Ci is also very handsome. It's just that he seems too fickle; he changes girlfriends so quickly."


Listening to their gossip, Xu You felt she couldn't join the conversation and could only remain silent.

Sitting on the bed, she waited for her hair to dry slowly. Lost in thought, she began to worry.

That untouchable senior, his name seems to be Xie Ci…

What should she do about his physics homework?

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