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Her Little Dimples


Very Bad


Xu You hesitated, "...The wind blows cold..."

"It's 'feng,' with a nasal ending," the Chinese teacher interrupted, kindly correcting her. "Not 'fen.' You read it as 'fen xiaoxiao.'"

"Feng, feng..."

Xu You hesitated, lacking confidence.

Indeed, people from the south often have trouble distinguishing between nasal and non-nasal sounds, and their Mandarin isn't as good as that of people from the north.

Song Yifan was right behind Xu You, and he heard everything clearly. He couldn't help but laugh and shake his body.

Beside him, Xie Ci rested his head on one hand, eyes lowered to the line in his book, "The wind blows cold, the Yi River is icy," grinning as well.

With the two brothers laughing, others couldn't help but chuckle too.

Classroom peace was instantly disrupted.

The Chinese teacher, in the midst of speaking, noticed the commotion at the back. Unable to contain her annoyance, she forcefully tapped the blackboard and glared at the group of mischievous boys. "Song Yifan!! What are you laughing at? Come up and read!"

Song Yifan immediately wiped the smile off his face, looking miserable. "It's not just me laughing, my deskmate is laughing too."

"Then you both come up!"

The Chinese teacher let out a sigh and said, "Xu You, you can sit down for now. Some of you at the back, if you don't want to listen, just sleep quietly and don't disrupt the class!"

Although embarrassed by the laughter, Xu You felt relieved and sat down quietly.

Fu Xueli leaned over to comfort her, "It's okay, kid. Song Yifan and his gang are always like this, don't mind them."

Xu You nodded, not feeling angry. She whispered, "I don't mind."

In fact, it didn't really matter to her. After all, she had a good temper.

After a while, the two at the back reluctantly stood up.

"Teacher, Xie Ci and I are illiterate, can you let us off?"

Song Yifan joked in a casual manner.

The Chinese teacher glared, "If I ask you to read, you read. No need for nonsense! Xie Ci, you start."

Leaning against the wall, Xie Ci lazily scanned the book, then continued to read, "'The wind sighs over the cold waters of the Yi River.'"

This sentence triggered laughter throughout the class.

The teacher's eyes widened in anger, "Are you done? Read properly!"

Xu You lowered her head, looking at her Chinese textbook, not joining in the laughter. She felt even more embarrassed by the deliberate mispronunciation by the person behind her.


She felt a bit weary.

After zoning out for a while, Song Yifan's sarcastic tone jolted her back to attention, so she resumed holding her pen, listening attentively.

After enduring two periods of Chinese class, the last period was self-study.

Ten minutes after class, chaos ensued as boys roughhoused, causing desks and chairs to shuffle noisily.

Xu You opened a supplementary textbook with annotations on classical Chinese, intending to copy down the explanations of key sentences from the new lesson.

She copied for a while, then the bell rang. Everyone returned to their seats, even those who had rushed back from the restroom in the hallway.

Fu Xueli started sleeping right after the second period.

Xu You took the book she had placed on the table and, in passing, also cleared a space for her to take notes.

Self-study class was generally quiet, with occasional noises.

"Hey, switch seats," Xie Ci suddenly spoke up.

Song Yifan was puzzled, "Why?"

Xie Ci kicked him, "Just do it, stop talking nonsense."

Then the two of them made a bit of a fuss while changing seats.

Xu You's pen paused for a moment. After confirming that nothing had happened, she relaxed and continued with her homework.

Everything was quiet for over ten minutes.

Suddenly, her chair was kicked, accompanied by a voice saying, "Hey, about my physics homework..."

Xu You's heart skipped a beat.

He was at a loss for words, as he hadn't written the material himself.

He decided to avoid disrupting others with an explanation. Instead, he feigned ignorance and continued diligently taking notes.

After a while.

Her chair was kicked two more times.

Xu You kept her back straight, waiting for the kicking to stop before continuing with her homework.

Song Yifan kept giving her meaningful looks.

Xu You kept her expression stiff, ignoring him.


Her chair was hooked by someone's foot and forcefully pulled back.

There was a loud, creaking sound that startled her, and she quickly grabbed the edge of the desk.

People around them all looked at her in surprise, and even Xueli was awakened by the commotion.

Xu You finally couldn't bear it.

She turned around, unable to look at him, and could only bow her head and whisper, "Classmate, your physics homework, I..."

"What about it?"

"I don't know how to do it."

"Bring the book over."

Xie Ci looked down at her.

"What?" Xu You was stunned.

"The physics book."


Leaning back in his chair, Xie Ci raised his chin slightly and raised an eyebrow. "I'll help you mark the questions."

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