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Her Little Dimples


A Chance Encounter


It's really rare to see such an unreasonable guy.

Xu You suppressed her anger and opened the physics book on the desk, which was scribbled all over. While copying questions into her exercise book, she tried to comfort herself.

Helping that big boss with his homework? Fine, whatever. She knew better than to mess with him.

A little patience for some peace, a step back for a wider horizon.

Even though she held back her temper, she still wanted to shout at the guy behind her:

Can't you do your own homework?

His exercise book showed that the handwriting for his previous physics homework was different each time.

Xu You flipped through it and realized she wasn't the first to help him with his homework.

The teacher's markings and corrections were minimal, usually just a date. Clearly, the teacher turned a blind eye to Xie Ci's bad habit of having classmates do his homework.

If the subject teacher couldn't control him, what could she do?

In no time, Xu You finished his physics homework in just over ten minutes.

The exercises in the book were basic. Xu You had always been strong in physics, so writing it was a breeze.

With a few minutes left before class ended, a few boys in the back of the classroom started leaving one after another.

Fu Xueli stretched, rotating her arm with her hand on her shoulder, and said to Xu You, "You don't have to be so thorough, just scribble something down."

Honestly, she was baffled.

Why did Xie Ci need Xu You to do his homework for him? The teacher didn't care whether he turned it in or not.

"Never mind, it's already done."

Xu You pursed her lips slightly, finished the last word, and put down her pen.

She looked up at the clock hanging in the classroom.

The bell was about to ring.

Xu You closed the physics notebook, didn't look back, and held it out behind her.

After waiting for two or three seconds, no one took it.

She turned around.

Her gaze met Xie Ci's half-smiling eyes.

He had no intention of reaching out to take it.

Xu You could feel his amused gaze, sighed silently in her heart, and said nothing more. She placed the notebook on his desk and turned away.

In the blink of an eye, it was Friday afternoon. After the second class in the afternoon, first-year and second-year students were free for the weekend.

The entrance of Lin City First High School was crowded with people from other schools, bustling with excitement.

Xie Ci and his group had left the school early and were waiting at a nearby café.

Today was Li Jieyi from Class Four's birthday. He usually hung out with Xie Ci and the others, and since it coincided with the weekend, they planned to go out for a night of fun.

A phone buzzed on the wooden table, vibrating repeatedly but stopping shortly after.

Xie Ci, holding a deck of cards, glanced at it briefly but ignored it.

After a while.

Song Ci poked him in the back and whispered, "Bro, at the entrance."

Qiu Qingqing stood with her hands clenched into fists on the steps of the café for a while.

Various unfriendly gazes lingered on her. Her pride and strong sense of self-respect made it impossible for her to step through that door.

Through the transparent glass window, she had a clear view of Xie Ci's profile. He had a cigarette dangling from his mouth and was flicking cards from his hand.

The phone sat right beside him, but he ignored it. "How much longer for your girlfriend?"

Feeling bored after a while, Xie Ci tossed the remaining cards on the table and asked Li Jieyi, "Can you call her and tell her to hurry up?"

"We still have plenty of time before dinner, what are you thinking?"

Li Jieyi, seeing Xie Ci stop playing, also put down his cards. He was about to say something when he noticed someone approaching from behind. His words shifted midway, and he raised an eyebrow playfully, "Well, I didn't get my girlfriend, but yours showed up."

"Xie Ci."

A restrained female voice sounded.

Xie Ci still had half a cigarette in his mouth. He leaned his elbow on the edge of the table and turned his head.

Qiu Qingqing stood two meters away from him, eyes red, and said each word clearly: "Come out with me and let's clear this up."

She chose to come in and find him, ultimately believing that Xie Ci felt differently about her and that he liked her.

Xie Ci didn't speak, and the others didn't dare make a sound.

They looked at each other in silence.

What's going on here?

Since when did Ah Ci and Shen Jiayi (Qiu Qingqing) start having issues?

Xie Ci ran a hand through his hair, his face expressionless. "What for?"

Qiu Qingqing: "If you don't come out, let's break up."

Xie Ci loosely bit his cigarette and laughed. "Then let's break up."

As soon as he finished speaking, a cup of cold water was thrown in his face.

He only had time to close his eyes.

Droplets of water slowly slid down from his black hair, eyelashes, lips, and cheeks.

The cigarette in his mouth was extinguished by the water.

Everyone gasped.

This girl had guts.

There weren't many at First High who dared to do that to A Ci.

Fu Xueli, who had been looking down at her phone, looked up at the commotion.

All she saw was Qiu Qingqing's back as she ran out the door.

The proprietress handed Xie Ci a clean white towel.

"You are not going after her?"

Xie Ci still wore his indifferent expression. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and muttered a soft "Hmm" while looking down.

Song Yifan knew he was suppressing his anger.

After hesitating for a couple of seconds, he asked, "What’s going on with you and Qiu Qingqing...?"

He knew Xie Ci was a player who switched girlfriends quickly. Many girls chased after him, and he had plenty of exes. Typically, he got tired of them in one or two weeks.

But ever since he started dating Qiu Qingqing last month, Xie Ci hadn't stirred up any trouble.

It almost made Song Yifan think he was ready to settle down.

He didn't expect this to happen today.

"Is it about last night?" Li Jieyi asked slyly, smiling mischievously.

Xie Ci, unwilling to respond, bit another cigarette and put it in his mouth.

Last night, they went out to sing karaoke, and Qiu Qingqing was there too. She sat next to Xie Ci the whole time and didn't talk to anyone. Seeing her unwillingness to 'go along with the crowd,' everyone sensibly left her alone.

After all, she was the well-known model student of the grade, not to mention beautiful. But she was also very proud.

As the night went on, some people had a bit to drink and started playing Truth or Dare. Everyone was getting into it, and during one round of Dare, Xie Ci lost and had to kiss a girl.

For him, it was no big deal—just part of his usual antics—so no one took it seriously.

Unexpectedly, Qiu Qingqing's face turned sour, and she stormed out right then and there.

Today, she was breaking up with him over it.

Fu Xueli, unfazed, said, "If they break up, so be it. Ah Ci's never short of girls."

Just as she spoke, Li Jieyi's girlfriend, Tu Youyou, finally arrived with a group of her friends.

There were about two or three underclassmen, all a bit shy.

When they saw the second-year big shots sitting there, they greeted in unison, "Hello, seniors."

"Hello, girls," someone said, eyeing the pretty newcomers and getting a bit playful.

Xie Ci stubbed out his cigarette after just half of it, tossing it into the nearby trash can. Picking up his phone from the table, he addressed the group, "Let's go."

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