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Her Little Dimples


Write by Yourself


Weekends always passed by the quickest, with most people enjoying themselves for a full two days.

At 6:30, Xu Y0u climbed to the floor where the classroom was located, carrying her books.

As soon as she entered the classroom, she began to doubt her eyesight.

Monday's early self-study session wasn't crowded; most of the back seats in the classroom were empty.

Only a few students were quietly reading.

She sat down at her desk with a piece of bread, casually looking around. One thought dominated her mind —

everyone was quite casual during the early self-study.

She took out her English book from the desk and flipped to the page with the vocabulary list, starting to write from memory.

As she wrote, she pondered.

The teachers in this class don't seem to be very strict.

She remembered her previous school, also a prestigious high school in the city. Being late was a big taboo; everyone had to be in class by 6:10 a.m., and being even a minute late meant standing for a whole class. The students were all focused on studying every minute, no chatting during class, and no rushing or playing around after class. It was a stark contrast to her current class.

Half an hour had passed since the start of early self-study. As the time for the first class approached, more and more people came into the classroom.

The room was buzzing with noise.

The scene was a bit chaotic, with some students rushing to finish their assignments, others collecting homework, and some copying from others.

Across the aisle, a boy asked for the math test answers that she had worked on over the weekend.

Without saying a word, she rummaged through her drawer, found the test paper, and handed it to him.

She was still sorting through her English notes, but she noticed someone had stopped beside her.

Pausing, she looked up.

A tall boy stood beside her.

He was dressed in a clean white school uniform and simple black sweatpants, holding a form in his hand.

"Hello, I'm the class monitor for Class 9."

"Oh, hello, what's up?" She put down her pen.

Beside her, Fu Xueli, who was playing with her phone, paused.

"Here's the thing." The class monitor placed the form on her desk and explained in a few words, "This is our class duty roster, and you're scheduled for Wednesday's classroom cleaning duty."

She picked it up and glanced at it, nodding. "Got it, it's cleaning the classroom, right?"

"Yeah, you're paired with Fu Xueli."

After the class monitor finished his explanation, his gaze seemed to brush past her as he turned and walked back to his seat.

Fu Xueli watched him walk away, then casually returned to playing with her phone.

After playing for a while, she couldn't help but strike up a conversation with Xu You, "Hey, let me tell you, our class monitor has the same surname as you."

Xu You turned to her, "Really? Also surnamed Xu?"

"Yeah," Fu Xueli leaned closer, "His name is Xu Xingchun. The name is so fancy, and he looks fancy too."

Xu Xingchun, huh?

It seems like I've heard that name somewhere before…

Xu You frowned in thought and honestly replied, "I think both his name and yours sound very nice."

After saying that, she recalled the appearance of the boy just now in her mind.

His facial features were a bit thin, and his brows and eyes were delicate, with narrow and elongated eyes.

"He doesn't look feminine at all," Xu You said honestly.

Fu Xueli snorted, her expression unnatural, "What do you mean 'like mine'? My name sounds much better than his."

Xu You felt a bit strange, wanting to ask, but feeling it was inappropriate, so she continued to bow her head and do her homework.

After writing for a while, someone placed an exam paper on her desk.

"Classmate, I got a different answer for one question compared to yours, and I don't quite understand the method you used."

It was the boy who borrowed her exam paper to check the answers.

He bent slightly, pushed his glasses up, and handed the draft paper to Xu You. "Could you please explain this to me?"

"Ah, which question?" Xu You uncapped her black pen and took the draft paper.

"The second-to-last question."

She flipped the paper over and found the question. Xu You glanced at it, then began to explain the solution to the boy, "For this question, I used trigonometric functions in geometric analysis..."

Just then, Song Yifan entered the classroom.

He threw his school blazer into the drawer and asked Fu Xueli, "What's Glasses doing with you at the desk?"

"Asking about a question."

"Oh my god." Song Yifan was very surprised. He took out two assignments, turned his head, and started copying frantically, "So impressive, getting Glasses to ask questions. Your desk mate is a top student."

Glasses, whose name was Chen Chunlin, was also considered a top student in the class. Unfortunately, his Chinese had always been poor, so his ranking in the grade was not high. However, he was usually arrogant and looked down on students with poor grades.

Fu Xueli absentmindedly nodded and played with her phone, "Yeah."

Song Yifan continued, "Then don't chat during class in the future, you might delay someone from getting into Tsinghua or Peking University."

"Who's aiming for Tsinghua or Peking University?"

Xie Ci stepped into the classroom. He stood behind Song Yifan and listened to their conversation, casually asking as he threw his backpack inside.

Song Yifan stood up to give him a seat, "Why are you so late? There's no time left for you to copy the homework."

As they spoke, the classroom door was pushed open, and Mr. Li, the math teacher, walked in as the bell for class rang.

The noise in the class gradually subsided.

Song Yifan finished copying the last word, shook the test paper, and glanced at Xie Ci, "What's up with your math paper? When the crazy Li comes down later to collect them one by one, you'll end up standing as punishment again."


Xie Ci cast a contemptuous glance at him, smirked, and leaned back in his chair, calling out to Fu Xueli.

Fu Xueli turned around, "What's up?"

"Help me call your desk mate,"

Xie Ci nodded towards Xu Yu.

Before Fu Xueli could respond, Xu You directly pulled out a completed math test paper from a pile of papers on her desk and handed it to her. After handing it over, she picked up her pen again and lowered her head to do exercises, looking completely uninvolved.

She didn't even glance at them throughout the whole process.

But Fu Xueli understood and was speechless. She slapped the test paper on Xie Ci's desk, "Can't you copy it yourself? Why do you always ask others to do your homework for you?"

Song Yifan listened on, his expression somewhat subtle.

In his memory, Xie Ci was not one to bother girls.


"You..." Song Yifan put his hand on Xie Ci's shoulder, lowering his voice slightly, "As a grown man, how can you always bully young girls...?"

"Bully? The new classmate just likes to help me with my homework." Xie Ci pressed on his phone, smiling casually as if nothing had happened.

As soon as the words fell,

Xu You turned decisively, meeting his eyes.

They locked gazes for a few seconds, and she said earnestly, "The new classmate doesn't seem to like it."

The tone is a bit silly, but it also has a hint of the softness of the Jiangnan region, so it doesn't sound offensive at all.

Leaning slightly forward, Xie Ci rested his arms on the desk, tilted his head, and stared at her with a smile. "Why doesn't she like it?"

Her eyes, clear as water, furrowed slightly, seeming puzzled. "Why would you ask such a question?"

Xie Ci raised an eyebrow.

Then, in the midst of a group of prodigal students who disliked studying, came a piece of heartwarming advice from the transfer student from the south:

"Homework should be done by oneself, knowledge is one's own."

The air froze.


The tension that had been building up was suddenly broken as Song Yifan couldn't hold back a laugh.

Xie Ci paused for a moment, then slowly broke into a smile.

"Hahaha." Fu Xueli reached over and couldn't help but pinch Xu You's face.

Oh, this child is really cute.

"Cough, cough."

Song Yifan clenched his fist and put it to his lips, trying hard to suppress his laughter. With a somewhat serious look, he said, "Exactly, what Xu You said is very enlightening, well said! She truly deserves to be the future of our motherland, the successor of communism."

After speaking, he even applauded.

Xu You didn't know what they were laughing about. Feeling a bit annoyed, she didn't say anything and turned away.

She stood with a straight, thin figure.

Her soft black hair was loosely tied at the back of her head, with a few stray strands falling over her forehead, partially covering the side of her face.

From Xie Ci's perspective, he could only see that delicate white neck.

"Damn it," he muttered under his breath, withdrawing his gaze and cursing quietly.

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