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Her Little Dimples. Qing Qing de Mao. Novel. Book version. English translated. Xie Ci and Xu You sticking out their tongue to a frozen pole.

Her Little Dimples




After the second period on Monday, all students from grades 10 and 11 went to the north sports field to participate in the weekly flag-raising ceremony.

Class 9's position directly faced the flag-raising platform, in the middle of the playground. The boys stood in a vertical line, and the girls stood in a vertical line, arranged in order of height.

The summer sun was blazing. Although it was just past ten o'clock, the rays on bare skin still made one sweat profusely.

According to the rules of Lin City First High School, students must wear their uniforms for the flag-raising ceremony. From a distance, it looked like a sea of blue and white, except for one conspicuous spot in the middle.

At the back of the class queue, a group of boys were wearing their own clothes.

Black, yellow, red— a small mix of different colored T-shirts stood out, showcasing their unique style.

Class 9 of the second year was a particularly distinct presence in the grade.

Among them were top students who could compete with those in the advanced class, and wealthy second-generation kids who ranked at the bottom of the grade. The students of Class 9 had a reputation for causing trouble, yet the school often turned a blind eye to their antics. This leniency instilled a sense of awe and caution in the other students toward Class 9.

Since even the school couldn’t handle them, others naturally dared not provoke them either.

The dean once came over and, with restrained frustration, asked Xu Xingchun, who stood at the front of the class, “Why aren’t your classmates wearing their uniforms again?”

Xu Xingchun pressed his lips together and replied in a formal tone, “They forgot to bring them.”

“They forgot again? How many times has this happened?!”

Li Zhiping frowned and raised his voice, “You in Class 9, stop trying to be special in the grade. If you’re studying at this school, you need to follow the school rules!”

Xu Xingchun listened quietly, his expression unchanged. His deep, cool eyes and sharp features remained calm and composed.

After a few more admonishments, Li Zhiping, mindful that the boy in front of him was consistently one of the top students and a model of excellence, restrained his anger and said, “Next time, make sure to remind them in advance. Don’t go overboard.”

Once the dean had left, the girls standing at the front finally dared to let out a breath.

They whispered among themselves in hushed tones.

"Li Zhiping only ever dares to say it in front of the class monitor. If he has the guts, why doesn't he go to the back and say it to Xie Ci and the others..."

"Tch, what's the point of talking to those guys? Will they even listen?"

"Then what's the point of talking to the class monitor?"

"At least Pingping should dare to go find that group at the back..."


The chatter of nearby conversations drifted into her ears, and Ma Xuanrui couldn't help but sneak a peek at the boy standing diagonally in front of her.

Perhaps she looked for too long, or her gaze was too intense, because he seemed to sense it and turned his head to look back, his profile outlined by the sunlight.

She quickly lowered her head, not daring to look any longer, but her heart couldn't help but feel a little dazed.

Ma Xuanrui and Xu Xingchun had been classmates for two semesters, but they had barely spoken to each other.

She knew he was good-looking and excelled in his studies, attracting secret admiration from many of the girls in their class. During breaks, girls would often approach him with their workbooks, pretending to ask for help with problems. He was never impatient, always maintaining a calm and polite demeanor.

It seemed that when heaven favored someone, it showered them with all the best qualities.

Xu Xingchun was exactly such a person.

He was the model student the teachers in the office would proudly talk about, the academic prodigy who scored near-perfect marks in every subject, and someone whose appearance left nothing to be desired.

She knew she was ordinary, blending into the background among a group of glamorous girls. She never even dreamed of confessing her feelings to him.

But sometimes in class, her mind would wander, and the name Xu Xingchun would fill the pages of her notebook.

During gym class, she would secretly watch him. She knew his interests, hobbies, even his grades, all etched deep in her heart. She didn't dare let anyone know about her crush, afraid they would think it was wishful thinking.

All she could do was watch him secretly.

The quiet and proud Xu Xingchun.


The flag-raising ceremony had reached its fifth stage.

On the platform, the host read from a list: "Next, we invite Qiu Qingqing from Class 8, Grade 2, to give a speech under the national flag."

After reading, the host stepped down.

The applause from below, however, continued for a long time. It was even mixed with cheers and whistles.

Xu You, who had been looking down at the book in her hands, couldn't help but look up when she heard the commotion.

From afar, she saw the girl on the flag-raising platform. She had a high ponytail and was wearing a white school uniform with a pleated skirt. She exuded an air of confidence.

Qiu Qingqing...

Xu You tried to recall the name.


She was the female lead in the fight that day at noon.

Xu You returned her attention to her book.

As she lowered her head, she heard the two boys next to her talking loudly and carelessly.

"Oh, Shen Jiayi, didn't she just dump Xie Ci recently?"

"When did that happen?"

"Last week, I think."

One of the boys replied casually.

Fu Xueli, who was standing in front of Xu You, couldn't help but roll her eyes. She said impatiently to the two boys next to her, "Fang Qicheng, you have such a big mouth." It was Xie Ci who dumped Qiu Qingqing, but somehow the rumor mill got it twisted.

Fang Qicheng raised his eyebrows innocently, smiling as he said, "Sister Xueli, I just heard it from someone else, don't take it personally."

He knew Fu Xueli was close to Xie Ci and his group, so he wisely chose not to say anything more.

Fu Xueli snorted through her nose, "Who's your sister?" She then turned off her phone, her bored gaze wandering until it landed on Xu You.

Her deskmate was wearing a blue and white autumn jacket, her ponytail loosely draped over her shoulder, quietly reading a book with her head bowed.

She seemed out of place in the noisy atmosphere.

"What are you reading, so intently?" Fu Xueli leaned slightly, resting her head on Xu You's shoulder, and asked, looking down.

"Huh, what?" Xu You turned her head slightly, holding up the book in her hand, "This?"


Xu You closed the book, showing her the cover with a faint smile on her lips: "A book by Lu Xun."


Fu Xueli glanced down, paused, and asked, "Lu Xun, who's that?"

This time, it was Xu You who was speechless.

Her expression was as if she had really choked, her eyes slightly wide.

"Hahahahaha, I was just kidding, don't take it so seriously."

After teasing Xu You, Fu Xueli put away her smile and remembered something else. She asked, "By the way, why do you always wear your school uniform? Don't you think it's ugly?"

She had been wanting to ask for a while, why always wear the school uniform jacket? As far as Fu Xueli could remember, even when it was hot, Xu You would only roll up her sleeves, never taking it off.

"Doesn't the school rule require us to wear it?" Xu You asked in return, genuinely puzzled.

Xu Xiaocheng, who was standing nearby, chuckled, "What school rule? I've never heard of it in all my years here."

Xu You: ........

Soon, the flag-raising ceremony came to an end.

The grade discipline committee member gave a speech, briefly summarizing the sanitation situation and the tardiness of each class last week. Then, the routine school announcement came through the loudspeaker:

Xie Ci, Song Yifan, and Li Qing from Class 9, Grade 2, along with Fu Yishun from Class 1, Grade 2, gathered other students on campus to fight on XX/XX. This incident had a very bad influence and seriously violated school rules and regulations. The school has decided to give the four of them a public demerit and put them on probation.

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