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Her Little Dimples




We hope other students will learn from this and study hard, abiding by all school rules and regulations.

Before the criticism was finished, there were murmurs from below.

The students expressed that they had heard this type of announcement countless times, and Class 9 had almost become a feature of the flag-raising ceremony at Lin City First High School.

The students in their class were probably the sum of all the students who had ever been put on probation in the entire school.


After half an hour under the sun, the flag-raising ceremony finally ended.

The classes dispersed, and Xu You and Fu Xueli blended into the crowd, heading towards the teaching building.

After walking for a while, Fu Xueli linked arms with Xu You and asked her seriously, in a low voice, "Have you ever forcefully kissed someone?... Or been forcefully kissed?"

Xu You was stunned for a moment, and after slowly reacting, she was clearly unable to handle this kind of question. She waved her hand, "This... is too strange. We're still high school students."

“Pfft.” Fu Xueli kicked a pebble by her foot with force, her mood seeming suddenly irritated.

Muttering to herself, she still managed to blurt out something shocking, “High schoolers can even have babies now, damn it.”

Xu You remained silent.

Before she could say anything, a boy and a girl walked past them.

The two seemed to be chatting happily, and the girl almost brushed against Xu You’s shoulder as they passed.

She looked up and met the gaze of the boy who had just turned his head.

But he didn’t look at Xu You; his eyes slid indifferently over the person beside her.

Fu Xueli, still oblivious, kept her head down, kicking the pebble and cursing, “Damn it, damn it, damn Xu Xingchun...”

Xu You quickly tugged on her sleeve, nervously whispering, “Xueli, keep your voice down...”

The main subject of her deskmate’s outburst was only a few meters away from them...

As they spoke, Xu Xingchun glanced in their direction again, subtly.

When the two people ahead walked away, Xu You anxiously explained to Fu Xueli, "The class monitor probably heard you cursing him just now."

Fu Xueli shot her a look, "So what if he heard? It's not the first time I've cursed him."

They returned to the classroom from the playground, just as the fourth period was about to start.

Xu You sat in her seat organizing her books, the vertical air conditioner behind her blowing cold air directly at her. Goosebumps rose on her skin from the chill.

A continuous stream of cold air blew.

Her fingertips were icy, and just as she took out her pen to write, she felt a warm flow surge down her lower abdomen.

Oh no.

With the recent school transfer, this month had been so hectic that she even forgot about her period.

Xu You felt annoyed. She rummaged through her backpack for a sanitary pad, stuffed it into her jacket pocket, and checked the time.

"Xueli, how long until class starts?" Xu You asked Fu Xueli.

Fu Xueli, seeing the strange anxiety on her face, asked, confused, "There are five minutes left, what's wrong?"

Xu You nodded, bit her lip, and got up to run to the bathroom.

When she came out after taking care of things, there were not many people left in the corridor, and the hallway was quiet.

Xu You was afraid of being late and couldn't help but quicken her pace, jogging towards the classroom.

Class 9's classroom was in the middle section of the third floor, with a staircase near the back door.

As she approached the stairs at the corner near the classroom, her steps suddenly stopped.

She froze on the spot.

Not far away, someone was kissing.

Or rather...

Someone was being forcibly kissed...

The girl stood on the steps, had her arms around the boy’s neck, stood on her toes, and her chest pressed against his.

The boy didn’t do anything at all. He just half-leaned on the wall lazily and let the girl kiss him however she wanted.

From her angle, she could see the boy’s face with just a glance.

It was Xie Ci.

Xu You was taken aback when she realized what was happening.

Oh my, they're doing this in public... what if a teacher walks by?

She froze, unsure of what to do.

It would be so awkward to walk over there now... but if she doesn't, she'll be late for class.

As she hesitated, her eyes darted around shyly, her face flushed with embarrassment.

Then, a deep, intense gaze locked onto her.

Xie Ci noticed her. His dark eyes held an unreadable expression, and his eyebrows raised slightly.

Xu You's cheeks flushed, and she lowered her head in embarrassment, wanting to pretend she hadn't seen him and quickly pass by.

As she hurried her pace, she heard a playful male voice beside her, "Xu, had enough of the show?"

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