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Her Little Dimples




The last English class ended, and the bell rang. The classroom's gloom was swept away as students happily packed up their things to go to lunch.

The PE representative slammed a book on the podium and shouted, "Monthly exams are tomorrow, so no PE class today!! Come directly to the classroom this afternoon, don't go to the field!!"

A wave of groans arose.

As soon as they stepped out of the classroom, the cold air vanished, and a wave of heat rushed towards them, the temperature soaring.

Xu You felt a little dizzy from the heat. She hugged her books and homework in her arms and turned a corner to go downstairs.

The crowd was packed, and there was a noisy chatter.

Two girls in front of her were chatting arm in arm, their voices not too loud or too soft, just enough for Xu You to hear.

"Hey, did you hear? Chen Jingyi went to fight a girl from the senior humanities class just now. A lot of people were watching."

"Senior humanities class? Who?"

"I think it was He Danlu. I heard Chen Jingyi got a book thrown in her face right at the classroom door."

"So fierce? What happened, what happened?" The tone was extremely gossipy and curious.

"I heard it from my friend too. It seems like He Danlu and her friend bumped into Chen Jingyi in the bathroom. I don't know what kind of grudge they have, but someone called Chen Jingyi a vixen, saying she smelled fishy. The girl who said it got slapped right there by Chen Jingyi."

"Ah?" The other person said in disbelief, "A sophomore hitting a senior?!"

Then she asked in puzzlement, "Why would she randomly insult someone?"

One girl whispered the gossip, "It seems like it's because of Chen Jingyi's ex-boyfriend. He Danlu was trying to chase him, but failed."

"Ex-boyfriend? Who is it? Do I know him... Oh my god, this is so dramatic."

"Xie Ci, do you know him?"


One of them paused for a few seconds before saying, "Who doesn't know him in our school?"

Then, as if remembering something, she asked, "Didn't he just break up with Qiu Qingqing? And he was with Chen Jingyi before that?"

"Oh, they're just playing around. They're never short of pretty girls." The girl gossiping sounded nonchalant, "Actually, the guys in Class 9 are all pretty awful, but they have rich families..."

They turned another corner, and the voices in front gradually faded away.

Xu You walked down the stairs step by step. She wasn't interested in other people's gossip.

She had only been at this school for a few days and didn't know many people in Class 9. Most were unfamiliar to her. But no matter where she went, she could hear those familiar names.

It was a bit haunting.

Lost in thought, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Xu You turned her head and saw her roommate standing beside her.

"Youyou, are you going to the cafeteria now?!"

"Yes," Xu You nodded.

Chen Xiao pulled her arm and shook it, “Can you please come with me to buy food outside the school? I don’t want to wait in line alone.”


Xu You wasn't good at refusing people. After a moment of hesitation, she said, "I'm still carrying books. Is it far?"

"Not far att all, it's right by the school gate." With that, she pulled Xu You along without any hesitation.

It was lunchtime, the busiest time for the area around the school gate. Groups of students gathered in front of several small shops, and many tall boys were leaning or squatting by the trees, smoking and chatting while waiting for someone.

They were queuing at a fried noodle shop, which had been around for a while and had a good reputation. There were already many people in front of them, the queue stretching outside the shop, and most of the customers were students.

Chen Xiao enthusiastically pulled Xu You to stand at the end of the line, tiptoed to look ahead, and said, "Oh, there are so many people. It's probably going to be a while. Achai, you're not hungry, are you?"

She turned to ask Xu You.

"Achai" was Xu You's nickname.

Chen Lizhi had come to the school dormitory to see her last weekend and called her that a few times, which Chen Xiao happened to overhear. She thought it sounded nice, so she occasionally called her that too.

Standing on the road, under the blazing sun, Xu You was wearing long sleeves and a jacket, and her face was already sweaty. She shook her head, "No, I'm not hungry."

Tortured by menstrual cramps, her small face was pale and delicate, her lips devoid of color.

After waiting in line for a long time, there were still a few people cutting in front. The line didn't seem to move much, and they were still in the same spot.

Xu You supported her waist with one hand and patted Chen Xiao, who was playing on her phone. "I'm going to squat for a bit, you keep waiting in line."

The dull ache in her lower abdomen made her want to curl up, maybe it would feel better.

Chen Xiao was startled by her weak appearance. She quickly put away her phone and helped her up, asking, "What's wrong?"

Xu You frowned, paused, and slowly said, "Period cramps, it's okay."

"Why don't you go back first, don't wait in line with me."

"It's okay, I'll go rest for a bit, call me when you're done."

She squatted under a tree not far away where there were few people. Behind her was a cafe, with the crisp sound of piano music gently flowing out.

Xu You fumbled an apple-flavored lollipop out of her coat pocket and put it in her mouth to bite.

Her stomach was cramping, even spasming. It made it hard to breathe.


Inside the cafe.

Tu Youyou's fingers were tightly intertwined with Li Jieyi's. She hugged his arm, snuggling close, and whispered coquettishly, "Where should we go this afternoon?"

Someone nearby was smoking and replied, "Go play in bed."

"You're so annoying." Tu Youyou scolded playfully, still in a sweet voice.


The person didn't look up, but chuckled softly and coughed.

Li Jieyi raised his hand, put it on his girlfriend's shoulder, and turned to talk to the person, "Ah Ci, how about it, want to play cards this afternoon?"

"Not going." His voice was lazy as he draped his arm over the chair and smirked.

"Why not? What's so fun about staying at school?"

Xie Ci retorted, "What's so fun about going?"

"You can do whatever you want to have fun." Li Jieyi gave him a suggestive grin.

Song Yifan came over with drinks and just happened to hear this. He sat down in the booth and answered for Xie Ci, "He's currently only interested in playing with a girl from our class."

"Really? Another new target. Who is this girl with such charm to attract Ci's attention? Have I met her? Is she pretty?" Li Jieyi fired a series of questions, his face full of curiosity.

Song Yifan said solemnly, "No, no, no, they were purely discussing studies. The girl was teaching Ah Ci English..."

As he spoke, his true nature was revealed, and he said with a smirk, "As for how they'll play later, I don't know."

His words were suggestive, and the person involved neither admitted nor denied it, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Wang Xiaoqian, who was sitting beside them, chuckled and said to Li Jieyi, "You're still thinking about going out today? We have a monthly exam tomorrow, and didn't you say your dad froze your card last time? You said you'd talk about it after you did well on the exam."

Li Jieyi said impatiently, "How well can I possibly do? Why bring this up? You're ruining the mood."

The others laughed.

No. 1 High School in the neighboring city was quite wealthy and had invested in good facilities, including exam signal jammers. When they were first used, the school boasted that they were comparable to those used in the college entrance exam. The students didn't believe it, but after taking an exam with them, they were completely convinced. The damn things really worked.

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