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Her Little Dimples




Phones were completely unusable.

"Hey, you..." Wang Xiaoqian rolled his eyes.

Song Yifan flipped through the menu on the table and said mysteriously, "It's okay, buddy, we have a god in our exam room this time."

"What god?" Li Jieyi's eyes lit up, urging, "Oh my god, hurry up and tell me, don't keep your buddy in suspense."

Song Yifan took a sip of his drink, picked up his phone to slowly reply to a message, and said, "I've inquired about it, the transfer students and repeat students are all in the same exam room as us this time."

“And then?”

“You idiot, I told you about the new student who just transferred to our class. She’s got great grades, and she's really nice. Plus, she’s closest to me. I’ve already talked to her, so you can just copy her answers when the time comes.”

Upon hearing this, Xie Ci raised an eyebrow slightly, the cigarette in his hand pausing mid-air. “Closest to you?”

With one hand, he playfully swung and aimed for Song Yifan's head.

But Song Yifan quickly blocked it, laughing and dodging. As he did, his eyes casually glanced outside, and then he froze.

After a few seconds, he said,

“Uh… hey, buddy.” Standing up and squinting as he looked out, he nudged Xie Ci. “Isn't that someone we know out there?”


Xu You's soft hair fell loosely, almost covering half her face. She squatted there, arms full of books.

The scorching sun brought a gust of wind, and the cicadas in the thick shade of the trees wouldn't stop chirping.

She lowered her head, raised her index finger, and rubbed her temples.

When she opened her eyes again, a pair of black sneakers appeared in front of her.

Xu You's eyes moved upward.

Xie Ci, wearing a black jacket and T-shirt, bent over slightly and tilted his head to look at her, a mischievous grin on his face. "Xu, are you waiting for me?"

Her upturned face looked listless, her chin pointed and her cheeks pale.

Xu You didn't want to deal with him and pushed off her knees to stand up.

But she had been squatting for too long and her calves were numb, so she lost her balance for a moment as she stood up.

Xie Ci reacted quickly and caught her.

He grabbed half of her arm, the long sleeve of her school uniform jacket covering half her palm, revealing her frosty white, slender fingers.

"Are you steady now?" he asked in a low voice, his eyes fixed on the soft black swirl of hair on top of her head.

His lean chest was pressed close to hers.

Xu You nodded, trying to push him away. She was already impatient and absentmindedly thanked him in a low voice, "Thank you, you can let go of my hand now."

Xie Ci gave a noncommittal "oh" but didn't let go. Instead, he asked casually, "You did that on purpose, didn't you? Falling into my arms twice in one day?"

"Nong lao cuo qi o! (You're so annoying!)" Xu You was uncomfortable, and now her temper flared up too. She couldn't help but curse him loudly in her native dialect.

Then she shoved him hard.

He stumbled backward a few steps.

Hearing her babble a string of gibberish, Xie Ci tilted his head and laughed, his thin lips curling up as he asked her, "Nong what?"

Xu You turned and walked away without looking back.


When she went to find Chen Xiao, Chen Xiao was already in line and the owner was making her noodles.

Xu You waited for her beside the line, holding her books.

The smell of cooking oil was heavy here, and the aroma of food steamed and wafted through the air.

Chen Xiao took the plastic bag packed by the owner, paid, and said to Xu You, "Let's go, I'm ready."

Xu You nodded and followed her towards the side gate of the school.

They hadn't gone far when Xu You heard a rush of footsteps behind them, accompanied by a shout:

“Hey, hey, hey, you girls in front, wait a minute!”

Xu You and Chen Xiaoxiao turned around and saw someone running towards them. In no time, she reached them.

It was a young woman, dressed in work attire with a green apron around her waist, bearing the logo of the Wu Yin Milk Tea Shop.

Breathing heavily, she stopped and held out a drink to Xu You. "Miss, someone just bought you a jujube milk tea and asked us to give it to you."


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