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Starting with a Group of Primitive People English translation

It Starts With a Group of Primitives


Volume 1: The Stone Age
Chapter 1: Help! Man-eater!


The warm sunlight shone on the golden beach.

Gentle waves washed over, leaving a row of white foam.

"Hmm, why am I sleeping on the beach?"

Chen Li opened his eyes and found himself lying on the damp sand, confused for a moment.

At this time, a strange sound came from nearby.

The sound was like a monkey, like a baboon, huffing and puffing.

Chen Li turned his head and saw a group of "savages" with bare chests and backs, wearing leaves around their waists, running towards him.

"Woogie woogie, wa dada!"

The one in front was a thin, dark savage, pointing at Chen Li and jabbering, as if showing off his discovery to the others.

The three savages who followed were all strong and held bone clubs, wooden sticks, and stones as "weapons".

The savage with the bone club seemed to be the leader. After seeing Chen Li, he nodded with satisfaction and said, "Wali wali, kabata!"

Then he waved his hand, and the four savages surrounded Chen Li from all directions.

"Hey hey hey, what are you doing?"

Chen Li was still in a daze.

Opening his eyes to find himself on a beach with several living savages in front of him, anyone would be unsettled.

These weren't actors dressed up like savages from TV shows, but real ones! With long body hair! With two canine teeth visible when they opened their mouths! Real savages who looked very fierce!

"Wali wali, kaba kaba!"

The savages couldn't understand Chen Li's words, they just shouted a phrase, and then the three savage strongmen swung their weapons and smashed them towards Chen Li.

"Holy crap, help! Murder!"

Chen Li screamed and rolled over to dodge the attack.

At the same time, a voice appeared in his mind!

"Ding~ Triggered main quest: [Survival]."

Mission objective: Survive for 12 hours under the hunt of primitive people.

Mission reward: Attribute point x1; Survival gift pack x1.

What's going on?



Attribute point?

Gift pack?

What are all these things?

Chen Li was completely confused.

But there was no time for him to think, as the three savage strongmen clearly saw him as prey.

Chen Li didn't want to be captured by savages and turned into barbecue!

He immediately gathered all his strength, and when the three savage strongmen attacked him again, he charged fiercely, knocking down the thin savage who led the way, and broke out of the encirclement!

"Wookaya! Wookaya!"

Seeing Chen Li escape, the savage strongman with the bone club immediately roared, and the three strongmen pounced together.

"You're outnumbered and shameless, I'm not playing with you guys anymore!"

Chen Li yelled and ran away.

Although his physique couldn't compare to the savages, he was once the school's sprint champion.

Driven by the will to survive, he was a tiny bit faster than the savages and wasn't caught.

But the savages didn't give up on him, they followed closely behind, occasionally shouting things Chen Li couldn't understand.

"Wookaya, wooli was!"

"Wooli wooloo!"

"Wooloo loo loo loo~"

Chen Li: "..."

Although he couldn't understand what they were saying, it wasn't hard to guess that it meant something like "Catch him, don't let him run away!", "Don't run, or we'll kill you!", "Kill you you you you~" and so on.

"What do I do, what do I do? I can't seem to shake them off!"

Chen Li was getting anxious.

Although he was slightly faster than the savages, it was only by a small margin. The distance between them remained at about three to five meters, and he couldn't shake off the pursuit.

Moreover, his stamina was obviously inferior to the savages, and if he ran for another minute or two, his speed would definitely slow down.

In order to survive, he could only beg for mercy loudly, regardless of whether the savages could understand him or not, and shouted:

"Big brothers, savage big brothers, please let me go~"

"I haven't liked taking baths since I was a kid, I'm smelly all over, I'm definitely not to your taste~"

"Please stop chasing me, I carry a lot of viruses, you'll definitely die if you eat me~"

Despite this, the savages remained unmoved and even shouted louder.

Chen Li burst into tears.

"Wuwuwu, please stop chasing me, I'm a sprint champion, not a marathon runner!"

The thought of being caught by the savages, stripped naked, and tied to a rack to be roasted filled him with despair.

But then!

Perhaps the savages understood Chen Li's "wuwuwu," because the three savage strongmen actually slowed down a little!

"What's going on?" Chen Li was stunned and quickly glanced back.

The savage strongmen were still chasing, but their speed had indeed slowed down a little, and he was gradually increasing the distance between them.

3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters...

"Hey, crying actually has this effect?" Chen Li was overjoyed.

He quickly cried out again, "Wuwuwu, wa wa wa, ying ying ying, I'm so pitiful, please spare me, big brothers~"

Then, he heard three whooshing sounds.

He turned his head and saw that the three savage strongmen had been left seven or eight meters behind him. At this moment, all three savages were making the same motion, as if throwing something.

Wait! Throwing!

Chen Li's heart skipped a beat.

Before he could even think the word "bad," he felt a sudden pain in the back of his head!




A bone club, a stone, and a wooden stick hit the back of his head, his back, and his gluteal muscles respectively.

His head hit by a heavy object, Chen Li didn't even have time to react before he felt dizzy, his vision went black, and he fainted.


Chen Li had a dream.

He dreamed that he had traveled to the primitive era and lived with a group of savages.

The savages were simple, living in crude caves, wearing simple leaf clothing, and their food was processed in the most rudimentary way.

The strong savages returned from hunting, laden with prey. The female savages and young savages danced happily, singing primitive songs by the fire.

The prey they brought back was tied to wooden poles and roasted over the fire.

Mmm, smells good, suddenly feeling hungry...

Chen Li thought.

The enticing aroma of roasted meat tickled his taste buds, and his mouth almost watered.

This dream is so real.


Wait a minute!


Roasted meat?

Oh shit!

Chen Li's heart skipped a beat, and he woke up with a start.

"Oh hululu lala~"

Beside him were the cheerful songs of the savages.

It was already dark.

Before his eyes was a burning bonfire.

In the flickering flames, the shadows of the savages were stretched long and thin, looking particularly terrifying.

Chen Li found that his hands and feet were tied with vines and he was thrown among a pile of dead animals, presumably the prey that the savages had brought back.

His heart was filled with bitterness.

Although he was not killed on the spot by the savages, and fortunately not roasted alive, according to the current situation, he was still unlikely to escape death.

What to do, what to do?

What on earth should I do...

Chen Li cried.

He felt so wronged.

“What did I do to deserve this? I was just enjoying a few days of luxury on a rich woman’s dime. How did I wake up in this nightmare?”

If he had known that freeloading off a wealthy lady would lead to such a mess, he would've definitely chosen to stay a hardworking, straightforward employee!

But now it was too late to say anything, and he most likely wouldn't see the sun tomorrow morning.

Just then!

A notification sound rang in his ears!

Ding~ You have survived for 12 hours under the hunting of primitive people. Congratulations on completing the main quest - Survival.

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