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It Starts With a Group of Primitives


Volume 1 Stone Age
Chapter 2 A Narrow Escape, Must Show Off



Is it 12 hours already?

Chen Li's face was filled with question marks.

No! The point is not the time!

The point is!

"That's right! I still have a system!"

Chen Li was stunned for a moment, then was overjoyed.

He almost forgot about it.

There's still hope, I can still survive!

"What's the quest reward?" he asked in his mind.

As if in response to him, the answer immediately sounded in his mind: "You have received a survival gift pack and 1 new attribute point. Please choose the allocation direction of the attribute point."

Then a translucent panel that only he could see popped up in front of him.

Host: Chen Li;

Physique: 1+;

Strength: 1+;

Agility: 1+;

Prestige: 0;

Technology: 0;

Territory: None.

The panel information was very limited, with only six items in total.

The first three were basic attributes, and the 1 attribute point from the quest reward could be freely allocated to one of them to improve his ability in that aspect.

The last three items were non-allocatable states, and Chen Li didn't know what they were used for.

"This looks a bit like a game system, could it be that I have transmigrated into a game world?" Chen Li wondered.

But no one could answer him.

This "system" didn't seem to have any intelligence, it was only responsible for issuing him tasks and providing rewards, but had no ability to communicate.

This made Chen Li a little troubled.

Without even knowing the positioning of the system, how could he conquer this "game"?

Who knows whether this is an "upgrade" game, a "fighting" game, a "strategy" game, or some other type.

"Right, there's also a survival gift pack in the quest reward! Let's see what's inside first, and then decide what attribute to add!" Chen Li suddenly thought.

As this thought crossed his mind, a picture of a "warehouse" appeared in his mind.

The "warehouse" was a storage space with 36 slots, and at this moment it was empty except for a small gift pack lying quietly inside.

[Survival Gift Pack]

Contains: "Beginner Language Proficiency" ×1; "Basic Survival Manual" ×1; Universal Map ×1; Mountain Axe ×1.

There were four items, not too many, not too few.

Chen Li opened the gift pack without hesitation, and then heard a series of prompts.

Congratulations on learning "Beginner Language Proficiency!" 

Congratulations on learning "Basic Survival Manual!"

Universal Map activated. It will record every place you have been to, and you can freely mark place names.

"Extract Mountain Axe?"

"Kindly reminder: all items cannot be returned to the storage space after being extracted!"

At the same time, a large amount of information poured into Chen Li's mind.

He learned a lot of wilderness survival knowledge, such as what wild fruits are edible, what wild fruits are poisonous, what plants can be used to treat diseases, and so on.

And he also understood the meaning of the "wulu wula" calls of the surrounding primitive people.

For example, the strong man who was doing the "chest-beating dance" was saying: "I am the strongest, I am the bravest, I can defeat the biggest beast!"

And the female savage who was doing the "belly dance" was saying: "Oh my god, oh my earth, you are amazing, I want to have children with you~"

In general, the language of primitive people is very simple, and there are no complex logical vocabulary.

As for the universal map, it was a map that appeared directly in Chen Li's mind.

At this time, there were only two places on the map, one near the beach and the other the savage camp where he was now. They were connected by a narrow path, which was the route taken by the savages who captured him.

Chen Li thought calmly for a while and finally understood his situation.

He should now be in a very primitive world, where civilization had not yet been born, and everything was in the budding stage.

The purpose of this "game" should be to let him survive in this world and build a civilization.

That is, the meaning of the three attributes "prestige", "technology", and "territory".


The corners of Chen Li's mouth twitched, and his confidence began to swell.

A survival strategy game with a high degree of freedom!

He was good at this!

"Attribute point allocation: Add to strength!"

"Take out the mountain axe!"

Chen Li said in his mind.

Ding~ Attribute point allocation successful, Strength +1.

Ding~ Mountain Axe extracted.

Two notification sounds flashed.

A large iron axe appeared in Chen Li's hand.

At the same time, a powerful force poured into his body, and his originally not very obvious muscles suddenly became strong and powerful, as if he could tear a leopard apart!

His initial Strength attribute was 1, and now it became 2, which was equivalent to doubling!

The vines that the savages used to tie him were not particularly thick. As his strength increased, he pulled hard and directly twisted the vines off, regaining his freedom.

"One attribute point is so powerful."

Chen Li moved his hands and feet, making a cracking sound.

The primitive people gathered around the fire enjoying their food immediately noticed his movement, stopped what they were doing, and quickly surrounded him.

For primitive people, food was very important. It was definitely not allowed for captured prey to escape.

"Catch him quickly, don't let him run away!"

"Kill him directly, eat him now!"

The primitive people said in their primitive language.

Chen Li picked up the mountain axe given by the system and carried it on his shoulder.

Unhurriedly and calmly, he said a sentence...

"Abba abba, dulujika momida!"

Meaning: "You stupid guys, how dare you disrespect the gods!"

The primitive people looked at each other after hearing this.

On the one hand, they were shocked that Chen Li could understand the unique language of their small group.

On the other hand, they didn't understand the meaning of the word "god."

As strong as Chen Li was, he created a new word in his first attempt at speaking the primitive language.

"What are you saying? We don't understand!" A savage strongman said.

Chen Li looked over.

This guy who spoke was the one who hit him on the back of the head with a bone club during the day. He seemed to have a lot of prestige among the primitive people and was a leader.

So he replied: "I am the god sent by heaven to guide you. You offended me today, and I will punish you."

The logic of this sentence was more complex, and there were provocative words like "offend" and "punish."

The leader of the primitive people was immediately enraged and shouted, "Hawa!"

He grabbed his bone club and charged over.

Ding~ Main quest triggered: [Establish a Foothold].

Quest objective: Intimidate the primitive people, subdue them, and become their leader.

Quest reward: Attribute point ×1, Hemostatic Ointment ×3.

Failure penalty: Lose the mountain axe.

Holy crap!

Chen Li was startled.

This quest was triggered neither sooner nor later, but just when he was about to show off.

Fortunately, he had a strong mentality and didn't panic.

The content of this [Establish a Foothold] quest was basically the same as what he wanted to do now. Whether for himself or to keep the axe, he had to do his best to achieve it!

The savage strongman charged!

The fighting power of primitive people should not be underestimated.

Although Chen Li was putting on a show, he still knew his limits.

Even with his strength doubled, it would be difficult for him to defeat the stronger ones among the primitive people in a one-on-one fight.

His biggest advantage was the weapon in his hand, which was four eras ahead of the primitive people - the iron axe!

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