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It Starts With a Group of Primitives


Volume 1 Stone Age
Chapter 3 Everyone Attack Together!



The savage leader swung his bone club down.

Chen Li blocked it with the axe handle, and the heavy force made his arm numb.

"This savage is so strong!" He thought to himself, feeling that his enhanced strength was still slightly inferior to the savage leader's.

However, he wasn't surprised. He turned passive into active, raised his axe, and fiercely chopped towards the savage leader!

"Take this!"

"Hua!" The savage leader yelled, full of fighting spirit.

The result...


With a single sound, the bone club broke as soon as it made contact with the axe blade, split in two by the iron axe.

"Ah, this..."

"How could..."

The fight came to an abrupt end.

The surrounding primitive people were stunned.

Their leader was a strongman who could even defeat a fierce beast like the "Stone-Tusked Boar." With his bone club, he had hunted countless prey.

But this time, he suffered a major defeat, and even his hunting weapon was destroyed by Chen Li!

"How's that? Is this god's fighting power okay?" Chen Li chuckled, smug.

This feeling of technological crushing, how can one describe it with the word "awesome"!

The savage leader didn't continue to attack. He looked at the half of the bone club in his hand and was stunned.

Then his eyes suddenly turned red!

"You destroyed my weapon!"

"Waaah! I'm so angry, everyone attack together, kill him!"

The savage leader waved his hand, and 7 male savages and 4 female savages all jumped out.

"Grab his weapon!"

"Kill this prey!"

"I want to eat his legs~"

Everyone shouted and rushed forward.

This time it was Chen Li's turn to be stunned.

"Damn, didn't we agree to a one-on-one fight?"

"Are you all really bullying a 24-year-old guy like me? Doesn't your conscience hurt?"

Despite his complaints, he didn't forget to dodge and weave.

These primitive people didn't understand the concept of holding back. They swung their clubs and stones with lethal intent, aiming to kill.

Chen Li swung his iron axe to fend off two primitives in front of him, then barreled forward, breaking through their encirclement.

In just those two or three seconds, his back and glutes took several hits, making him grimace in pain.

Chen Li was on the verge of tears.

Damn it, forget about intimidation. I'd be grateful if they don't eat me alive.

"Stop! Stop! If you keep hitting me, I swear I'll start chopping!"

"I'll really chop you! The kind that takes a life!"

"Damn it, don't push me! I'm even scared of myself when I get mad!"

He swung his axe wildly while backing up, trying to scare off the primitive men.

But the primitive men seemed to not understand, and showed no intention of letting him go. Instead, a few clever ones circled around to the back, ready to surround him again.

Chen Li was really anxious.

If this continued, his "grand plan" might not even have a chance to start before he became food for the savages, and eventually turned into savage poop all over the ground.

"Get away from me!"

He roared and swung his axe, splitting the wooden stick of the closest primitive man in half.

With a fierce look on his face, he said viciously, "Don't think just because I'm a freeloader that I'm easy to bully. If I really have to fight, I'll take down at least five of you!"

Perhaps intimidated by his fierce appearance, the savages were startled and stopped their advance.

Seeing his ferocious act worked, Chen Li immediately added, "Back off! Go back to your camp! Whoever dares to come forward, I'll split them with my axe!" He swung his axe viciously again, chopping off a nearby arm-thick branch.

The primitive men began to retreat.

They looked in Chen Li's direction, dry-swallowing, their expressions a bit stunned, and slowly moved back.

Chen Li was a little surprised.

It was just a shout, how could it be so effective?

If he had known yelling was so effective, he would have just belted out a rap!


At this moment, a female primitive among those retreating accidentally stepped on a branch and fell to the ground.

She crawled backward on all fours, a terrified expression on her face, looking in Chen Li's direction, her teeth chattering.

"Am I that scary?" Chen Li couldn't help but wonder.

The next moment, a notification sound rang in his mind.

Ding~ Triggered side quest: [Drive away the Saber-toothed Tiger].

Quest objective: Help the primitive men drive away the attacking saber-toothed tiger.

Quest reward: Attribute points x2, Favor of the primitive men.

Quest has started, automatic acceptance, cannot be rejected.

What? Saber-toothed tiger?

Where did a saber-toothed tiger come from?

Chen Li was a bit confused.

At this moment, he noticed the gazes of the savages.

Everyone was looking in his direction, but their gazes seemed to have passed over him and were fixed on something behind him.


Something liquid seemed to have dripped onto the ground.

Damn? Could it be...?

Chen Li's heart skipped a beat, a bad feeling rising within him.

He held his breath, swallowed hard, and slowly turned around.

Then he saw...

A pair of copper bell-sized eyes, and a drooling, bloody mouth!

"Holy shit! There really is a tiger!!!"


Chen Li's terrified shout and the saber-toothed tiger's threatening roar rang out simultaneously.

He felt a deafening roar blast his ears as a gust of wind rushed towards him, blowing his hair straight and making it flutter. His eardrums felt like they were about to burst.

The saber-toothed tiger was as tall as a man, with a head larger than a basin. When it opened its bloody maw to roar, one could clearly see rows of two-inch-long, sharp teeth!

Not to mention the two terrifying, foot-long saber teeth protruding from its mouth!

I'm going to die, I'm going to die!

Chen Li screamed in his heart, his body trembling uncontrollably.

This was a saber-toothed tiger, the ancestor of tigers, the overlord of the primitive era, far more ferocious than the South China tiger or the Siberian tiger!

Damn it, one bite and half my body would be gone. What driving it away!

Feeding it and letting it go home to sleep would be more like it!

The saber-toothed tiger roared, intimidating all the humans present. A cruel glint appeared in its large eyes.

Then it opened its giant maw and lunged towards Chen Li's head.

"Damn it, why does everyone want to eat me!!!" Chen Li screamed in his heart.

Although his body was trembling, driven by the will to survive, he quickly reacted and performed a donkey roll on the spot, dodging the tiger's pounce.

The saber-toothed tiger missed its attack but didn't get angry. Instead, with a playful expression like a cat toying with a mouse, it raised its huge paw and swiped at Chen Li again.


Chen Li dodged the paw with all his might, but the tiger's claws still tore his clothes, leaving three bloody marks on his back as he fell to the ground.

"Damn it! You really think I'm easy to bully!"

You can only poke a bear so many times before it bites

There were a dozen strong men present. How could you, a stinking old tiger, have the nerve to act tough?

"Brothers! Everyone, charge! Let's take down this beast!" he shouted, rallying the teammates assigned by the system, ready for a final showdown with the tiger.

But as he turned around,

"What the hell? Where is everyone?"

There was no one behind him.

Those savages had already run off without a trace!

"Goddamn it! These savages are so unreliable!"

Chen Li lamented in frustration.

At that moment, a wave of murderous intent swept over him!

The saber-toothed tiger, emanating a chilling killing aura, advanced toward him step by step.

Chen Li's legs turned to jelly.

"T-Tiger bro... how about we talk this over..."

He retreated, step by step.

In response, the saber-toothed tiger let out a roar!


With a deafening roar that echoed through the jungle, the saber-toothed tiger leaped at him!

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