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It Starts With a Group of Primitives


Volume 1 Stone Age
Chapter 4 This also works?


"Oh shit!"

Chen Li quickly dodged with a roll.

Driven by the will to survive, he rolled twice and escaped the tiger's mouth.

"It's over, I definitely can't beat this big tiger alone..."

His brain was racing, but he couldn't think of a good solution.

"Or... try using fire?"

Beasts are afraid of fire, and that's the only thing he can use right now!

The saber-toothed tiger pounced again.

Chen Li dodged to the side of the fire, grabbed two torches, and swept them behind him.


The flames roared as they swept in an arc.

The saber-toothed tiger, which had been about to pounce and kill him, instinctively paused its attack at the sight of the fire.

It then glanced at the fire with some apprehension, slightly adjusted its steps, and slowly approached.

Chen Li's palms were sweating with nervousness.

It seemed that the saber-toothed tiger was indeed a bit wary of the flames, but it was only wary, not enough to scare it away.

As the saber-toothed tiger slowly approached, he slowly retreated.

Man and tiger circled around the blazing bonfire.

At this moment, a loud sound suddenly rang out in the quiet night forest!




The sound resembled footsteps.

Accompanied by it was the trembling of the earth!

"Wh... what's going on?" Chen Li stumbled and almost fell, becoming even more nervous.

Fortunately, the saber-toothed tiger didn't take the opportunity to attack him, as it seemed to be startled by the loud noise that resembled footsteps as well.

The earth was trembling.

The footsteps were incredibly heavy, like a giant hammer smashing the ground, causing trees to shake and birds and beasts to panic.

The saber-toothed tiger stopped moving and listened vigilantly.

The sound came closer and closer.

Step by step, the pace was not very fast.

The footsteps were slow but steadily approaching!


The saber-toothed tiger looked back and let out a low growl.

As if it understood who the owner of the footsteps was, it immediately abandoned Chen Li and turned to flee.

Chen Li was stunned.

"It... it just ran away?"

"This... this is possible?"

He had thought he was doomed, but he didn't expect the saber-toothed tiger to be scared off.

This was a saber-toothed tiger! One of the dominant predators of the ancient era!

The owner of the footsteps didn't even show up, just approaching step by step from a distance was enough to scare it away.

This is way too terrifying, isn't it?

What kind of animal could possess such power?

Chen Li couldn't imagine.

But the current situation didn't allow him to think too much. The heavy footsteps were getting closer and closer, and he didn't want to be eaten by a bigger beast right after escaping the tiger's mouth.

Running away was the top priority!

"Right, the side quest!"

Chen Li suddenly remembered that the system had just issued a quest to drive away the saber-toothed tiger.

The reward for the quest was 2 attribute points!

Chen Li immediately shouted in his mind, "Accept, accept it, quickly accept the quest for me!"

The saber-toothed tiger was running very fast and would disappear from sight in a few seconds, and then the quest would definitely disappear automatically.

Fortunately, Chen Li reacted in time.

He heard a "ding" sound, followed by a series of pleasant sounds in his mind.

You have accepted the side quest [Drive Away Saber-toothed Tiger].

Ding~ The saber-toothed tiger has fled, congratulations on completing the quest [Drive Away Saber-toothed Tiger].

You have received 2 new attribute points and the goodwill of the primitive people, please choose the direction for attribute point allocation.

It was like completing a task with a stopwatch.

One second Chen Li had just accepted the quest and started to run for his life, the next second he heard the system's prompt sound automatically completing it.

The side quest was automatically accepted just now, this was a reward given by Pure White!

He didn't actually do much, just held the torch for a while and completed the task.

Happiness came so suddenly that Chen Li even forgot the pain of his back wound for a moment.

This was like getting a reward for free.

The situation was still somewhat critical, Chen Li didn't have time to rejoice and immediately started allocating attribute points.

"Add 1 point to Strength and 1 point to Agility," he responded to the system in his mind.

Soon, two new forces surged into his body.

His Strength became "3" and Agility became "2", his attributes greatly improved.

An unprecedented feeling of power filled his whole body, making him want to roar at the sky.

However, the "thump" and "thump" of the footsteps quickly brought him back to his senses.

No matter how strong an ant is, it's still just an ant. Running away is the priority!

After all, that was a terrifying existence that even saber-toothed tigers avoided.

Ignoring the pain in his back, Chen Li picked up the axe that had fallen to the ground, got up, and chased in the direction the group of primitive people had fled.

He was very fast.

Even though he was in a dense forest, his speed was still like Bolt's 100-meter sprint, and he ran dozens of meters in the blink of an eye.

He was even so fast that he almost couldn't stop and crashed into a hundred-year-old tree!

The heavy "thump" and "thump" footsteps were infrequent and slow, and Chen Li gradually distanced himself from them.

In just 15 minutes, Chen Li met up with the group of primitive people again.

They gathered under a very thick tree, panting heavily, obviously tired from running.

Chen Li was fast and didn't slow down much, arriving soon after, even a bit earlier than them.

When they saw him, they looked like they had seen a ghost.

"You... how did you not get eaten by the saber-toothed tiger?" The primitive leader who had "dueled" with Chen Li earlier asked in surprise.

Chen Li had just escaped death and was in a good mood.

Chen Li retorted, "You bunch of idiots! You actually left me behind and ran off. If it weren't for some big monster passing by and scaring away the saber-toothed tiger, I would have been gnawed to the bone!"

Everyone felt embarrassed upon hearing this.

Originally, their escape was just a normal reaction, a matter of course.

However, under the influence of the system, they had developed "goodwill" towards Chen Li.

Therefore, now they were not only embarrassed but also felt guilty.

A female primitive said, "We are so sorry for abandoning you like that..."

Another male primitive said, "You held off the saber-toothed tiger alone and saved all of us. From now on, you are our great benefactor!"

"Yes, yes, great benefactor! Please accept our gratitude!"

As they spoke, more than a dozen primitive people all ran over, surrounded Chen Li, and knelt down to him.

Kneeling, in the primitive people's understanding, meant "the highest form of gratitude," different from the later meanings of "submission," "faith," or "admitting fault."

Chen Li: ???

What's going on?

What's wrong with these guys???

Did running a few steps fry their brains?

Just a moment ago, they were shouting and wanting to eat him alive.

In just 20 minutes, they've changed completely, treating him like a brother!

No, not a brother, but like a father!

Is this reasonable?

This is not reasonable!

Chen Li was dumbfounded by their worship.

After thinking for a long time, he finally understood the reason.

"It must be the goodwill from completing the side quest that's working. I didn't expect the system's reward to be so amazing," Chen Li marveled to himself.

He originally thought that "goodwill of the primitive people" was just an additional description, at most meaning the primitive people would be slightly nicer to him after the saber-toothed tiger was driven away.

He didn't expect this "goodwill" to directly reach such a level, almost calling him "father."

Chen Li could only say: As expected of the system!

"You can all get up. Cough..."

Chen Li felt a little awkward.

Suppressing the urge to "get back at them," he said to the crowd, "Since you are all so enthusiastic towards me, I can't let down your kindness. Well... actually, I'm not dead, I'm still alive and well. From now on, I will live with you and become a member of your small tribe."

He hadn't forgotten that his main quest was still not complete.

"Re... really?"

Under the effect of the goodwill, everyone showed joyful expressions after hearing this.

Especially the primitive leader, who was overjoyed, "Great! With such a brave person like you, we won't have to be afraid of large beasts anymore!"

Chen Li couldn't help but curse in his mind, "Large my ass! How many times do you want me to risk my life?!"

On the surface, he smiled and nodded, "Yes, beasts are just trivial matters. With me as your leader in the future, even if the saber-toothed tiger comes again, I can beat it to the ground."

He casually boasted to make everyone feel excited.

The purpose was to cover up the abruptness of the word "leader."

As expected, the simple-minded primitive people believed his boasting, combined with his escape from the saber-toothed tiger, they immediately took it as truth.

"You are truly powerful!"

"Not only are you willing to live with us, but you are also willing to be our leader!"

"Oh my god, this is so touching, I'm going to cry~"

"Chief, please forgive our previous rudeness and accept our gratitude once again~"

The "goodwill" bestowed upon them by the system made them deeply moved, and they once again performed a kneeling ceremony to Chen Li.

Chen Li resisted the urge to complain and accepted their gratitude with a smile.


He said calmly, with a hint of an emperor saying "All rise, my subjects."

Then he said, "From now on, I am your leader. Please introduce yourselves, I need to get to know you first."

At the same time, a pleasant system prompt appeared in his mind.

Ding~ You have successfully integrated into the Nameless Tribe, completing the main quest - Establish a Foothold.

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