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It Starts With a Group of Primitives


Volume 1 Stone Age
Chapter 5 Names of the Primitive People


You have received 3 Hemostatic Ointments and 1 new attribute point. Please choose the direction for attribute point allocation.

"Add to Stamina," Chen Li decided decisively.

He now had 3 Strength points, surpassing ordinary primitive people, and with the advantage of the axe, he was considered quite strong among humans.

Although his Agility was only 2 points, it was enough for moving in the dense forest, and there was no need to increase it further for now.

Therefore, increasing Stamina by 1 point to enhance his overall quality was the most meaningful choice.

Ding~ Attribute point allocation successful, Stamina +1.

As the notification sound faded, Chen Li felt a peculiar energy flowing into his body, and his physique immediately felt much stronger.

From 1 to 2, another significant improvement!

"Let's see what this Hemostatic Ointment is."

Opening the "Storage," a mass of greenish ointment appeared before him, with the number 3 marked in the lower right corner.

Hemostatic Ointment: A good medicine made by mixing various herbs, it can stop bleeding and promote muscle growth, with a shelf life of 1 day.

"Damn, it even has a shelf life? And it's only one day?" Chen Li was speechless.

In other words, once the Hemostatic Ointment is taken out, it will be wasted if not used within a day.

Fortunately, the 3 portions of Hemostatic Ointment can be taken out separately, so he only needs to take out 1 portion when needed, without having to waste them all.

Right now, Chen Li had a fresh wound on his back from the saber-toothed tiger's claws, a perfect opportunity to test the effect of his treatment.

He took a hemostatic ointment from his storage and was just about to apply it.

But then he noticed a group of primitive people had gathered around him, staring curiously.

Several small children even climbed onto him, poking his handsome face and feeling his clothes. They were fascinated by his hairless face and unusual "fur."

Chen Li's face darkened.

In an exasperated tone, he said, "What are you doing? Never seen a modern man before? I know I'm good-looking, but you don't have to get so close to touch me!"

He was just checking the system rewards and spaced out for a bit, and now these people were all over him!

These primitives, really...

Well, they're just kids who've never seen the world. I'll let it slide this time.

"Everyone, introduce yourselves so I can get to know you." Chen Li said to the group.

Everyone was startled and took a few steps back.

The children timidly hid behind the adults.

The leader of the primitive people responded, "Oh, okay, boss." Then he started the introductions.

This "Nameless Tribe" had a total of 15 primitive people. One of them was older, everyone called him "Old Tooth", and he no longer had the ability to fight (he was actually only in his 30s, but primitive people aged quickly).

There were also 6 young and strong men, named after their weapons: "Stone Bone", "Club", "Yellow Stone", "Green Vine", "Black Boar Tusk", and "Wolf Bone Hammer".

...All very straightforward names.

There were also 4 female primitive people in the tribe. Their names were also based on their individual characteristics: "Skinny", "Big", "Fertile", and "Fierce".

Their specific characteristics were all in their names, so no further description was needed.

Excluding these 11 adults, there were also 3 young children, all around six or seven years old.

Among the three children, two were born to "Fertile".

There was also a special person, the thin primitive man who had led Stone Bone and the others during the day and discovered Chen Li.

This person's name was "Hunter", and he didn't have much fighting ability, mainly responsible for finding prey.

While everyone was introducing themselves, Chen Li wasn't idle either.

He picked up the hemostatic ointment and applied it to his wound.

The hemostatic ointment was a greenish paste, one portion about the size of a ping pong ball, enough to cover a large area.

This ointment was amazing. As soon as it was applied, Chen Li felt a coolness on his back, and the skin torn by the tiger's claws began to heal rapidly, causing an itchy sensation.

After applying the ointment to himself, there was still some left, so he shared it with the primitive people who had been scratched by branches while running earlier.

The others' injuries were even lighter, healing in almost a few breaths.

This miraculous effect filled everyone with even more awe and curiosity towards Chen Li.

After getting to know everyone, Chen Li also introduced himself in detail.

"My name is Chen Li, you can call me Chief, Boss, or Brother Chen in the future."

"I am a civilized person, and I came here to pass on civilized knowledge to you."

"I will teach you many, many practical things in the future. If you all learn them, you can get rid of your primitive identity."

"You may not understand what I'm saying... What I mean is, as long as you follow me, I guarantee that you will be able to eat and drink your fill every day and not have to worry about food."

Chen Li had thought it through clearly. Since he had come to this world, he definitely had to achieve something great.

Although he preferred the modern urban lifestyle over the primitive era,

Reality didn’t allow him to make such a choice.

In the primitive society, there were almost no forms of entertainment. Forget about high-tech gadgets like phones or the internet; even white rice and steamed buns were luxuries.

The days ahead would be tough.

But he was an optimist.

Since he was here, he might as well make the best of it.

With proper management and by leveraging the primitives' ability to learn, he could teach them basic life skills.

He believed that in no time, he could establish a well-organized and civilized tribe!

Moreover, he had the system!

The system could assign him tasks and grant him rewards.

Judging by the "mountain axe" and the "hemostatic ointment," he could expect to receive many more items that far surpassed the technological level of the primitive society.

This was one of his major advantages.

Even if his own scientific knowledge wasn't extensive or particularly advanced, as long as the system provided enough rewards, he could still tackle the challenge of "spreading civilization."

As night deepened, the primitives began to show signs of fatigue and started looking for suitable places to sleep.

Chen Li observed as some lay down on rocks, some on the grass, and others even hung themselves on tree trunks. He pondered.

These primitives didn't even know how to make tools, let alone build shelters.

Without houses or nests, there was no fixed dwelling place, like fish in water, drifting with the current.

This was not a situation that a "civilized society" should have.

It seemed that the most important task was to help everyone build suitable houses first!

Chen Li thought to himself.

As this thought settled, a prompt suddenly appeared in his mind!

Ding~ Detected a change in the host's cognitive state, triggering the main quest in advance - [Settle].

Quest content: Assist the primitive people in building their homes, formally establish a tribe, and expand the population to 50 people.

Quest time limit: 15 days.

Due to the early triggering of the quest, an additional 3-day grace period is added, with a time limit of 18 days.

Quest rewards: Attribute points x3, Large material treasure chest x1, Inheritance slate x1.

Chen Li jolted, almost jumping up from the ground.

Another main quest, and so difficult!

Not only did he have to build suitable housing for the primitive people, but he also had to expand the population to a full 50 people!

He currently only had 15 people under him, and to increase it by more than three times, the only way was to conquer other scattered primitive groups!

Based on the size of this group of primitive people, he would need to subdue at least 2 small groups to reach the required number.

And there were only 18 days!

Chen Li was a little surprised, but more than that, he was full of fighting spirit!

Starting with a group of primitive people, building houses, farming, and conquering other tribes, wasn't this just a simulation game?

Chen Li, a veteran simulation game player.

This kind of game, only with challenges, would have the motivation to continue playing, otherwise, harvesting crops every day would be so boring!

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