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light novels similar to lord of the mysteries

Light Novels Similar to Lord of the Mysteries


Release that Witch by Er Mu



Synopsis of Release that Witch by Er Mu

Chen Yan jumped into a whole different world. He gets tossed into a medieval fantasy land and somehow becomes a prince, but things aren't as peachy as they seem. Witches are casting spells left and right, and kingdoms are constantly at war with churches.

Roland, our main guy, is a hopeless case. Even his own dad thinks he's a lost cause, so he gets stuck ruling over the worst piece of land you can imagine. But Roland's not giving up! He rolls up his sleeves and transforms this backwater town into a thriving, modern city. And that's not all—he's got to fight his siblings for the throne and deal with a whole bunch of nasty invaders from some evil dimension.

Roland makes friends with witches, battles it out on the front lines, and even finds time to do some farming. It is packed with elements of epic adventures, political intrigue, and a touch of magic.

A Brief Review of Release that Witch by Er Mu

This book turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Roland ends up in the body of a prince who's been sent off to rule this rundown border town. The world he's in is steeped in superstition, but there's some truth to it all. Instead of freaking out or dismissing it, the prince tries to understand these superstitions and figure out if he can use them to his advantage. 

Since MC came from the modern era rather world, he is also introducing some cool new tech and ideas to this world, like guns, steam engines, and even military reforms. The story's getting a bit political too, with different factions and ideologies. We're mostly seeing things from the prince's perspective, though, so we don't get a lot of insight into what the other groups are thinking. Most of the interactions are happening from a distance so far.

One thing that stands out is how the main character (and maybe the author too) seems pretty biased against the church and leans towards atheism. The prince makes a lot of assumptions about the local religions, beliefs, and even how the supernatural stuff works, without really having all the facts.

But the biggest thing that stretches my believability is how much the prince accomplishes in just one year. He invents things, implements new policies, and everything seems to go smoothly with minimal hiccups. He even manages to staff the city hall with literate people in no time! And even though he's got all this power, there's hardly any corruption. His town is like a utopia, which just feels unrealistic.

The author tries to portray the prince as a capable guy, but he comes off as a bit too Google-like, similar to those stories where a character brings modern tech to a new world. This guy can write textbooks and manuals without any reference material! He's knowledgeable about everything from engineering to city planning to healthcare to military strategy. Honestly, it's a bit much.

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