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light novels similar to lord of the mysteries

Light Novels Similar to Lord of the Mysteries


Mother of Learning by Domagoj Kurmaić



Synopsis of Mother of Learning by Domagoj Kurmaić

Zorian, a teenage mage from a modest background and with decent magical skills, is about to experience his third year at Cyoria's magical academy. He's driven, a bit grumpy, and mainly focused on securing his future and breaking free from his family, who he feels always favored his brothers over him.  He doesn't have time for distractions or other people's problems. But he's about to have way too much time on his hands.

Just before the summer festival in Cyoria, Zorian gets killed. But instead of staying dead, he wakes up at the beginning of the month, right before he was supposed to catch a train to the city. Now, he's stuck in a time loop with no way out in sight.

Zorian has to figure out what's going on and how to break the loop, and he has to do it fast. The time loop wasn't meant for him, and there are dangers lurking everywhere. He'll have to learn from his mistakes and try different approaches if he wants to survive. After all, even with time travel, a magician isn't immune to those who want to harm him.

A Brief Review of Mother of Learning by Domagoj Kurmaić

So I've been reading a lot of wuxia and xinxia lately, and this novel was a total breath of fresh air. I loved how each character had their own little quirks, and those quirks stayed consistent throughout the whole story. It made them feel so real and relatable.

The time loops, the characters, the dialogue, the different scenarios—it was all so well done. I was hooked from the very beginning.

Honestly, I'm not usually super picky about grammar as long as I can follow the story, but the writing in this novel was top-notch. It was clear, engaging, and just plain enjoyable to read.

One thing that really stood out to me was how the story got more and more complex as the MC got closer to solving the mystery. The readers would think that they are on to something, and then realize just how tangled the whole situation had become because of something the MC did somewhere else. It kept me guessing the whole time.

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