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light novels similar to lord of the mysteries

Light Novels Similar to Lord of the Mysteries


Ze Tian Ji by Mao Ni



Synopsis of Ze Tian Ji by Mao Ni

A magical meteor fell from space and smashed into pieces all over the place. One of those pieces landed in the Eastern Continent, and it had these weird carvings on it called totems. People were super curious about them, so they gathered around and figured out how to use them, which led to creating something called The Tradition.

Fast forward thousands of years, and we meet this fourteen-year-old orphan named Chen Chang Shang. He's determined to cure his illness and change his destiny, so he leaves his master and heads to the capital with a marriage vow in hand. And that's where his journey as a hero begins.

A Brief Review of Ze Tian Ji by Mao Ni

It's not your typical action-packed kind of thing. It's got a much slower pace, but don't let that fool you. If you're into well-developed characters and a world that unfolds gradually, like you'd find in a regular English novel, then you'll probably dig this.

There's a ton of world-building and character interactions, and not nearly as much fighting as you might expect. The coolest part is how different the characters are from what you usually see in these types of novels. There's no cookie-cutter "bad guys" who just want to pick a fight for no reason. Everyone's got their own motivations, like fear, worry, or just plain necessity. It makes them way more realistic and relatable.

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