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light novels similar to lord of the mysteries

Light Novels Similar to Lord of the Mysteries


Chronicles of Primordial Wars by Lazy Cliche



Synopsis of Chronicles of Primordial Wars by Lazy Cliche

Shao Xuan joins a friend on an exciting archaeological expedition to explore a newly discovered cave. While poking around, he picks up an ordinary-looking stone and, out of nowhere, gets teleported to a completely different world. When he comes to, he finds himself in the body of a small orphan child in a society that's still in its stone age. Here, the people use primitive stone tools and live pretty rough lives.

But there’s something incredible about them—they have superhuman abilities. They can jump higher than trees and smash stones with their fists. Despite these amazing powers, surviving in this world is tough because food is really scarce. Alongside his pet wolf, Caesar, Shao Xuan has to figure out how to make it in this harsh, new reality.

A Brief Review of Chronicles of Primordial Wars by Lazy Cliche

It's not your typical cultivation novel, and I mean that in the best way. The main character isn't some overpowered psycho who slaughters anyone in his path. He's a pretty decent guy who's just trying to fit in with the tribe he finds himself in.

The story is refreshing too – no over-the-top exaggerations like those ridiculous stuff you see in other Xianxia novels. It's a unique take on the genre. It focuses on character development and the main character's journey to integrate into a new society.

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