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light novels similar to lord of the mysteries

Light Novels Similar to Lord of the Mysteries


Embers Ad Infinitum by Cuttlefish that Loves Diving



Synopsis of Embers Ad Infinitum by Cuttlefish that Loves Diving

Shang Jianyao is officially labeled as crazy. He lives in a massive underground bunker run by one of the last surviving factions in this wasteland called the Ashlands. He does some seriously bizarre stuff that'll leave you scratching your head, laughing out loud, and wondering how he came up with those ideas. Is he really crazy? Probably, but he's also got this ambition, which is to save all of humanity.

Everyone in the Ashlands believes there's a secret path to a new world hidden somewhere in the ruins. They just need to find a special key to unlock it. This new world is paradise: endless food, sunshine, and none of the horrors they face in the Ashlands.

Everyone's looking for this new world, and Shang Jianyao is no exception. 

A Brief Review of Embers Ad Infinitum by Cuttlefish that Loves Diving

I genuinely like pretty much everything about it: the main character, the side characters, the magic system, the world-building, the attention to detail... even the pacing. I know some people complain that it's slow, but I disagree. The author takes their time with character development and story progression, and that's actually a good thing. It keeps you guessing and eager to learn more about the characters and their pasts. It's definitely not a fast-paced book, but it's not a complete slow burn either. It's somewhere in between, with certain important things developing a bit faster to keep things moving along.

If you're thinking about giving this book a try, here's what you need to know: don't expect non-stop action or instant gratification. The characters' backstories and the world's secrets are revealed slowly, and the main character isn't some overpowered cheat code. Everything's pretty well balanced, with strengths and weaknesses.

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