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light novels similar to lord of the mysteries

Light Novels Similar to Lord of the Mysteries


The Perfect Run by The Void Herald



Synopsis of The Perfect Run by The Void Herald

Meet Ryan Romano, a wild card adventurer who can hit the reset button in life whenever things go south. He's got this crazy ability to create save points and retry life whenever he kicks the bucket. It will kinda remind you of Eternally Regressing Knight. Altho I don't know which comes first.

Ryan rolls into a futuristic city rebuilt on top of old Europe. It's a place where neon lights flash, mega-corporations rule, and superheroes and supervillains clash in the streets.

This guy's got a front-row seat to the chaos, and he's not afraid to try out every possible role. Hero, villain, you name it. His qualities seem more of a pro gamer determined to unlock every ending.

A Brief Review of The Perfect Run by The Void Herald

This book is a blast! The main character has this Deadpool-esque energy. When you can basically undo any bad decision, you start to see things like danger and risk in a whole different light- that's pretty Deadpool like to me. That goes for physical injuries as well as the emotional pain of getting close to people, only to have them forget you when you "reset."

I love how this messes with his head and drives him a little crazy. It totally comes out in his personality, like when he's super serious about his mission but also makes sure to take care of Ghoul. The humor that comes from that is spot-on. I get the feeling it's a laugh-or-cry situation for him, so he's built up this tough exterior, but he needs to let loose and joke around to relieve the pressure.

For me, the story really gets good when he starts opening up to people and trusting them. It adds a whole new layer to the character and makes the story more than just a fun, action-packed adventure.

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