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light novels similar to lord of the mysteries

Light Novels Similar to Lord of the Mysteries


My House of Horrors by I Can Fix Air-Conditioners



Synopsis of My House of Horrors by I Can Fix Air-Conditioners

Ever wondered what it'd be like to inherit a haunted house? Chen Ge doesn't have to wonder. After his parents vanish, he's stuck with their creepy amusement park attraction. Business is dead, until he stumbles upon a mysterious black phone. This thing isn't just for making calls – it's his ticket to turning the haunted house into a scream-inducing success.

Like an expanded haunted scenarios, mastering spooky skills, and inviting actual ghosts to join the fun. But to unlock these upgrades, Chen Ge has to complete terrifying quests in just 24 hours. 

A Brief Review of My House of Horrors by I Can Fix Air-Conditioners

The first couple hundred chapters of this book were seriously awesome. The whole thing with the MC completing those nightmare missions and doing web streams was pure gold.

But then... things took a turn. It went from spooky horror to action-packed, and that's when the magic started to fade. I used to genuinely enjoy reading this, and the creepy vibe was spot-on. It even made me feel a little sick sometimes, in a good way.

Now, it's just another boring action novel. The protagonist's got so much plot armor, I don't even care if he makes it or not. It's a far cry from the beginning, when I was actually worried about Chen Ge and rooting for him to succeed.

The guy went from this smart, brave character using his brains to a dull action hero who just throws his ghosts at every problem. This started around the mental asylum arc, and it's been the same formula ever since. Honestly, I found Dr. Gao's backstory way more emotional and interesting than the MC's. There was a big chunk of the story where I wanted to read more about Dr. Gao than Chen Ge, and that's a huge red flag. It means the MC became a snoozefest.

It feels like the author totally forgot what made this book special in the first place. The horror's gone, and the MC's original personality is nowhere to be found.

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