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light novels similar to lord of the mysteries

Light Novels Similar to Lord of the Mysteries


Warlock of Magus World by The Plagiarist



Synopsis of Warlock of the Magus World by The Plagiarist

A scientist from the future gets zapped into the body of a young guy in a world straight out of a fantasy novel. This guy's not your typical hero. He's about power, and he doesn't care what he has to do to get it.

Leylin Farlier is the ultimate pragmatist. Honor? Loyalty? Those are just words to him. He's cold, calculating, and always looking out for number one. If it means gaining an advantage, he'll do whatever it takes.

Leylin's got you covered, but only if there's something in it for him. And if you're in his way, let's just say you won't be for long. Our MC is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

A Brief Review of Warlock of the Magus World by The Plagiarist

The novel starts out pretty interesting, but then it just kind of falls flat. It's got all the usual clichés you'd expect on a Chinese novel, endless training montages, and none of the characters really stand out. It's like a bland dish with no flavor.

They try to make the main character seem like a villain, but he's really just a realist living in a harsh world. He's not exactly a saint, but compared to everyone else, he's not that bad. The whole "chip Prome" thing doesn't really make him special; he's just a bit more cold-hearted than your average hero.

He's supposed to be a scientist, but he's basically just a run-of-the-mill alchemist who can cheat his way through things. There aren't any memorable enemies or exciting battles, it's mostly just him brewing potions and stuff at home. After 70 chapters, I can barely remember a handful of bad guys.

The main character just keeps getting richer and more powerful, but he doesn't have a big ego, any real enemies, or an interesting personality. There's no humor, and the medieval setting is pretty dull. It kind of reminds me of "A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality," but it's way more boring. At least that one had some hints of emotions and aspirations, and the enemies were more interesting.

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