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manhwa similar to damn reincarnation

Manhwa Similar to Damn Reincarnation


Return of the Crazy Demon



Synopsis of Return of the Crazy Demon

Jaha Lee earned the nickname "The Mad Demon" for his insane martial arts skills. He's got this dream of becoming the ultimate martial arts god. But then, he messes up big time. He steals this artifact called the Jade of Heaven from the Demonic Cult, and ends up falling off a cliff while trying to escape. 

You'd think that's the end of the story, right? Nope! Jaha wakes up, and he's back in his 20s, with all his memories of the future intact. Now he can use all his knowledge of martial arts and the future to get revenge on the Demonic Cult and maybe even achieve his dream of becoming the God of Martial Arts. 

A Brief Review of Return of the Crazy Demon

It's kinda cookie-cutter. It's got that whole "returns to the past in a fantasy setting" thing that's trendy but there's zero depth to it. The author seems to be focusing all their energy on the art, and it shows. 

The characters are introduced out of the blue, only when they're needed to make the MC look cool. And the qi techniques—they're barely explained, so the MC's sudden power boost just feels random. The story needs a lot more substance to be even remotely interesting. 

The art is definitely the saving grace here. It's clean and the transitions are smooth, but the faces are a bit underwhelming. But honestly, the biggest issue is the characters. They're all just there to show off how awesome the MC is, and it gets boring really fast. 

Overall, this one's only worth checking out if you're super bored and just want to look at pretty pictures of martial arts and sword fights.  

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