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manhwa similar to damn reincarnation

Manhwa Similar to Damn Reincarnation


The Art of Reincarnation



Synopsis of The Art of Reincarnation

Daven, a one-armed warrior, finally proves he's not a pushover by beating his cousin Kazin in a fair fight. But Kazin's a sore loser and stabs Daven in the back, throwing him in jail for life.  

Fast forward 500 years, and this minor god named Yulian gets reborn. He accidentally brings Daven's soul back too, putting it in this kid named Vincent Adenka. So now, you've got Daven, trying to regain his fighting skills, and Yulian, trying to figure out this whole reincarnation thing. Together, they're uncovering the truth about Daven and Kazin's messed up past.  

A Brief Review of The Art of Reincarnation

The beginning of this story was pretty good. There's a clear goal, and I was initially excited for a revenge story, but it turns out, that's not what this is about. Honestly, it's just not for me. 

Here's why: the adults in this story are completely clueless. They have these crazy expectations for this kid just because his mom was a great sword fighter and his siblings are good at martial arts. He could be brilliant in other areas, but nope, everyone's pushing him to be a martial arts prodigy. Just because his parents were good at it doesn't mean he's gonna be good at it too. That's not how genetics work! 

Plus, it's super messed up that no one bothered to actually teach him martial arts before the big competition. They just expect him to win because of his family's reputation. And then, when he doesn't, they act like he's worthless.  

Seriously, these adults are dumber than rocks. 

They're acting like this 14-year-old kid is supposed to be a grown-up and pass this super difficult test. If he passes, they're jealous, and if he fails, they think he's useless. It's ridiculous! 

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