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manhwa similar to damn reincarnation

Manhwa Similar to Damn Reincarnation


The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life



Synopsis of The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life

MC being the top dog in his world and then reborn as a total idiot in some random kingdom. Junghyeok Baek, the big boss of Murim, when he gets reincarnated as Roman Dimitri, the useless eldest son of House Dimitri. 

Roman's life is basically a dumpster fire. He's spent 25 years living like a spoiled brat in the sticks, while his brother's been making a name for himself in the capital. But when Junghyeok takes over, he's not about to waste any more time. He ditches the lazy lifestyle and starts to whip Roman's body into shape. 

Junghyeok's goal? To conquer the entire continent of Salamander. It's a lofty goal, especially considering he's stuck in a body that's, well, kinda pathetic.  

A Brief Review of The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life

This story's about a badass Murim warlord who gets isekai'd into a typical Western fantasy world.  

What I'm digging about this story is that it's not your usual "I'm on a mission from God" isekai. Jumping between worlds seems to be normal in the MC's original world, so he's not too freaked out about landing in a new one. He's just confused because this new world is so different from what he's used to. 

The author's done a good job of explaining why and how the MC needs to figure things out in this new world. There's no god sending him on a quest, no divine intervention giving him a second chance. His "cheat code" is simply that he's already a martial arts master. 

I just got to the part where they introduce "demi-humans," and even that seems to be done in a unique way. It's not the cliché "damsel in distress" scenario we usually see. It's actually pretty refreshing. 

Overall, the story feels well-written and tight. It doesn't seem like the author is just winging it. The world-building seems pretty solid too. 

Oh, and one more thing: the MC isn't a creep. He's not a pedophile, rapist, or any of those other awful tropes we see too often. 

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