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Weak Hero



Synopsis of Weak Hero Manhwa

Eunjang High School is a rough place, with weak students always looking over their shoulders, scared of being the next target for bullies. But everything changes when this small freshman, Gray Yeon, shows up. He's not tall or anything, but he's got guts.

One day, Gray decides he's had enough and takes on a bully twice his size. He wins, no problem. It's a total shocker for everyone.

Gray's bravery and quick thinking earn him the nickname "Eunjang's White Mamba," and he becomes a bit of a legend. He keeps fighting bullies from other schools, using his smarts and strength to protect the weak. 

Brief Review of Weak Hero Manhwa

Weak Hero is a decent underdog story with a pretty cool cast. The friendships between the main characters are the best part. But honestly, the plot itself is kinda meh. It's predictable and has some major flaws.

How many times can we watch the main character get underestimated because he's small, only to completely wreck his opponent? It gets old fast. The fights that don't involve him are way more interesting.

And there's this big bad villain, Donald Na, who's supposedly a genius and only cares about money. But for some reason, he keeps sending his guys after the main character and his friends, even though it's clearly not good for business. Makes no sense. You'd think a genius would know when to cut his losses.

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