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Study Group



Synopsis of Study Group Manhwa

Yusung Technical High School, known as the "school for future criminals," isn't exactly the place you'd expect to find someone focused on academics. But Gamin's different. All he wants is to get into university, which is pretty unusual for kids at his school. He gets rejected from every study group he tries to join, so he figures, why not start his own?

Then there's Hankyeong, Gamin's old tutor, who joins the school to become a teacher. It's a long shot for both of them. Will they make it? It's quite similar to Lookism in the sense that it's a bit of an underdog tale, with plenty of school drama and unexpected twists and turns.

A Brief Review of Study Group Manhwa

Like a lot of school fighting stories, Study Group starts off strong but then kinda loses its way. The new characters they keep introducing feel forced, and their backstories interrupt the flow and kill the tension. It gets to the point where reading feels like a chore.

On the plus side, the art is awesome. It's really polished and even colored, which is impressive for a weekly release. The fight scenes are especially well-done; you can tell when things are about to get serious. Even the side characters get their moments to shine.

The story starts out pretty grounded. It focuses on bullying and school life. But then it just... keeps going. The arcs feel super long, and you wonder if these kids even go to school anymore. They spend so much time talking, sometimes not even about the fight, that it drags everything out.

One thing that sets this apart is that there are actual adults in the story, not just kids fighting and somehow controlling the country. The adults play a big role.

It's a shame because the art is great, and the fights are initially exciting. But the predictable plot and endless cycle of new characters make it a slog to read.

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