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Reality Quest



Synopsis of Reality Quest

Dowan Ha is your typical gamer, but he's constantly bullied by other kids who force him to grind for items in their games. One day, a bully gives him an impossible task: get this super rare item or face public humiliation. Dowan takes it seriously and games non-stop for a week, but the exhaustion gets to him and he dies.

But he wakes up back in his classroom, a whole week before he died. He was given a do-over, and the best part is, all his gaming skills have come to life! He can fight like a pro, think strategically, and even has some cool special abilities.

Dowan finally has a chance to stand up to his bullies. But will he use his powers for good, or will revenge be his ultimate goal?

A Brief Review of Reality Quest

Okay, look, this manhwa is a hot mess. The main character is supposed to be this amazing gamer who can play like six or seven games at once, but he's not even remotely smart or observant. Perhaps the writer forgot what they were trying to do.

Suddenly his real life turns into an RPG. He's overpowered, but his stats are locked until he gets keys to unlock them. He gets a key to max out his stats, and what does he choose? Not attack, not defense, not even health points. No, this "genius" gamer decides to unlock his mana points, even though he only has one skill that costs way more mana than he has. 

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