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Manhwa Similar to Solo Leveling

Manhwa Similar to Solo Leveling


Demonic Evolution



Synopsis of Demonic Evolution

Demonic Evolution takes place in this post-apocalyptic future where humans with superpowers are fighting demons who want to wipe them out. It's the year 3069, and Earth is in a bad way because of this demon invasion. 

The main character, Ang, is this legendary warrior who dies fighting the demons. But he wakes up 60 years later as a teenager with the same name, but now he's got the power of a super-strong demon inside him. Filled with regret from his past life, Ang is determined to become even more powerful and take down all the demons once and for all. 

A Brief Review of Demonic Evolution

Okay, real talk: this manhua is kind of a mess. The plot jumps around, the characters are all over the place, and it feels like the author is just making stuff up as they go along. It's a bit like watching the newer Star Wars movies. 

But on the plus side, the art is seriously awesome. The action scenes especially look really freakin' cool. So, if you're looking for a story with a solid plot, this might not be it. But if you're just in it for the visuals and some cool fights, then it might be worth checking out.

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