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Manhwa Similar to Solo Leveling

Manhwa Similar to Solo Leveling


SSS-Class Revival Hunter



Synopsis of SSS-Class Revival Hunter

Kim Gong-Ja is totally over the idea of a dungeon-like world and obsessed with hunting monster and leveling up. He's jealous of all the superstar hunters and wishes he could be like them. 

One day, his wish comes true – he gets this skill that lets him copy other people's powers. Unfortunately, he needs to die before he can use it. Before he even knows what's happening, he's taken out by the number one hunter, the Flame Emperor. But instead of dying, his new skill kicks in, and he's sent back in time. 

Now, Kim Gong-Ja has a second chance. With his copycat skill and the ability to rewind time whenever he dies, he's got a real shot at becoming the top hunter himself. 

A Brief Review of SSS-Class Revival Hunter

I had a blast with this manhwa. The story just kept throwing new things at me, and honestly, some of the twists really caught me off guard. 

Sure, the main character, Kim Gong-Ja, definitely has some plot armor, and the convenience factor can get a bit much sometimes (like those crazy rewards from the 10th floor). But it didn't really ruin my enjoyment overall. 

The only thing that kinda bothered me was how some parts felt rushed, like the 11th floor battle and floors 13 through 19. I get that they're not the main focus, and the story is more about the cool stuff Gong-Ja does, but it still felt like they glossed over some big moments. 

A lot of the elements seem familiar if you've read other cultivation or LitRPG stories – the ghost, the tower, that kind of thing. But Gong-Ja's ability to redo days and copy skills is what makes this one stand out. He's basically a cheat code, finding the weaknesses in quests and bosses and then snagging the perfect skill to exploit them. 

I also like how the two main bosses both have these tragic backstories, and Gong-Ja actually shows some compassion for them even while defeating them. It's not just about mindless monster-smashing; there's some real depth to the story. 

The art is beautiful, with full color and really cool character designs. Some of the backgrounds look a bit off, but it's not a big deal. And the psychedelic effects when Gong-Ja drinks that elixir? Awesome! 

The only thing I didn't love was the aliases. They just felt kind of dumb, especially "Master Alchemist" and "Inquisitor." But I really enjoy most of the characters, especially the Sword Emperor and the Sword Saint.  

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