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Manhwa Similar to Solo Leveling

Manhwa Similar to Solo Leveling


Boundless Necromancer



Synopsis of Boundless Necromancer

Alternative Title; Boundless Ascension

Seong-yun Han's whole world turned upside down when he was just a kid. His parents were killed in a freaky disaster called the "Dungeon Break," where monsters ran wild. Seong-yun spent seven years training to become a Hunter, one of those warriors who hunt down monsters, but it turned out he wasn't getting any stronger.  

But then, things took a crazy turn. He got an invite to this mysterious place called the Tower of Trials, where you have to fight your way through all kinds of crazy challenges. Like a video game, but with real monsters and real people trying to take you down.  

A Brief Review of Boundless Necromancer

If you're a fan of the novel, you're probably gonna be disappointed with this adaptation. The art is decent, but the story is a hot mess. It feels like they're rushing through everything, skipping over important details and just throwing things at you without any buildup or explanation. 

Take the orc chief assassination mission, for example. In the novel, the MC takes his time, carefully observing the orcs and learning their routines. He figures out how to isolate them and use the terrain to his advantage. It's a slow burn, but it makes sense. In the manhwa, it's like he just magically knows everything about the orcs and how to take them down. There's no strategy, no planning, just mindless action. And don't even get me started on how he just sets a whole forest on fire without a second thought. It's ridiculous. And the way they handle the stat points is just weird. A regular orc worker gives you more strength than the previous floor's boss?  

Overall, it's a real shame. They took a potentially interesting story and turned it into a rushed, nonsensical mess. If you've read the novel, you'll probably be annoyed by how much they left out. And if you haven't read the novel, you'll probably be confused because the story moves so fast it feels like you're missing pages. 

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