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Manhwa Similar to Solo Leveling

Manhwa Similar to Solo Leveling


Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha



Synopsis of Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha

In "Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha," the heroes you play in the game are actually real people stuck inside a video game. Our main guy, Seojin Han, was the top player of this game, but then he gets pulled into the game world himself!  

There's this little fairy guide thing or a dokkaebi, and it gets along pretty well with Seojin because it knows his old gamer name was Loki. So, Seojin can kinda sorta influence the person playing as their ‘master’. And since he used to be a top player, he knows all the tricks and strategies to help his "master" dominate the game. 

A Brief Review of Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha

I've been reading this story, and it's been decent so far. The whole idea of video game characters being actual people with their own lives and feelings is pretty interesting. The manhwa does a good job of showing the fear and darker emotions that come with that, which adds to the overall mood. 

But it feels like the main character isn't really trying to escape this whole situation. He just accepts being stuck in the game world, and anyone who tries to find a way out is seen as a coward who doesn't want to train.  

People are only valued for what they can produce, and it feels dehumanizing. I get that the story is trying to say that you have to be ruthless to survive in this world, but it's still kind of a downer. 

I personally prefer stories where characters hold onto their compassion and humanity even in tough situations. This manhwa doesn't seem to be going that route, and it's even trying to make the callousness look cool, which is a bit of a turn-off. 

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