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Manhwa Similar to Solo Leveling

Manhwa Similar to Solo Leveling


Return of The Mt.Hua Sect



Synopsis of Return of The Mt.Hua Sect

Alternative Title: Return of the Blossoming Blade, Return of the Flower Mountain Sect

Cheongmyeong from the Mount Hua Sect wakes up a whole century later, and the last thing he remembers is this epic battle against the evil Cheonma. The battle was brutal, and even though Cheongmyeong won, it cost him everything. He died feeling like it was all for nothing. 

But he gets reincarnated! Second chance at life. The thing is, when he wakes up, his beloved Mount Hua Sect is basically a shadow of its former self. Declining is not even the best way to describe it. It is almost in ruins. 

So, he decides to take matters into his own hands and restore the sect to its former glory.  

A Brief Review of Return of The Mt.Hua Sect

Honestly, compared to the light novel, this manhwa is kind of a drag. It's full of unnecessary cliffhangers and way too much talking for every little bit of action. Seriously, like 90% talking, 10% fighting in each chapter. And most of the talking is just filler, so it feels like the artist is just trying to milk the story for all it's worth. It's like Naruto or Dragon Ball Z, with all those drawn-out, annoying conversations and cliffhangers. 

But hey, the light novel itself is way better, with a much more engaging story and attention to detail. And the art style in the manhua is pretty good, gotta give them that. The characters are well done too, even if some of the villains are pretty generic so far. The main character is definitely the highlight, with his sarcastic humor and well-developed personality. 

Overall, the story itself is enjoyable, but the artist is really starting to drag things out as the current arc goes on.  

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