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Manhwa Similar to Solo Leveling

Manhwa Similar to Solo Leveling


The Beginning After The End



Synopsis of The Beginning After The End

King Grey had it all - power, riches, and fame. But in a world where strength is everything, even a king can feel empty inside. He's just a shell of a man, living a meaningless life. 

But what if he got a second chance? In a new world full of magic and monsters. He gets to start over, right the wrongs of his past, and maybe even find some real purpose. 

This new world has its own dark secrets, and something sinister is brewing beneath the surface. It's threatening to undo everything he's built, and King Grey's starting to wonder why he was even reborn in the first place. 

A Brief Review of The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End is a bit of a mixed bag. It has all the ingredients for a great story, but it just doesn't quite hit the mark. The biggest letdown is the world – it's super generic and doesn't really try to do anything new. 

 The main character is strong, but he's not ridiculously overpowered. The way he "cheats" the system is actually pretty believable, so if you're worried about it being another isekai with a godlike MC, fear not. 

Some of the relationships in the story are really well done. The bond between Sylvia and Arthur is super sweet, and his friendships with some of his peers are nice to see. The webtoon is fast-paced and entertaining, which is great for binging. It does a good job balancing the story, characters, and action.  

Here are the bad stuff 

The world-building is pretty lazy. It relies on tired fantasy tropes, like elves living in forests, dwarves living in mountains, and humans being all over the place. Everything feels vaguely European, but the clothes and architecture don't really match any specific time period. And of course, everyone speaks the same language. It's like a watered-down version of Dungeons & Dragons. 

This ties into the generic world-building. The story hints at different cultures for each race, but they all end up being pretty much the same. They share the same language, political system, and religion seems to be nonexistent. The political system itself is confusing and unexplained. 

This is my biggest gripe. The isekai elements feel like a lazy way to explain things away. The fact that the MC was a king doesn't really make sense – he's an orphan who apparently became king through strength, which isn't how monarchies work. The tech he brings from his past life is also weird – steam engines in a world with flying cars? And despite being a king, he doesn't seem to care about politics. It would make more sense if he was just a soldier in his previous life. 

Is "The Beginning After The End" good? Yeah, it's worth reading, especially if you like dungeon crawler-type stories with isekai elements. It's definitely better than a lot of other stories in the genre, but it's not super original.  

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