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Mine - Mingyu x Reader Fanfic


Chapter 1

I sat in the corner booth of the upscale restaurant, the soft glow of candles casting flickering shadows on the white tablecloth. Around me, the air was thick with the clinking of cutlery and the murmur of conversations that blended into a distant hum. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, fingers tracing the edge of the menu as I tried to appear casual.


The elegant ambiance only served to highlight my nerves, my fingers trembling slightly as I adjusted the napkin in my lap. Every passing minute seemed to stretch into an eternity, each second ticking by louder than the last as I anxiously checked my phone for any sign of my date.


The waiter approached, a polite smile masking his curiosity at my solitary state. "Still waiting for someone, miss?" he asked, his voice gentle.


I managed a tight smile, hoping to hide my growing unease. "Yes, just a bit delayed, I think."


He nodded sympathetically, retreating with a quiet assurance that bordered on pity. Alone again, I stared at the empty chair across from me.


Minutes stretched into what felt like hours, each passing second amplifying my self-doubt. Was this a mistake? Was I foolish to agree to this date in the first place?


As I sat alone in the dimly lit restaurant, my thoughts drifted back to the conversation I had with Yoona just a few days ago.


"It's been years since you last had a date! You should get yourself watered from time to time if you know what I mean," she had said with a wink.


I grimaced at her. “Ew! Don’t say it like that!”


“What?? We all have our needs! Even you miss Highness!”




"Come on, Y/N," Yoona had urged, her eyes twinkling as we lounged in her living room, sipping on our boba. "You're gorgeous, funny, a bit of bitch, perfect for a man! Or a woman, I’m not discriminating! Just give it a shot! Who knows, you might find someone interesting."


I swirled my cup of boba, feigning indifference. "Hey, I'm not bitch, bitch! I’m just kinda picky, you know? I just haven't found the right person," I had countered, though even I knew my excuse was wearing thin.


“How could you find the right person if you ain’t looking? What’d you expect? The right person will just come over to your place, knock, and say, hey Y/N, sorry I’m late but I am your soulmate. Let’s live together, forever!”


I grinned at the idea. “Pretty much, yes. That would be lovely,”


Yoona dishevels her hair violently. “Argh! Just try out a dating app!”


Reluctantly, after much more convincing and a mix of laughter and eye-rolling, I had agreed to humor her. I had hesitantly swiped through profiles, half-listening as Yoona described the merits of each potential match.


“Ooh, a doctor! Free medical checkups” she mumbles casually like she’s just picking out clothes


I swiped again.


“Ugh, a runner! Good in bed but I hate when they’d invite you to their morning run,” more comments from her.


I almost wanted to give her my phone and just let her decide for me until I swiped into another profile. Seokjin, it says—his profile picture showing a warm smile that seemed to reach his eyes, a hint of sincerity that stood out amidst the sea of posed selfies and filtered snapshots.


"A cutie! I don’t care what he does, go for it!" Yoona had remarked, her voice louder now, sensing my wavering resolve. "Go, swipe right!”


I sighed and swiped right. But in all honesty, Yoona doesn’t have to say it twice. This guy, Seokjin, besides being really cute, piqued my interest when I read on his profile that he loves reading my favorite author, Sarah J Maas's books. To me, this is equivalent to striking gold in a swamp.


After a couple more minutes of swiping profiles with Yoona, she stretched her arms and prepped herself up.


“I think it’s time to leave,” she says.


“You’re going home already? I thought—”


“You’re not gonna find a man if I’m around here,” she smirks at me. “Besides, I have a date of my own,”


“What? You’re gonna ditch me?”


“Sorry boo, I have to go! Like I said, we have needs”


And just like that, she was gone. I sighed and curled into my bed. Thinking that I should just read a book, the screen of my phone illuminated with a soft buzz. A notification popped up. “It’s a match!”


My heart fluttered when I saw it was Seokjin. He already sent a message. I tried to hold my own smile as if Yoona is still in the room with me.


Seokjin: Can’t believe I matched with you! You know, if you were a book, you'd be a bestseller.


I bit my lip. Not a strong start. Maybe my expectations were a bit high. I quickly typed my response, deciding to take control of the conversation.


Y/N: Haha, nice one! Speaking of books, I noticed in your profile that you like Sarah J. Maas. Which one's your favorite?


Seokjin: Oh a fellow fan, perhaps? I really liked A Court of Thorns and Roses series. How about you?


Y/N: Oh, I love that series! The world-building and the characters are just incredible. Have you read her Throne of Glass series too?


Seokjin: Not yet, but I've heard great things. Maybe you can recommend which one I should start with?


Y/N: Definitely Throne of Glass! It's a journey you won't regret.


Seokjin: I think I need more convincing! Maybe over dinner tomorrow night?


A smile formed on my face but then I hesitated a bit.


Y/N: Aren’t you going a bit too fast, little Flash?


Seokjin: One should act fast when matched with someone as hot as you :P


Y/N: Pffft


Seokjin: No cap! Besides, chatting isn’t really my thing, as you could probably tell from my lame-ass pickup line.


Y/N: I wasn’t going to say anything hahaha but….


Seokjin: See! I’m much better in person, I promise. Let me take you on a date! Please?


My heart pounded so fast it felt like it was jumping in joy. Part of me thinks Yoona was right. Perhaps this is it. After a minute of walking back and forth in my room, I finally typed in my answer.


Y/N: Sounds like a plan!


An hour and thirty minutes had slipped by since the agreed meeting time. The once bustling restaurant now seemed to mock my solitude, the empty chair across from me a silent testament to dashed hopes and fading patience. I shifted uncomfortably, feeling the weight of embarrassment settle in the pit of my stomach.


I glanced around, faces blurred in a sea of unfamiliarity. The waiter's discreet glances only deepened my discomfort, each passing minute punctuated by the empty promise of a date that never arrived.


With a sigh heavy with resignation, I reached for the untouched glass of water before me. Maybe Yoona was right—maybe I should have ordered something else, anything to justify my presence in this elegant wasteland of expectations.


But as the minutes dragged on, reality settled in with a cruel clarity. I couldn't bear to sit here any longer, a solitary figure in a narrative that had turned from anticipation to bitter disappointment.


With a swift motion, I rose from my seat, mind racing with a mix of frustration and wounded pride. I cast a final glance at the door, a futile hope lingering in the recesses of my heart, before turning away.


I stepped out of the restaurant, my steps brisk with disappointment. The night air was cool against my skin. It made me feel how pathetic I was, dolling myself up with a beautiful dress for nothing. I pulled out my phone and ordered an Uber. Surprisingly, I got a driver seconds after. An available ride was a few blocks away.


While waiting, I chatted Yoona about what had happened. To say at least, she was livid. She told me not to cry but I was not at all on the verge of tears. All I feel is regret. I regret going out on this date instead of watching my favorite series. I regret chatting with Seokjin and getting my hopes up. I regret ever thinking that someone can ever like me to at least show up on a date. I sighed and watched as a black sedan pulled up in front of me. It’s my ride.


A tall man stepped out of the sleek black sedan and moved swiftly to open the passenger door for me. In that brief moment, I caught a glimpse of him—a striking figure with thick-framed glasses that framed his soft kind gaze. His girthy arms strained against the fabric of his shirt as he reached for the door handle.


“Uh, thanks,” I mumbled, to which he replied with a soft smile. His face looked like an angel who just arrived here on Earth just to become my driver.


"Went on a date?" he asked casually, as he began driving.


I sighed softly, my shoulders slumping as I settled into the seat. "Yeah, but it looks like I've been stood up by this jerk," I admitted with a rueful shake of my head.


“No way,”


“No way what?”


“A girl as pretty as you got stood up? If that’s true then there’s no hope for anyone,”


I laughed for the first time tonight.


The man chuckled with me, his smile can brighten up cities. "His loss," he remarked, his voice low and reassuring. "If he could see how gorgeous you are right now, he would kick himself in the balls for not showing up,"


"Flattery will not get you an extra tip, sir," I teased, which made both of us giggle.


“Oh, that’s unfortunate, because,” he looks me in the eyes for a second. The kindness in his eyes was replaced by some kind of intensity that made my heart skip a beat. “I’m just being honest.”


I accidentally saw myself in the sideview mirror and learned that there was a giant smile on my face. I pursed my lips and tried to hide it from my driver.


As the car pulled up to my home, I reached for the door handle, ready to step out into the quiet comfort of my own space. But before I could exit the driver stopped me gently.


"Sorry, but there's something on your lips," he said softly, offering a handkerchief.


“Oh, gosh, sorry,” I took it, feeling a mix of surprise and embarrassment, and dabbed at my lips with a hint of a smile. I was surprised not to see anything in his sideview mirror. Was it dried drool? I sure hope not. "Thank you," I murmured sincerely, holding his gaze for a moment before glancing at my phone to confirm his name. "Thank you, Mingyu."


"It's my pleasure, ma'am," Mingyu replied with a warm smile.


I exited the car, the night air wrapping around me like a familiar embrace as I hurried up the path to my front door, the echo of Mingyu's kindness lingering in my thoughts.


Mingyu’s POV


I watched her enter her home and as soon as her door closed, I sighed. I quickly took out the handkerchief I gave her and sniffed it. I pressed it on my face and slacked back on my chair. I could feel my eyes roll into the back of my head.


“Oh fuck,” I growled. I stuck my tongue out and began licking the spot on the handkerchief where it touched her supple lips. I adjusted my crotch and I can’t help but smile widely.

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