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Scream Fest By Forest Walker

Scream Fest


The Monster in the Attic



The stifling heat of the attic was suffocating, making the air thick and heavy. The child’s clothes clung to his skin, soaked through with sweat as it dripped down his forehead and stung his eyes. The small, grimy window provided only a sliver of light, casting eerie shadows across the cramped space.

The child huddled in the corner, his heart pounding with fear, afraid to make any sudden movement or sound that could alert the monster lurking in the house below. 

Every step he took on the creaky wooden floorboards felt like a thunderous earthquake, his breaths coming out in shallow, ragged gasps. 

He knew that he had to be careful if he wanted to survive another night in this house of horrors.

Ramone had been living in the cramped and musty attic for what felt like an eternity. 

It happened, one morning, when he woke up, he was transported to a world that seemed straight out of his worst nightmares. 

Monsters with tentacles covering their grotesque bodies slept soundly around him, snoring like dancing squids.

As the day turned to night, the creatures started to stir and wriggle like crawling blobs, their slimy appendages lashing out in all directions. 

During those hours, Ramone had to be extra careful and stay hidden, watching in horror as the monsters slithered and squirmed around him. 

But as dawn broke, the creatures retreated back to their slumber, giving him a brief respite before the nightmare began again.

As the first light of dawn crept through the small window of the attic, Ramone’s heart began to race. He knew the monster will return in the house, once again entering into a state of slumber.

Suddenly, he heard the creaking of the floorboards below him. He knew that the creature had entered the room. He huddled in a corner of the attic, trying to make himself as small and as invisible as possible. 

Through the crack in the ceiling, he could see the monster moving slowly around the room below him.

It was a grotesque sight to behold. The creature was covered in writhing tentacles that seemed to move like snakes. Its mouth, which was located at the top of its head, was lined with razor-sharp teeth that looked like saw blades. 

Ramone shuddered as he watched the monster, wondering how long he could keep himself hidden from its sight.

As Ramone watched the monster crawl into its capsule, a sense of fear and awe washed over him. Its razor-sharp teeth glimmered menacingly in the dim light. Ramone’s heart raced as he saw the monster settle into its sleeping pod, a strange bell-like sound filling the room. A sign that the monster is asleep.

Suddenly, the entire space turned an ominous shade of red, as if the walls were bleeding. 

Ramone’s stomach growled with hunger, but he was frozen in place, afraid of making even the slightest noise. 

He could feel his palms getting sweaty as he tried to control his breathing. 

The air was thick with tension as he took a small step forward. The sound of his foot creaking on the old floorboards echoed in his ears, and he held his breath, praying that the monster wouldn’t hear him. 

He could feel his heart racing in his chest, pounding like a drum. But he knew he had to keep moving. The fear of starvation was greater than the fear of the monster.

Ramone’s eyes were fixed on the small hole at the end of the attic. He knew that crawling through that hole was his only way out, but it also meant risking his life. The thought of the monsters lurking in the house made his skin crawl, but hunger had become unbearable.

He squeezed his small frame through the hole and landed on the dusty floor of the empty room below. He tiptoed to the door, every step taking all his courage not to make any noise. 

As he reached the kitchen, he scanned the room for anything edible, his stomach growling loudly. Despite the risk of eating something that could be poisonous, he had no choice. He remembered the boyscout camping he had attended, and he knew that he had to trust his instincts.

He carefully examined the food, smelling it and looking for any signs of decay. He remembered that if his tongue started itching, it was a clear sign of danger. He selected a few items that he was sure were safe and ate them.

After a while, Ramone’s stomach was finally satiated, and he let out a sigh of relief. He could feel the food settling in his belly, and it gave him the energy he needed to make his escape. 

As he left the house, he saw that the surrounding area was deserted, with no signs of human life, except for the creature that stood guard at the entrance like a loyal dog. 

Its presence sent shivers down Ramone’s spine, and he knew he had to be careful not to attract its attention.

Ramone stumbled out of the house, his eyes squinting against the blinding light of the morning sun. The world around him was eerily quiet, with no sign of any creatures stirring. 

The ground beneath his feet was covered in a layer of red moss, pulsing and heaving like a living organism. It was as if the earth itself was alive in this strange, otherworldly place.

He had learned to be cautious in this bizarre new world, and he carefully took in his surroundings, trying to make sense of it all. 

He couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched, that something was lurking just out of sight, waiting to pounce. But he had no choice but to keep moving forward, to keep exploring and learning about this place.

As he was walking, Ramone heard a piercing screech that made his ears ring. He quickly ducked into a corner, feeling the prickly sensation of the human hair-like objects poking his skin. He looked up and saw a shadowy figure approaching in the distance. The creature was a stuff made from nightmare. Its movements were fluid and graceful, like a dancer, but the sight of its writhing tentacles made him shudder with fear. 

The tentacles seemed to have a life of their own, moving independently as if they were searching for prey. Ramone could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he watched the monster get closer and closer.

Ramone held his breath, trying to make himself as small and silent as possible. He was crouched in a corner surrounded by piles of what looked like human hair. 

Suddenly, he heard a strange sound he had never heard before. It was a mix of a gurgling growl and a metallic hum. In the distance, he saw a monster that resembled the creature in the house he was hiding in.

The monster grew closer, and Ramone could feel the vibrations of its movements in the ground beneath him. 

He held back a whimper as the monster stopped right in front of him. The child could hear the creature’s labored breathing, as if there was a machine working inside its body. The monster’s tentacles reached out one by one, probing and searching through the tangles of hair where Ramone was hiding. The scraping sound of the tentacles against the hair was like the slicing of pork meat, sending shivers down Ramone’s spine.

As the creature’s tentacles searched through the tangled hair, Ramone felt his heart pounding against his chest. His palms were slick with sweat as he tried to control his breathing. The slicing sound of the tentacles against the hair echoed in the cramped space, sending shivers down his spine. He could feel his legs growing numb, and his muscles twitched with discomfort.

Just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, the creature suddenly stopped. Ramone held his breath, praying that he hadn’t been discovered. He heard the creature’s labored breathing, like the sound of a machine working inside it. Seconds felt like hours as the tension built up inside him.

Then, to his surprise, the creature left just as suddenly as it had come. Ramone felt the relief wash over him, but his legs were still tingling from the long period of inactivity. He shifted his position, trying to massage the feeling back into his limbs.

Ramone walked cautiously back to the house, his eyes darting around for any sign of danger. The red moss beneath his feet seemed to squelch with every step, as if trying to keep him there. As he approached the house, he felt a chill run down his spine. The door was open, and it looked like someone had been inside.

Heart racing, he cautiously made his way inside, his hand reaching for anything he could use as a weapon. The kitchen was untouched, and he breathed a sigh of relief as he grabbed some food to take back to his hiding spot in the attic. A

s he made his way back up the stairs, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that he was being watched.

Ramone crept through the empty and eerie world, his heart heavy with grief and fear. The memories of his mother flooded his mind, causing tears to stream down his face. His sobs echoed off the red moss-covered walls, adding to the already haunting atmosphere. 

He tried to suppress his cries, knowing that any noise could attract the attention of the monsters lurking in the shadows.

Meanwhile, inside the capsule, the creature sensed something amiss. It had grown restless for the past few days, unable to ignore the strange sounds and the sudden decrease in its food supply. Its tentacles twitched and writhed with impatience, ready to investigate the intruder in its home.

The monster couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was off in its own home. It had been unable to sleep or relax. It couldn’t help but feel like it was being watched or observed by something, or someone, it couldn’t see.

Then, just a few minutes ago, as it was moving around its home, the monster caught sight of a creature taking food from the kitchen. Its heart raced with suspicion and fear. 

Who was this creature and what was it doing in its home?

As the monster retreated back to its room, it couldn’t help but feel torn. It was afraid of what the creature might do, but at the same time, it couldn’t ignore the fact that there was a chance that he might be branded as someone crazy if it reported the creature in the attic. 

It felt helpless and alone in its dilemma, unsure of what to do next. For now, the creature would have to get used to the wailing of the monster in the attic.

Meanwhile, the monster that Ramone encountered on the road a while ago had reported the sighting of an eerie creature hiding on the shrubs to its fellow monster. The other monster simply laughed and dismissed the report, telling its friend that it was probably just a figment of its imagination.

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