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The Boy Who Sold Haunted Items  by Sang Penjaga Kuburan

The Boy Who Sold Haunted Items


The Ghostly Trade



My name is Jaxon Rhodes, and I deal in haunted artifacts.

In the outback town of Barrow Creek, haunted items are those believed to carry the lingering presence of the deceased, often those who met untimely and violent ends. These objects, avoided by many, are sold at low prices. It allows me to profit from the brave or curious souls willing to buy them.

This unusual trade began as a means to an end, but soon spiraled into a series of terrifying encounters. Today marks my first major deal, and I'm accompanied by my cousin, Liam, who dragged me into this strange business.

We stand before an old, weathered farmhouse on the outskirts of Barrow Creek. Even in the harsh daylight, the place feels off. Its peeling paint and broken windows tell tales of neglect and sorrow.

Liam claps me on the back, his ever-present smirk partly hidden by the cigarette dangling from his lips.

"Don't look so spooked, mate. It's just a house."

But it's not just a house. The previous owner, Jack Dunne, was a local cattle rancher. He was known for his temper, particularly towards his wife, Eleanor. She was a city girl, beautiful and out of place in the rugged outback.

Their marriage was turbulent, marred by arguments and accusations.

Eleanor's beauty caught the eye of Owen, Jack's hired hand. Owen was infatuated and convinced himself that Eleanor felt the same. When she rejected his advances and told Jack about them, the violence escalated. Eleanor became pregnant, and Jack, suspecting Owen was the father, flew into a rage.

He wouldn't believe Eleanor's pleas of innocence. Jack's mother, a stern woman named Edna, added fuel to the fire, branding Eleanor a harlot. Trapped and desperate, Eleanor took her own life, hanging herself in the barn. Her unborn child died with her.

The tragedy didn't end there. A week later, Owen was trampled to death by a spooked horse in the very same barnyard.

On the seventh day after Eleanor's death, Edna, Jack Dunne's mother, also passed away, supposedly scared to death. The farmhouse quickly became infamous.

Jack tried to renovate it to make it livable again, but during the first night of work, a laborer died when a chandelier mysteriously fell on him.

From that point on, the place was abandoned. Jack's luck took a nosedive—his cattle business collapsed, and he went bankrupt.

Liam blows out a stream of smoke and grins.

"This is the business, mate. The land around here has been booming. This property, despite its past, is worth a small fortune now. Jack's asking 200 grand for it, but it's easily worth half a million once we flip it. We could make a tidy profit."

I frown, unease gnawing at me. "Isn't this unethical? We're selling something dangerous."

Liam's eyes glint with a mix of mischief and confidence. "We’re different, Jax. We just need to figure out what's causing all this trouble. Tonight, we'll come back and investigate."

"Do you really think it's haunted?"

Liam laughs. "If it were that bad, everyone would know. It's just residual energy, spirits with unfinished business. I've got ways to deal with it. Besides, you're still pure-hearted. That makes you invaluable in this line of work."

Despite my reservations, I agree. Liam's confidence is infectious, and the potential reward is hard to ignore. Still, a part of me remains anxious.

Liam has always been the family black sheep. He traveled extensively in his youth, and I've only seen him a handful of times growing up. The last time was at our grandfather’s funeral, where he seemed oddly prepared for the unexpected.

Granddad had passed suddenly, and during the vigil, I was nearly bitten by something. Liam handled the situation with eerie calmness, claiming to have learned some skills during his travels.

Six months ago, I graduated from university, only to find myself jobless in a saturated market. Too ashamed to return home, I was intrigued when Liam called, offering me a place in his enterprise. My curiosity about his mysterious past and the incident with our grandfather drove me to join him.

Liam's unexpected revelation about his lucrative haunted artifact business left me both intrigued and skeptical. 

While the idea of dealing in haunted items seemed far-fetched, the promise of significant profit was hard to ignore. I agreed to tag along, my curiosity piqued despite my apprehension.

As I mulled over our conversation, I glanced back at the farmhouse and froze. On the third floor, I saw what appeared to be a figure hanging from a rope, swaying gently. My heart raced, and I shouted for Liam, but when I looked again, the figure was gone. I rubbed my eyes, wondering if my mind was playing tricks on me, but the unease lingered.

The farmhouse, with its weathered white exterior and silent courtyard, seemed like a gaping maw ready to swallow us whole. The sun was setting, and my stomach growled with hunger. Liam suggested we grab a quick bite at a nearby noodle shop, giving us a brief respite from the unsettling atmosphere.

Night fell as we returned to the farmhouse. Liam fished out a key and approached the door. Before entering, he handed me a triangular red rope necklace.

"This is a talisman. If things get too dangerous, break it and run for your life."

I nodded, slipping the amulet over my head. With a deep breath, Liam unlocked the door, and we stepped inside. A wave of cold air washed over us, making me shiver.

"It's just the chill of an abandoned place. Nothing to worry about."

The living room was eerily intact, the furniture undisturbed. But the memory of the hanging figure from earlier gnawed at me, making it hard to shake off the creeping fear. I forced myself to focus.

Liam led the way. He moved slowly, scrutinizing each room as if searching for something specific.

We reached the staircase, and as I climbed, a cold breeze brushed the back of my neck. I spun around, expecting to see someone, but the hallway was empty.

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